Mending The Pain

With Halloween being synonomous with
Peter Steele & Type O Negative,
We thought this would be a fitting time
To say Thank You to the legion of Peter's fans who
Read this blog
Grieved with us all these months
Shared your own personal pains
Honored Peter with portraits & poetry
And reminded us how much his thoughts and fantasies
Impacted your lives.

Our family couldn't have healed without
your support
kind words
daily messages
charming notations
countless well-wishes & prayers.

The best decision we made this year was to start this blog.

Now, we must end it.

Peter's legacy lives on through all of you.
Everytime you introduce his music to a new person,
you are inspiring someone to mend their pain
by listening to some else who wore their emotions
on his sleeve and through his music.

While we'll no longer be posting our personal Peter stories,
however Darcie will still be posting your
 comments, artwork & memories on a weekly basis
we have no intention of taking the site down.

It's here for you to continue to enjoy.

This post is dedicated to the countless friends we made from all over the world

Let's leave this last post with a song fitting for this day:

Black No. 1

I went looking for trouble
And boy
I found her...

She's in love with herself.
She likes the dark
On her milk white neck.
The Devil's mark.

It's all Hallows Eve.
The moon is full.
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will.

She's got a date at midnight
With Nosferatu.
Oh baby, Lilly Munster.
Ain't got nothing on you.

Well when I called her evil
She just laughed.
And cast that spell on me.
Boo Bitch Craft.

Yeah you wanna go out
'cause it's raining and blowing.
You can't go out
'cause your roots are showing.

Dye 'em black.
Dye 'em black.

Black black black black No. 1
Black black black black No. 1.

Little wolf skin boots
And clove cigarettes.
An erotic funeral
For witch she's dressed.

Her perfume smells like
Burning leaves.
Everyday is Halloween.

Yeah you wanna go out
'cause it's raining and blowing.
You can't go out
'cause your roots are showing.

Dye 'em black.
Dye 'em black.

Black black black black No. 1
She dyes'em black
Black black black black No. 1
Black No. 1.

Loving you
Loving you,
Love loving you
Was like loving the dead.

Loving you
Loving you,
Love loving you
Was like loving the dead.

Loving you
Was like loving the dead,
Loving you
Was like loving the dead.

Loving you
Was like loving the dead,
Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead.

Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead.

Loving you
Loving you,
Love loving you
Was like loving the dead.

Was like fucking the dead.

Loving you
Was like loving the dead,
Loving you
Was like loving the dead.


Loving you
Loving you
Loving you,
Loving you
Loving you
Loving you
Was like loving the dead.

Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead.

Black black black black No. 1
She dyes'em
Black black black black No. 1
Black No. 1.

Black black black black No. 1
Black black black black No. 1.


With Lots Of Love from Pete's surviving immediate family:
Barbara, Pat, Pam, Cathy, lil' Nan, Michelle, Darcie, Tara, Marie, Siobhan, Victoria, Antonio, Samantha, Tristan & all his kitties.

For those of you who asked where to donate money
in Peter Steele Ratajczyk's name
here are a few organizations that we endorse:

MusiCares (Musician's Assistance Program)
This organization gave assistance to Pete in times of his addiction challenges.
Meant for musicians to have a place to turn,
in times of financial, personal, or medical crisis,
its primary purpose is to focus the resources and
attention of the music industry on human service
issues which directly impact
 the health and welfare of the music community.
The foundation's programs include emergency
financial assistance, addiction recovery,
outreach and leadership activities, and senior housing.
The Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center
Pete’s beloved cat died the same day Pete did. 
Everyone knows of Pete’s love of animals,
and this is a no-kill shelter in Long Island.
33 Warner Road
Huntington, New York 11743
631-368-8770 x 206
Autism Speaks
Peter had a great interest in the autism phenomenon,
and had many books on the subject in his vast collection of books.
Follow the site tabs: Donating, In Someone’s Honor, “In Honor of” or “In Memory of”,
St. Christopher’s Inn
Dedicated to men in crisis; the Friars treat chemical dependency,
and provide primary health care and temporary housing. 
Clients help pay for their stay through work for the community.
Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, Graymoor
2011 St Christopher’s Inn, Inc.
21 Franciscan Way
Garrison, New York 10524
… …


