A Little Light Shinin' In The Window ...

I know that when most of you hear the "Set Me On Fire" lyrics you think of a lovely romantic Summertime fling, but I actually think of a person who we got to know. Based on the timing of the song's release and connection to Summer Breeze, it was probably not created with that person in mind. It may not be written about her, but still ... I'm reminded of the time she and Peter spent together and the advice she gave me one evening a long time ago  ... Thanks Summer Girl ... You know what you told me about being myself ... and I've never forgotten the advice ...

I must confess, I have no idea what Peter is supposed to be in this outfit.
(Michelle, Peter, Me, Nancy)

See the curtains hangin in the window

Evening on a friday night

A little light  shinin in the window

Lets me know everything's all right

Summer breeze makes me feel fine

Blowin through the jasmine in my mind
(TY Seals & Crofts)

LIVE ... At L'Amour in Brooklyn:


  1. Awesome..Love the picture!! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. You all look so cute. I am guessing Peter had been watching Tarzan and he is dressed up as a African witch doctor/village chief. Did Nettie make the outfits? I love all of Type O Negatives covers, they are better than the originals. I like the lyrics in the banned version. I must admit though... I LOVE Peters long black hair so much, I get a bit disappointed when he tied it back.

  3. I love reading these blogs!
    I feel I learn something new about Pete and his awesome family every day!
    It makes me feel like I could have grown up to ye and fit right in! :)
    Thanks so much for taking this time to let us in to some more of the "unknown" details of the kind of man Pete was and appreciate that he really was every bit the approcahable friendly giant and neighbour we all knew he was!
    I've only met him once so I can only imagine how lucky and proud you must feel to have lived with and loved him all your life! :)


  4. Peter is a Vodoo Witch Doctor...My Grandmother made it for him...Little bones hanging from his neck and feet:)

  5. My guess is African Tribesman. The dark facepaint and drum are dead giveaways. His nieces look adorable as pirate, clown and Red Riding Hood. That photo's got cute all over it! Homemade costumes were the best. It was always such a creative pursuit.

    The grapevine always whispered of Peter's uncanny ability to find wise, sweet, beautiful women with whom to keep company. Not sure how your acquaintance worded her sage advice, but you've clearly taken heed. Happy to see you express yourself in so many ways, unfettered.

    My family employed the homemade costuming tradition, and we also made our own as children. The first year I was allowed to choose a costume I picked 'Black Cat', fashioning the ears from felt, pipe-cleaner, glue and a headband, painting on the whiskers, of course. Mother repeatedly and strictly instructed me to ring the doorchime and say, "Trick or Treat!" My siblings had obeyed without question but I found her persistance amusing at best and continued to merely pretend to agree to the plan, even repeating Trick or Treat for her on the way to the next door each time. Every time a door opened, I smiled, exclaiming, "Hi! I'm a black cat!!!" After about the 15th door she gave up, realizing she was being duped by a four year old. Conformity is boring. Glad you're taking that advice to heart, Darcie!

    The 2011 Halloween sewing and crafting started quite a while ago and Pete's fans do seem very handy and creative. It would be interesting to see that talent at work. Hope preparations for the Ratajczyk family Halloween traditions will be rewarding.

    With gratitude,
    Black Cat!!!

  6. Maybe he's some freaky caveman?? LMAO!!! All of you look so cute in your little outfits!! I like Michelle's best cuz I'm a pirate kinda goil!! LOL!!

  7. Yes, Nettie made Peter's costume and our mothers (Pete's sisters) made the individual costumes. Witch Doctor? Ok, I'll go with that. I couldn't figure it out ... Thanks Marie for clarification. Don't I look cute in my little clown outfit?

