One Hundred Candles Burning ...

My Personal Favorite
You can hear the emotion in the lyrics and when Peter sings.
Purely sensual

                                                          Great photo by Adam Wills

In her place on hundred candles burning
As salty sweat drips from her breast
Her hips move and I can feel
What they're saying, swaying

They say the beast inside of me
Is gonna get ya, get ya, get

Black lipstick stains her glass of red win
I am your servant, may I light your cigarette?
Those lips smooth, yeah
I can feel what you're saying, praying

Music Video for LOVE YOU TO DEATH

Live Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DxgVB48JSY

Personally, I'm always happy to see Peter when he's live, but the music video is great too. You decide which you like better.


  1. That song was the background to a lot of 'romantic' nights between my man and I. It's beautiful, erotic without being overly sappy.

    'October Rust' was the first Type O Negative album I'd bought, mainly on the back of 'Love You To Death'. I was smitten, the rest of the albums quickly found their way into my collection, and the band are still a big part of my life to this day.

  2. Love You To Death is the most sensual beautiful love song ever written. It's the best love song ever because Peter sang about personal experiences and wrote songs from his soul and it shows through in his music.
    All the guys look really good in the official video, Peter is so beautiful in his jacket and jeans with his long hair. What a perfect specimen of manhood! I love how much nature was included in the clip...very Peter.
    Am I good enough for you....Peter you definitely are!

  3. Ah, why must you tease me so early in the morning, LOL. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my face :)

  4. October Rust was also my first cd of type o. A friend recommended it and I loved it immediately! I can't describe how I feel when listening to it, especially now with Peter gone. I seem to get lost in it Haha and I can't ever listen to just one song! Thank you very much for doing this blog and sharing with all of us, I look forward to reading it every morning!

  5. Peter's voice/music is breathtaking/priceless.... I could listen to him sing all day everyday...Peter is absolutely wonderful !! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Love You To Death was so powerful for my boyfriend (now husband) and I when October Rust came out. To this day when we hear it we are both teens again and thinking about our most fun and personal times (wink) in the autumn. October Rust is such a work of art. My husband and I would love to hear stories about Peter's writing process and his inspiration for this song and the album. Hearing them perform this live was "pure orgasmic chemistry." I will never forget hearing Peter sing this live for the first time at The Meadowlands and later on in Roseland. So many awesome shows! Thanks for sharing the video links. I love the official music video and the live ones are great to. Can't wait to see the leaves change here in NY and listen to October Rust.---RIP Peter---Jessica (Black Number 1)
    p.s Here is another live link to a Love You to Death from 1999. This reminds me very much of the times we saw them live.---Enjoy!

  7. Hi everyone,

    I had to share another live version of Love You to death. I love Peter's intro. I bet he knew plenty about the female orgasm. He looks super hot here. Whhow.... He is certainly good enough for me.---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  8. Rose from NY now in CA2:17 PM, October 05, 2011

    this is without a doubt one of my very favorite songs by Peter and TON...that voice, that face, that talent....When and if I get married this will be my song while i'm walking down that aisle...that and the preacher will be Sig Haig from Devils Rejects..Captain Spaulding...he's an ordained minister and he will dress like Capt Spaulding for your wedding...he's also a certified hypnotherapist. I met him he's so nice. Just up Peter's alley..Peter will miss you every day. Thank you again for sharing...Rose

  9. *sigh* ...Pete. He wasn't perfect but to many of us he was just right.

    ...miss him...

  10. It's now 8.30 in the morning in Holland and I just got out of my car...
    I didn't wanna get out, christian woman was on my mp3 player really really loud!!
    I love all songs from TON but especially all the 'sexy' songs ('cause i'm a girl hihi).... And indeed, a lot of sexy times with my man on these songs. Also, mainly when i was a bit younger, a lot of fantasies of the green man and me when listening to these songs! ;-) Love you to death is amazing!! He is amazing and he knows how to drive the women mad... Damn what a shame I never met him.....

  11. OMG this song - also one of my favorites though I could never decide because all TON songs have a special meaning to me ;-) but this one always provides a rollercoaster of emotions & I could listen to it over and over. The final part where Peter asks ‚Hey am I good enough‘ is the one that I could cry over … well, guess all girls here would have the same answer … I love both videos because of the difference – I love the beauty of the official video, the colors of fall appearing in it & the black cat (reminds me on my black cat) & the guys were so young *sigh*. The live video from Wacken brings up even more emotions in me because it would have been my last realistic change to see TON live:-( For TON I would have been travelling these 700 miles from the middle of Austria to the north of Germany but sadly it didn’t turn out … Love the video though it also makes me sad – there’s so much emotion, passion in Pete’s singing … love the black/green outfit & setting on the stage & the mood that comes along with the performance @ this festival – personally I do prefer these open air experiences. Such an emotional song ... oh god we miss you Pete, we really miss you … this beauty & talent is unbelievable – no matter as a young guy or in the late years - really no matter always unbelievable … okay and now to something completely different : yesterday I found a link with great pics of fall impressions - if u don’t mind I’d like to share this link with u: http://wien.orf.at/radio/stories/2503101/ . You should find there a slideshow with the pics (it’s in German ‚Fotoshow Herbstfotos 2011‘) – hope u enjoy them as much as I did.
    Much love & respect

  12. Forgot to add: 100 candles are not burning in my place but 1 green candle burns each day in my place for Peter.
    Much love & respect

  13. One thing I forgot to ask about this song. I have heard Peter say while writing this song/album (I believe in 1995)he said it was a very happy time because his parents were still alive and he still had his girl. Which girl would this have been and did her write it for her.

  14. I catch my breath every time I hear this song. (must be in the thousands by now). Peace.