  1. What can I say...I am devastated that we will not be readng any more stories but I knew sooner or later it would have to come to an end. Having this blog has helped me to express my feelings about Peter in a world that doesnt understand that I can love someone so much...someone I didnt know. I'm sorry my painting and poem didnt go up before Peters stories finished. Thank you Ratajczyk family for everything you have given me.
    Wow I think I am in shock, I dont know what to say (not like me). You have no idea what this site has meant to me and how it has helped me through everyday, so all I can say is

  2. Thank you for all the memories you shared with us.
    My love goes out to all of you.

  3. I will miss hearing the Peter stories but I understand your decision to end it. Best wishes, hopes, and dreams for your family, and all of the TON-extended family.

    This blog also helped me to heal from the loss and I know that Peter's legacy will echo for decades to come. Much love, respect, and appreciation to you and yours.


  4. Thank you all for sharing your blog with us. I'm sad to see that the posts will be stopping but so you all know, it was truly appreciated. Every morning I'd wake up, get a bowl of cereal, and check the blog to see if you guys had posted anything. As a fan who never was fortunate enough to meet Pete, it has been a great way to deal with the sadness that came with his passing. His music will live on forever through us and he will not be forgotten. Thank you all so much for letting us into your lives. It has been wonderful.
    God bless you all and thanks again!

  5. Thank you for all of your wonderful post..All of the memories with peter are a blessing and i am very grateful you shared them with all of us. All my love to you all thank you!

  6. Happy Halloween, everyone. We know that it must be a difficult day for your family, and again, I am sure I speak for all the fans when I say we are most grateful for the opportunity we've had to share in your memories of Peter Steele and your incredible family. Although I feel a sense of heartache to hear that the blog must end, of course, it must be so. It is touching to hear that the family appreciates Peter's fans as much as you do, and I sincerely hope that the warmth and love from all his fans continues to carry you through tough times. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and warm wishes and love to all of you.

  7. Thank you for everything!
    Peter Ratajczyk will live on in our hearts.

  8. Ohhhh,I just found you,so I will miss the family touch,but having lost so many people I was close to,friends and family alike,I totally understand.
    Thank you for opening up your hearts and personal memories to fans.
    What saddens me,is that Pete never knew just how many people loved him.He really didn't.
    I hope,wherever he is,he knows now.
    *wipes tear*
    I cannot tell you ,how often,I say under my breath,"I miss ya Pete".
    Happy Halloween everyone.


  9. Thank you so much for giving us all a chance to get to know each other..Pete made friends with as many of his fans as possible, and now you've had a chance to do that also..a lovely legacy. Sue

  10. Thank you!!!

    All of us are so grateful for the stories, we will cherish them forever... I understand that for you it must all end but i'm sorry we won't get to read any more stories... I'm happy that this blog was helpfull to everybody, to us the fans but also for the family, we all miss him....


    Thanks for everything! (-)

  12. I’ll be missing the daily Pete post as I am sure all others in this blog will BUT I knew this day had to come AND you have done so much with letting us into your life(s) and sharing all these precious memories with us – it’s overwhelming & so unique but I understand your decision. Thank you for all of your attention, efforts and kindness and also for leaving us this space for comments, poetry and artwork. It’s good to read that this blog was a positive experience for you and that it helped a little with healing – thank you for that kind feedback. For me (and I think for many others here too) it was great to have a place where we could share our feelings since most people will not understand how it is possible to feel grief for a person you even don’t know personally – I mean I had also a hard time with asking myself if I am slightly going mad or if this happens to others also – within this wonderful blog I found out that so many of us feel the same way. Peter has all touched us deeply and impacted our lifes with his music, lyrics, appearance – this will always be a part of my life for which I am very grateful – missed forever but as you stated we spread the message by introducing people to his music – the spirit will never die! Black No1 – perfect – for sure I WILL PLAY IT LOUD today :) so I did this morning with HALLOWEEN IN HEAVEN! Dear family Ratajczyk: Thank you for everything – my heart goes out to you & I hope you all enjoy a great Halloween today with lot’s of great memories to keep. Take care.
    With much love & respect to all of the family & the kitties
    Have a great Halloween everyone!
    The green candle will burn tonight along with the grinning pumpkin for Peter & a stinky egg will be thrown into the face of stupidity ...
    Thx also for posting the institutions for possible donations.

