As the Clear Crystal Cold Caresses My Soul

Every Guy's Fantasy Came True In This Video

A still from the video

It's no secret we're close
As sweaty velcro
Like latex, fur and feathers

In their '62 Vette
Sharing one cigarette
in a black light trance then
Go go dance
Go go trance

They keep me warm on cold nights
We must be quite a sight
In our meat triangle
All tangled


TY to Trench for this email & poem sent to the blog:

First I want to express my condolences. While the world has lost Peter I
know how hard it can be for a family to deal with such a loss.

I've been listening to Type O since I was in my mid 20s. I'm 42 now. I
was never the type to follow them from club to club and I only got to
see them once and that was in North Carolina of all places. However I
suffered from depression for the longest time and I when I heard Pete's
lyrics the depression didn't seem as bad as it did knowing that a talent
like him had similar doubts and fears.

I constantly thought of suicide but instead of taking my own life I
decided to put pen to paper as many people who suffer from depression do
and I banged out a few lyrics or poems, depending what you want to call

The one I'm going to show you was heavily inspired by Type O Negative. I
had wished that if I ever got the chance to meet Peter that I could get
his critique on it even if he hated it.

Thank you for your time.


“Dark River”

October leaves fall dead upon the water
Bitter stench of romance in the air
Shadows offer me no refuge
Just my black cross to bear
The great sadness sickens me
Heed the dark river water’s call
Breaking through the glass surface
Off the banks of the river I fall

Fall backwards into the water
In a frozen crucifix pose
Too late for me to turn the tide
This is the liquid fate I chose
I can no longer fathom my existence
As the clear crystal cold caresses my soul
My eyes close as I lose sight of the surface
Open my mouth and let the water take its toll

Come to rest as my body reaches the bottom
Sink softly into the rivers sand
Death’s kiss is fresh upon my lips
Then she takes me gently by the hand
My body looks so peaceful as I leave
Crests of the river begin to swell
Death gives me one last embrace
As I begin my descent into hell


Thanks to Jana for submitting this poem that reminds her of Autumn:

The air is warm – it`s the breath of autumn
Falling leaves is dancing through the streets
A colourful death – year is dying
Farewell my God
I won`t crying
I visit some graves
Send a flower-greeting
And turn on a light (might the way less dark for the night)
Every year is one more
So am I get older every hour
One day to get none is my fear.
The day is filled with orange
Nature presents their best dress
Hear a soft knocking at this days door
Let the ghosts of the past in my floor
The evening sun send thoughs of thus what will come
Burning candles all over and the pumkin grin
The horrible nightmare will soon begin
Invite the dead ones – those who were gone
Like every new year I will run out in grief
This is my day- it is
All hallows Eve.


  1. Trench- Bravo, excellent, well done and I bet Pete would have absolutely loved it. xoxo

  2. Trench, I just want to say that your poem is beautiful! I'm sure if Pete would have had a chance to read it he would have enjoyed it. Great work!

  3. OMG...Trench... This is a beautiful. I agree with Kristin...I believe Peter would have loved your lyrics/poems as well. I don't know if you sing or not but i can imagine peter singing your words. Not only do your words make beautiful poems but it would make beautiful/wonderful music.
    Jana your poem is beautiful too! The both of you are very talented!1 Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Beautiful poems---both of them! I'm amazed at how much I (as i'm sure we all) relate to this!

  5. First off I have to say Peter in My Girlfriends Girlfriend is the most beautiful man ever. He looks so good in that clip. When I watch it I am speechless. He is perfect. PERFECT!
    Trench your poem is beautiful. Yes its weird how a lot of Peters lyrics are about grief and sadness but his song make us feel better. Like you said knowing other people are experiencing the same emotional issues makes you feel like your not as alone.
    Jana love your poem. A colourful death..year is dying. I can see and feel all the colours when I read it!

  6. Trench and Jana, thanks for sharing such poignant poetry. To be able to create whilst experiencing such adversity, darkness and despair is no mean feat, and is a true blessing. Though it may not resolve problems, it allows one to "breathe" a little easier, if only for a short while. I'm pleased you were able to take this approach... I wish everyone could find some, any, kind of creativity within themselves to help get through rough times, as it's therapeutic value is often over-looked or underestimated... it's certainly not just about achieving an "end-product" at such times.
    I really hope things are brighter for you these days and so too, for everyone who posts on the blog who have candidly shared problems/trauma that they or their family have faced. I know that it's hard to remember that the hell life can give, also brings moments of heaven too.