  8. To me this is one of those songs I've always had what I thought was a cool mental video designed for it even though there never was an official one.
    Think of the song from the perspective of a stalker. He makes moves of predation until you find out he's a vampire who's been eyeballing a young single woman who resembles his long dead mortal wife. (Dracula theme).... The lyrics are a perfect fit for the dark theme. "Through the screen and across the floor" as mist... Very vivid narrative in the lyrics.
    For some reason the setting always seems to be the house from the original Halloween movie. :)
    Just figured I'd share that and see what you all thought.

  9. Ha, that picture is priceless! Darcie you look too excited like, 'come on, come on let's go get some CANDY!!!' LMAO. thanks again. (-)

  10. i was in the front row that that L'Amours show. I have pictures somewhere .


  11. Darcie, if you are talking about the "Summer Girl" that I know...I absolutely love that woman. She is a wonderful lady.

    I love the Halloween pic here...absolutely adorable. I cant believe that it is even Halloween season already here. The years go by so fast anymore.

    I always enjoy the blogs here. Thank you!!

  12. What a wonderful picture of happy cute trick or treaters. I love home made costumes so much better than the store bought ones. This year for Halloween my little girl is going to be a black cat and grandma is making the costume from scratch. She is an excellent sower. Peter looks so funny as a witch doctor. I bet he was so happy to dress up as that. I have really been missing Peter and Type O Negative. Thank you for sharing Peter memories with us fans. It keeps his sprit alive. I bet that summer girl misses him to.---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  13. Yes, @Mare, I'm talking about THAT Summer Girl ... She gave me some wonderful advice one evening ... We were back stage at a concert when she gave me a fantastic piece of advice that I knew already, but it was good to hear from someone else ...

  14. All the costumes look great. I wish I could sew ...
    Did you have any problems carry the big bag, Darcie? You are so small in this picture and the bag so big.

  15. To Jessica D: Don't be too surprised if your little girl refuses to go along with the Trick or Treat system. :)

  16. awwww ya all look so cute in your costumes..bet ya had a good stash when you were done.I can imagine Peter did.lol..what was your favorite candies? I know for me it was about anything chocolate..or those peanut butter kisses.I know I loved Peanut Butter cups,Snickers and Milky Way bars along with the Kit Kats and other goodies.
    did your family and Peter have a favorite Halloween song? I know growing up my dad had this old record that had spooky and a bit funny songs on it..was by Spike Jones. ever heard of him? Ive enclosed a link to a song ya all might have heard.its called "the Monster Movie Ball." I so thought of you all when I found this and listend to it again..its been years since Ive heard it.thought ya all might like it cause of how you all like this time of year and the movies too.some of the stuff on that old record used to scare the crap out of me when I was little..lol.my brother would make sure it was played loud enough to get a good scare going..lol. ahhh little brothers..so fun they can be at times.
    heres the link.....
    hope everybody is having a good week and October so far. were having a bit of an indian summer here.its kind of weird having the ac on during this time of year.
    anyways..everybody have a good rest of week and weekend.and until the next blog..take care.

  17. What a lovely pic – you all look so sweet in these customes. The self made ones are always better – very talented your grandma & mothers – wish I could sew like that. My guess would have also been an African tribesman or witchdoctor – yes it looks kind of pre-Carnivore :) Thx for posting this great video – I never saw it before – it’s haunting. Guess I’ve stated this before – to me the cover versions TON did are all masterpieces – I recognized it again just this morning when listening to their version of ‚Paranoid‘ - @ Chris – I have chosen ‚The origin oft he feces‘ for annoying :) It’s so important to have people like SUMMER GIRL around – these are the moments you won’t forget for a lifetime and that’s just priceless & again I agree with dunebuggy4: conformity is boring & I love your story of one of your first Halloween experiences. @ Darcie: love the way you look in the pic – really so excited – kind of ‚Hey Ho – let’s go – are we goin already – cant’t wait‘ – simply lovely. Thx again for sharing and taking your time.
    Much love & respect

  18. Yes, we know who the "Summer Girl" is that your referring to. Very sweet and pretty lady. Thank you for sharing such a special photo with us! You all look so cute in your Halloween costumes!