  13. My first thought after I read this post (and caught my breath) was that this must mean there's a book in the works! I can only hope I'm right. Bet there will still be comments among the members to check in a read, maybe? Blessings to Peter's family and his "family" as well! Happy Halloween. Cheryl

  14. @chris

    Well said!! ;-)

  15. Thank you for sharing your stories of Peter. Personally, I was honoured to have been able to share such personal stories from the people who knew him better than anyone else, and I'm glad that sharing them with us made his loss a little bit more bearable. :)

    He'll be missed more than he would have known.

  16. thank you for everything! we will miss you.
    take care. ♥

  17. Everything that has been said above I also feel. I read this at 5am on the train to work and had to read it a few times to figure out if I was understanding correctly.
    I am saddened, as I as well, would check my phone the first thing I got up, looking for that email, and feeling like a kid in a candy store when I saw one. I've enjoyed your family memories and stories tremendously; It has really helped us all get to know him even more, and simply deepens the love and admiration we have for this beautiful man. Its also helped to heal, and im so glad that all of us fans had an outlet to show you just how much we love, admire and respect Peter and his work. Trust me, I wouldnt have taken time off from work and fly to PA for a memorial concert for someone I didnt admire deeply.
    At any rate, this is sad news, but at least you and Peter know that he made a difference in this world.
    Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

  18. I will miss reading your posts, but I'm happy that it lasted for as long as it could. I've learned so much about what it means to be musically driven and I'm inspired now more than ever to play from my gut and soul. Thank you for sharing these stories with us and including his enormous fan base in the grieving process. My heart goes out to Peter's loved ones.
    (-) Heather

  19. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. This has been a wonderful thing to have. Peter was to me, like so many other,that shinning light in a dark time in my life. Now that i am an older and a mother I find myself reflecting back and introducing my son to type o and Pete's life from a way he never looked at it before. My son was just diagnosed in the last few months with depression. I have heard him say "Wow, he felt like that too" and it help's him through the day. I still have my times with it and will be at work with my head phones on or driving down the road just blasting TON and remembering that he is an angel watching over so many of us who love him and look to him for peace in our troubled time. I know good thing's must come to an end. But I do have one request.......when you find a real good story of Peter, or even one of him and the boy's...Please post it. Nastalgia........Happy Holloween.

    Dianna Lane Phoenix AZ
    (same name on facebook)

  20. A Holloween favorite from Hollows Eve.....

    Cold is the night in so many ways
    Luna round full and bright
    Deep be the mud on the fresh dug graves
    On yours I recite
    An ancient spell I know so well
    Success is guaranteed
    I'll bring you back from where you've gone on all

    Hallows eve

    Dianna Lane Phoenix AZ

  21. :( But...what will I read every morning??!! It's very fitting, however, to end this blog on Halloween. And I want to thank the Ratajczyk family for this awesome blog and the chance to feel closer to Peter. This really was a huge thing to me, to be able to come to your blog and read/share about Peter's life and legacy. I'm so glad you are not completely removing it and that you will keep posting fan comments & artwork. I know I will still visit!
    We are so fortunate to still have his music. With that, Peter remains...I know TON will NEVER leave my speakers.
    **Happy Halloween and lots of love to you all**

  22. Wow, I knew this day would come, but its still a sad day, glad to hear you won't be taking the page down N still posting periodically. Thank you so much for sharing you N your families memories of Peter with us, they made me laugh and cry. As always much Love, Respect N Prayers to the Ratajczyk's. Miss you every day Peter....Happy Halloween Baby!!