    Hope Peter's memorial bash goes well.
    Love and Respect, as always <3

    oops, just as a side-note for anyone who may not know... there's free software available on the net for making your own music... my bf and some of my friends have done amazing things with them... so I urge anyone interested to give them a try. Also, there's free art software too, which is all I use, though I'm still at the experimental stage... I dunno what they're actually capable of, ha
    So yea, please find a little time for creativity in your life, if you haven't already :D

  7. Great post - yeah - this video has a lot to offer :) for the guys a perfect fantasy & for us goils :) an incredible handsome Pete – thx for posting it. Trench – thank you for this wonderful poem – brilliant words that have touched me deeply. Jana – thank you also for your poem – truly beautiful. Amazing – how much I can relate to both oft hem. I am sure Peter would have liked both poems & you are both very talented. Thank you for sharing.
    -Much love & respect-

  8. Hi all--

    Both poems are very good, in their own way, though very different. For me, Trench's poem is more visual, so I see it in my mind when I read it. (Jana's, for me, is more narrative--but that's just me). I think Peter would've liked both, but I'm even curious about how Trench's would be with music put to it. Then again, that would depend on who did it. I'm hearing it as more of a ballad-type, but somebody else might hear it with a faster tempo.
    Might be something to consider--just out of curiosity. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  9. This blog just became a little more beautiful. Thank you, Trench and Jana, your works are amazing, and many thanks to Darcie for this photo, clipped from Girlfriend's Girlfriend.

    Pete really was extra stunning in that video, and the commentary he did on it in the video-release is very funny. He and Kenny discussed the background go-go dancers and the fact that the car used wasn't even a '62 Corvette. Pete said, "How hard is it to find a '62 Corvette?!!!" Kenny was a bit critical of the dancers and Pete defended them, saying he thought they did a pretty good job.

    That last bit of commentary made me think about the friendship between Pete and Kenny. I think Kenny probably tried to look out for Pete when it came to the women he associated with, remaining the ultimate critic, but it backfired. Anyone who's had a friend get involved with a 'bad-apple lover' knows the more one criticizes the more one's friend defends that person, regardless of the behavior being discussed. It's a very common dynamic. If that was an aspect of Kenny's friendship with Pete I'm sure Kenny had no idea he was actually just egging Pete on and it never occurred to him to use reverse psychology instead.

    I agree with Gayle, scratchnsniff and Sabine. Seeing the way Pete's fans express similar thoughts to one's own, similar experiences, and knowing that many of Pete's lyrics are along the same thread truly does help us feel to far less alone. Our grief and sometimes painful life experiences have their own beauty, and fact that we're able to embrace it all is what prevents us from being overtaken.

    Much gratitude,

  10. Thanks everyone. It's an honor to have my words posted here.

  11. Rose from NY now in CA3:14 PM, October 29, 2011

    Oh My God Peter you were so handsome, rugged, sexy. When I see your face, and I see you perform I get so sad. I want to always remember your magic. We miss you. It is an honor to see how people love you and miss you too. Keep sharing please. Peter's family, bandmates, friends, fans my thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

  12. Rose from NY now in CA4:41 PM, October 29, 2011

    It's so touching how fans reach out and send poems, tributes, messages. We really feel this loss so deeply don't we? It's like you get that deep pain inside, it takes your breath away. Everyone suffers a bit when someone so magnificent is gone. Gone but never forgotten. My appreciation for the poems above, the fitting tribute to Peter. He was and will always be a man I respect, love, cherish, he endeared himself to millions. WE love you and we miss you Peter. Much respect to your family.

  13. Rose from NY now in CA5:15 PM, October 29, 2011

    Yes Trench I agree 100%. Touching tribute to Peter. We all feel it, down deep inside. That grief brings out all this emotion. WE've all been effected by Peter's passing. So keep sharing, keep showing our respect for a man who gave it all, was a perfectly sculptured human being in every way. I would have loved to have been any female in a video with this handsome hunk. I would be swooning the entire shoot. The rest of TON ain't bad either, all the guys had something special. Together, they were magic. Sad to see it end but will continue to pay tribute by playing TON daily, my religion. LIke prayers to heaven for our loved one Peter. WE miss you so much.

  14. Thank you all for your kind words for my poem - I thought it could be bad with my english, but I`m really really happy to read your positive lines about it.
    Thank you for posting it, Darcie, it`s such a great honor.
    Wishing you all the best!