    Amy Wigle

  23. Ohhh.... I am so sad to read this blog is coming to an end. Last night We carved Peter's face on a pumpkin and we want to email it to the family anyway. It has been so helpful everyday reading about Peter's life and struggles. They often helped me get through my own as did his music. My heart wrenched when I read this would be the last post. All good things must come to an end I suppose and I guess you picked Peter's favorite day to it. So sad...
    Thank you so much to the Darcie and all of Peter's family who built this blog and kept it going. Thank you also to the other Type O fans who shared beautiful stories, poems and art. They truly touched me. I promise this week I will email our pumpkin carvings and art to the family to enjoy as one last thank you to them for everything they have done to help us fans heal. It has be rough missing Peter but this community helped us heal. Thank you and much love ----Jessica (Black Number 1)
    p.s. Check the blog email for our art please.


    p.s I will keep checking here for fan art and stories but I will really miss the personal stories of Peter. Thank to the Ratajczyks again!

  25. Today I will play "Halloween In Heaven" in love and honor of all the late, great artists who have influenced and impacted my life over the years ... but most especially for Peter Ratajczyk.

    "Thanks for the memories!"


  26. Like a flash of light in an endless night
    Life is trapped between two black entities
    'Cause when you trust someone, illusion has begun
    No way to prepare, impending despair

    Did one say so cruel: "tis better to love than lose"
    Ignorance is bliss-wish not knew your kiss
    So many times been burned, this lesson goes unlearned
    Remember desire only feuls the fire-liar

    Betwixed birth and death, every breath regret
    I pity the living, envy for the dead
    Emotionally stunned, in defense, I'm numb
    I'd rather not care than to be aware-be scared

    I don't need love

    Are a thousand tears worth a single smile?
    When you give an inch, will they take a mile?
    Longing for the past but dreading the future
    If not being used, well then you're a user and a loser

    World reknowned failure at both death and life
    Given nothingness, purgatory blight
    To run and hide, a cowardly procedure
    Options exhausted, except for anesthesia-anesthesia

    I don't feel anything

    These are my favorite lyrics of Peter's. Thank you. (-)

  27. I was glad to see so many TON/Peter fans like myself out there. I had a chance to see them in NYC at the nokia theater but didn't. Months Later Peter passed. Since the Fall I've been listening to TON almost nonstop.

    Thanks for giving me some insight into the Big Guy's heart and soul.

    Allison Z

  28. Hi Darcie et al--

    Wow--why do I feel like I've just lost my best friend?!? My mind is racing...
    I had a feeling that you were going to do this--I think I might've even dreamed it. And I'm serious. Something in my gut told me you were going to be ending the posts, so in a way I expected this, but at the same time it feels like somebody has just shot a cannonball into my stomach. I was hoping what I was feeling was wrong. I, too, felt like a kid in the candy store, waiting to see if there was anything from you in my inbox. I'd go through all my other mail, save this one for last, then read, and re-read everything, comments as well. Like everybody else here I will miss the daily Pete post, but there is solace in the fact that you will be leaving the site up and still posting stuff from the fans. At least we'll be able to go back and re-read what you've already posted.

    Unlike others here, I found Type O's music via a different route. I only tried enough alcohol to realize that I had no use/need/desire for it in my life. I never did drugs and certainly didn't experience the myriad relationships that Peter did. At the time I was in several vampire fan clubs, and a few people I was pen pals with were into Type O, so they introduced the music to me. As time and life went on I lost touch with lots of music that I grew up with, including Type O. When I heard of Peter's passing I stood and stared at the radio and thought "Did I just hear what I thought I heard?!" I do listen to other music, but TON has pretty much been the main focus since Peter's passing, and their music is in constant rotation in my walkman. So, while I can't say that I know what Peter experienced it doesn't mean I don't feel his pain; I feel it as though it were my own, even though the experiences aren't shared. What I could relate to, though, are the stories of him growing up. Since we are the same age, I can associate with the family stories. His family seemed to do many of the same things mine did-- family pool parties that started at 9:00 in the morning, making our own Halloween costumes, living in the same house for over 40 years, watching the same TV shows, playing out in the street until---
    That's what makes/made this blog so special for me. We all have a tendency to put 'rock stars'
    on pedestals and think they are perfect and we forget they are human beings too, so reading the stories of Peter playing in the pool, his car, his cats, all the 'normal' things people do--that's the Peter I connect with. I know I've said it before, but I have learned more about this man since his passing that I ever had when he was alive. It's inspired me to read about things like Synesthesia, teach myself math (and I don't mean the basics), refresh my memory of the different sciences I used to study and have shelved...
    It saddens me to know that we won't be getting anymore insight into this amazing person, someone who certainly didn't love himself as much as we all here do, but at least I know the blog IS still here. I can see Peter watching all of this, us making a fuss over this and him, rolling his eyes at us (and into the back of his head!). I'm sure HE'S glad it's over!

    So, I will continue to light my green candles, my Greenman and Wolf Spirit (I too have always loved wolves) incense daily, (I have certain rituals that, unless kept up with, make me feel 'lost') play Type O's music every chance I get, and tonight I will throw my rotten, stinky egg out into the face of stupidity--I just hope I can find it in the snow! (I think much of it has melted by now).
    Thanks, Darcie, to you and the entire Ratajczyk family for letting us into YOUR lives, and sharing the life of your wonderful uncle with all of us.
    Happy Halloween to all, and I, for one, will still be checking here every day to see what, if anything is new.

    With Melancholy Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  29. ...I have never had to edit a post so much as I did this one...I told you it would be long! :)
    I have to echo what Dianne said. It would be neat if, on occasion, you could post a neat Pete story. I was looking forward to the holiday stories and how Peter didn't need a step ladder to put the star on top of the Christmas tree!

    Thanks too, Darcie, for putting my ornaments on the blog, and for giving them to the sisters. Thanks too for all the feedback--it's much appreciated.

    And the list of organizations and contact info is helpful. At least I know where I can send my donations. I'd like to be a fly on a wall at any/all of these groups when they start getting donations "In Memory of Peter Steele..."
    and they wonder WHY the sudden flood of donations!
    ...@Chris---DITTO!! :)

    As always--Much Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  30. This news saddens me but I understand the reasoning behind your decisions. There have been days you lifted me out of my depression with your stories and tales of humor. Maybe you will be writing a book to share with the world one day? If you do please let us know so we can reserve a copy to cherish forever...

    Forever His Druidess...

  31. So sad to read this will be ending but have LOVED reading it!

    Lois x

  32. Sad to see this end but understand it was a blessing and a curse to the family. Sharing and reliving memories of someone that has been lost to us in the physical world.


    We will carry on Peter's legacy for others to discover!





  34. every year I quote Peter on Halloween, at facebook, and before that, myspace, and before that, probably lesser places. "pumpkins grin in their despair....". it's such a priceless line! this year was no different, and of course I linked to the song on youtube. having only stumbled on this wonderful blog recently, I'm sad to hear you'll be stopping the stories, but so grateful you took the time to tell so much! happy Halloween to you all, and again, thanks.

  35. As everyone else has already said, i am very sad this blog is ending,i really enjoyed the stories of your and Peters childhood,because they were so like my own.I am very glad you are leaving this up,i can read the stories over and over,and check for new postings froms fans.I would like to thank you for everything,it is so nice to hear about someone you care about, from his family this was the best. Thank you and take care.

  36. Thank you for sharing so much of Peter's life with us.

  37. Aw, I understand :( This little corner of the universe has, in my mind, been akin to a Mary Poppins' bag - greater than the sum of it's parts - SO MUCH pure love and raw emotion from EVERYONE that it feels kinda fluffy and tangible to me.
    The heartbreak of some posts, and the hilarity of others have ran us the gamut of the emotional rollercoaster, and I think that's why it's been precious, because that's life in a nutshell.
    All you have shared of Peter and his family have helped further round-out understanding of who Peter is to his loved ones, fans, and what was especially dear to his heart.
    I really hope the process has been one of catharsis and healing for everyone, though it must have been very difficult a lot of the time.
    Thank you Ratajczyk family, for such personal memories, anecdotes, and photos... for providing a very special place for fans to honour Peter alongside you, and to share their own memories and creativity... so, thank you fans too :D
    (extra-extra thanks for liking and posting my pics).
    Gotta say, I'm really looking forward to news about Peter's tree being planted in PP in november. Many thanks to the girls who made it possible - total genius of an idea, I'm pleased to have contributed towards it.

    Bestest wishes to you all in life, love and healing!
    Shine On, and Happy Halloween, Baby <3
    Love and Respect, as always <3

    OH, PS... If those who have Peter's missing possessions read this, please please return them to his family, as surely that's what Peter would want?
    I know it's none of my business, and maybe I'm pushing it a bit, sorry... but would you possibly give a quick update if this is resolved, please Darcie? (I can't get it off my mind)

  38. I too, will miss the stories. I have grown quite fond of checking in on this blog. I look forward to fan interviews, but I was hoping to hear more about his parents and the influences they provided. I cannot complain though. This has been an amazing window of opportunity. I only got to see Type O Negative live 3 times, but I have amazing memories of every show. Much healing and love to you and yours,

  39. I love this green sky Peter pic, btw... beautiful

  40. These last weeks, the contributions of fans overshadowed the personal stories of the Ratajzcyk familie about Peter. I wasn't to happy about this evolution. I don't consider myself 'a fan', not of Peter,not of anyone. It is not compatible with who I am.

    But ... :-) Peter's voice and lyrics appeal to me. Still do. I was intrigued. His songs, and past year, this blog helped me to cope with feelings. They helped me to think about myself, who I am, what I feel, the things that are important to me and make me 'tick' and to finally accept these things...

    I always thought that the process of making and nourishing this blog was also important to the family-members of Peter; to cope with all sorts of feelings each one of you had because of his sudden death, his past and the possibilies for his future that fell away on april 14the 2010. I hope that the process of maintaining this blog helped you all to understand what you feel, think, brought you closer to yourself.

    Dear Darcie, Cathy and all other family-members. I want to thank you for giving us an insight on the personality of Peter. Not Peter the musician, but Peter the human beeing, the man, the brother, the ....
    Your personal stories and memories told on this blog, about his emotions, his thoughts, his behaviour, gave us a wee possibility to comprehend a bit more about who he was and his essence.

    I can not thank you enough for that.

    I wish you all well in the coming weeks, months, years.

    Ka angelica

  41. Thank you for the last year. I can only speak for myself in saying that this sharing of insight, love, healing.... it's been so amazing. Because of your family taking the time to show us that Peter Steele is not just a name, a musician, a persona, a very erotic day dream... he is .... a person, a soul, a loved family member and the amazing musician, person of intelligence and yes, he is and always be our erotic day dream.... This below song to me sums up the beginning... and perhaps the end. I love what all of your family has blessed us with. Thank you. Peter was someone who was so fucking special to so many and thanks to your family, he has finally been given his credit. He sure as fuck wouldn't give it to himself. Maybe now he can rest.....
    Fallout - Batteries Not Included w/ DL link

  42. This is about Peter:
    But the righteous man, though he die early, will be at rest. For old age is not honored for length of time, nor measured by number of years; but understanding is gray hair for men, and a blameless life is ripe old age. There was one who pleased God and was loved by him, and while living among sinners he was taken up. He was caught up lest evil change his understanding or guile deceive his soul. For the fascination of wickedness obscures what is good, and roving desire perverts the innocent mind. Being perfected in a short time, he fulfilled long years; for his soul was pleasing to the Lord, therefore he took him quickly from the midst of wickedness. Yet the peoples saw and did not understand, nor take such a thing to heart, that God's grace and mercy are with his elect, and he watches over his holy ones. ( Wisdom 4:7-15 )

  43. Awe, I was hoping you guys would eventually elaborate more on Peter's tattoos, the bands he toured with (NIN, Pantera, Danzig) and more. However, I truly understand that you all have to move on and continue with the healing process in your own way. Plus I'm sure this blog took a lot of time and I know myself and all the readers truly appreciate everything. Hope you guys had a great Halloween. Take care. <3

  44. I'll always keep your familiar memories as a little treasure. Thank you very much for sharing with all of us, from the bottom of my heart.

    Lots of love from the krypt.

    There is a green light that will never go out.


  45. Dear family of Peter,
    what can I do now.THis is the only website and group I follow. I will miss your stories so much. And - thank you!
    Greetings from Finland,
    your anonymous xxx.

  46. Thank you all so very much for sharing memories, stories, pictures, your hearts, and souls. This blog has been both wonderful and also very difficult for me. I can imagine how hard it was for you to share some of the memories, the fact that you shared so much was such a gift. I will continue to be a Peter Steele and TON forever! I appreciate you keeping the blog up for the fans, we won't let his spirit die. I look forward to seeing future postings of artwork and stories. Peace to you all always, BABS

  47. I just have to add,I LOVE this photo of Peter in the moon.
    I've made it my facebook icon,cellphone wallpaper,and shared it all over.
    Just beautiful .
    Thank you

  48. I literally am not able to say any words that havn't already been expressed by someone. The ending of this blog is just another loss-- only because it was SUCH a gift in the first place! We'll all get through this, too, and now, none of us has to do it alone because of this new 'family' that has been made. Darcie and family-- thank you a million times for sharing and involving all of us-- we love you, respect you and we understand your decision, we're all just veerrrryy sad right now. Many hugs and well wishes...xoxoxo Diana Sue

  49. Thank you so much for this blog! It has been wonderful . . Halloween used to be one of my favorite days of the year; but now it is one of the saddest. It was on Halloween 2 years ago that I saw Type O Negative perform live for the last time ever. No one knew it would be their last show; it's sad and strange that it was. I will never forget Peter or his music; the colorful life he lived, or the inspiration he gave to so many of us. Thank you and much love to his family; I hope that we (the fans) helped you understand the great legacy of your brother, uncle, and friend! Happy Halloween!

  50. https://www.facebook.com/groups/183862998363266/

    This is a FB page dedicated to a petition to get Peter inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. Lots of the people here have joined, lots of nice conversations, video links, art, etc. If you haven't already, check it out please. We need all the signatures we can get. Please - NO HATERS! =Cheryl, a proud Negative family member

  51. Thank-you so very much for opening up your hearts, lives and memories to us all. I shall really miss you. Please take care and I hope you continue to feel the love and warmth of Pete and all of his fans. As the saying goes only the good die young, and Pete certainly was the best. He will live on in our hearts and we will hold you all there too.
    Much love and thanks
    Claire-Louise xoxoxoxoxo

  52. Hi Darcie--

    Just another thought...Someone who is curious about TON might stumble across this blog and decide to give their music a listen to. Another reason (positive) to keep it up! Thanks again--
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P XOXOXOXOX :)

  53. Wow - really sad to hear there will be no more stories to look forward too, but thanks for sharing as much as you did. I've been a fan for almost 20 years and was fortunate to see Pete and Type O perform many times. I never had the pleasure of meeting Pete (kicking myself for not going to the Dead Again signing in 2007, I was expecting my daughter at the time), but somehow this blog has made me feel like I knew him. Thanks for opening your hearts and sharing your memories with us. Still hope you decide to do an occasional post though;)

  54. Even though I had somewhat lost touch with this blog after awhile, I can't say I'm not saddened that it has ended. Darcie, thank you so much for all of your work and thank you so much to the family for all that you've shared. I just wish that somewhere a long the line someone could've answered my question, "what the heck is he saying??" in some of the songs when he's speaking another language. Dangit...it plagues me every single day! lol Maybe one day I'll figure it out, but until then, I will continue to dwell on it and drive myself crazy. Nonetheless, his words and the music have touched me like no other...only the true fans of TON understand what I mean. I try at least once a week on FB to get people to listen to TON by posting Youtube videos and songs and commenting on the sheer genius of the lyricist and the way the music is composed, but no one yet has taken the bait. It's unfortunate because these people who have not heard don't know what they're missing.
    Much love to all of you. And again, thanks for the memories!

  55. Hi all--

    I keep meaning to ask--Does anybody know about the status of LTAN?? I know it was supposed to be released this April (2011), but as far as I know it hasn't yet. Anybody know anything?
    Thanks--Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  56. Sagira Crimson Swan10:26 PM, November 04, 2011

    Thank you so much for this blog. Peter's and Type O's music has touched my soul in such a great way unlike any other band EVER. Their music always got me through hard times in my life. When Peter died, a little part of me died with him. This world will never be the same. Bless you all~

  57. Thank you, so much, for sharing Peter's life with all of us. I was never fortunate enough to meet him in person (though my husband did twice and could attest to what an amazing, charismatic man Pete was), but after being able to share in all of your memories I feel like I know him far better than any casual meeting would allow. God bless all of you, and thank you again.

  58. Thank you for everything you've done here, it's meant the world to those of us who loved Pete from afar.

    Please surprise us with another story or photo now and again.

  59. Halloween... a very fitting end-date. Glad your heart(s) is/are healing. Like others, I will miss stories of Pete's life and family but am exceedingly grateful for all you've chosen to share. Wishing the best to you, Darcie, and to the rest of the Ratajczyk family. It has been so kind of you to have given us the priceless, unselfish gift of this blog. Thank you so, so, so, so much!

    *big hug*
    Jeanne B

  60. Rose from NY now in CA11:13 PM, November 14, 2011

    I have not been able to view this site for awhile because I was busy...now reading this one you have got me in tears. But I know in reality you have to move on and I understand that. This blog has meant so much to us, being able to share our thoughts w/you all. I even got to speak to Cathy once...if you still have my # please call me, Cathy. I'm the NY woman you spoke to awhile ago when I was buying the Memorial Tshirts. We had a nice talk. I said I wanted to keep in touch and maybe someday meet you in person. I too lost David, my son's best friend, 4 yrs ago I understand how you all feel. It's so hard and it helps when someone understands and says something to ease the pain. Your messages to us, it helps us heal those of us who lost someone amazing. David was an amazing young man. My son will never be the same w/o David in his life. I pray for him each day that he can find happiness again, they were brothers that close. I pray for you all each day and will continue to do so. You have made us feel close to you...thank you so much. Gratitude beyond the moon and stars to you for sharing. Your brother was a gift from the heavens to everyone. Those type of human beings are remembered forever, he touched us all. Now we see his videos with TON or Carnivore and we see that smile he had, that green eyed stare, that black hair, those hands...we miss him and will keep his beautiful spirit in our prayers. You are truly a beautiful family who loved him and made us feel like family. Thank you so much. It is sad to see you all go. I have tears flowing now...so I better go for now. God please watch over this family. Peter wants that. Bless you Peter, I will look up to the heavens and know you are safe there. Peace and Love...Rose Cathy my email now is rosemarie4peace@yahoo.com if you want to communicate. Thank you so much.

  61. Rose from NY now in CA7:34 PM, November 15, 2011

    We will miss the memories of Peter but you gave us so many, thank you for that. We felt this loss right along with you Ratajczyk family. We loved Peter too, he was an amazing man. Yes many thoughtful messages from you to us and us to you, this part of your life you shared with us, much respect and love to you all for your unselfishness. We got to know Peter as a kind, sweet, loving brother, son, uncle, friend, bandmate. All the sides of him showing us what a gift from God he was. Heaven has a great man now. Green man, we miss you we love you. We will miss your family's stories..but I think we got a pretty good idea now how you were...loving, respectful, kind...wow I'm in tears now. Thank you all...now I'll get back to listening to the music again....Peace to you all..Rose

  62. Thank you so much for this precious gift. I cannot imagine the depth of your loss. Although I didn't personally know Peter what I've read, seen in interviews and learned from you (his family) and how he treated fans he was an incredible person. His love of cats, interest in learning, autism and true desire to help people through his own personal turmoil leave me feeling sad I didn't know him and sad that I've lost what I was fortunate to know of him. He was immensely talented and likely had so much more to share with the world. Thank you.

  63. I just wish after all these years, did you get the answers about who he was with in those last days and why he didn't get seen by a doctor?