Military Hat & Boa

I'm not sure that it's possible to play a game of quarters while listening to Metal Insider's #5 pick, but, hey, everyone has a different heave reflex.

Saw this pic somewhere and had to share.
When we retrieved Peter's belongings, he had a huge box
filled with military hats that he loved to wear. He even
 had the Russian Officer's hat I gave him many years ago.
My niece Tristan has that now. All the
hats were given to the kids in the family.
So, Sammi, Victoria, Antonio,
Danny and Siobhan have those items.

Metal Insider’s Top 5: Metal Drinking Songs

Posted by Metal Insider on Tue, Oct 11, 2011

Metal Insider’s Top 5 is a column where we count down the top five of…well basically anything.
Drinking and metal have gone hand in hand since before Steppenwolf coined the term “heavy metal” in “Born to be Wild.” There’s nothing like putting on something heavy and downing some adult beverages of your choice while doing so. And while there’s plenty of music to drink to, we wanted a list of songs specifically about drinking (or in the case of Carnivore,  what happens after it). We also wanted the help of our readers, offering one person a signed Unearth beer bong as a prize for submitting the #1 metal drinking song. So grab your drink of choice and join us in this toast to songs about getting toasted.

5. Carnivore’s “Jack Daniels And Pizza”
Peter Steele had a wry sense of humor since well before he was in Type O Negative. You can tell from the title that the combination of Jack and pizza won’t go so well, and this is a cautionary tale caught on tape.

4. Clutch’s “Drink To The Dead”
3. Pantera’s “Goddamn Electric”
2. Tankard “For A Thousand Beers”
1. Psychostick’s “BEER!”



  1. Awesome ..Thank you for sharing :)

  2. What a fantastic pic – the combination of military hat, red boa, Pete’s facial expression & the location of the pic is priceless :) I just can’t get enough of reading this blog and your great memories – it’s always truly heart warming. Good to know that Pete’s personal belongings are shared within the family – at least most of his belongings are in the right place where they are appreciated since we have heard other things also (thinking about the rosary for example). I am sure that Peter loved it when you gave him the Russian officers hat knowing his passion for these kind of things. Interesting list of songs from Metal Insider :) besides Carnivore’s ‚ Jack Daniels and Pizza ‘ (knowing the story to the song now from your blog - LOL) I like Tankard’s ‚For a thousand beers‘ (WOW – haven’t heard that song for a while). Guess this evening I will sit down @home with my favorite Portuguese wine and look thru my collection of CD’s to find more great drinking songs – thx for the inspiration :) Thank you again for sharing so much with us.
    Much love & respect

  3. Where are you going with that drill in your hand Pete?

  4. Yeeeeessssssss, that picture rules!!! You can't be a rockstar and not have a feather boa...everyone knows that! XD. The all-time best drinking song is Roadhouse Blues by The Doors(I know, not metal but still rocks) and I don't know but everytime I hear AC/DC I get in the mood for a drink, which really sucks since I'm sober now, it's just rootbeer these days! Lol. As far as Jack Daniel's and Pizza...don't even try it or you'll be doing your own cover version of that one! Thanks again. (-)
    @Sabine. Origin of the Feces is an EXCELLENT choice, think I'll piss the neighbors off with that one this weekend. :)

  5. Hi there--

    Hee hee--I was thinking the same thing! (See above) Great photo--yep, he definitely had an off-the-wall sense of humor. Gotta love it! It's nice to see that some of Peter's belongings have ended up in the right hands, especially after all the stories about things being, um, taken. Having said that, I would still love to go through his book collection. That would be interesting.
    Thanks for sharing, Darcie.
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  6. @Chris – good idea it’s gonna piss them off for sure :) – the whole album is full of annoying moments for people that don’t get it :) to me it’s just brilliant . Another great song for annoying people is TON’s cover version of Black Sabbath’s ‚Black Sabbath‘ with the chorus ‚Ave Satanas‘ - strange looks from neighbors or passengers are guarenteed :) Very good choice the ‚Roadhouse Blues‘ from The Doors (love their music) - in this relation I also think on ‚The Alabama Song‘ - to me almost a classic drinking song. LOL – yeah I think we all had our own cover versions of ‚Jack Daniels & Pizza‘ already – ingredients may vary :)
    Have a great weekend everyone & take care
    -Much love & respect-

  7. I LOVE the pic! I sure do like to drink a nice bottle of merlot & listen to In Praise of Bacchus. Powerful song & I'm always in praise when I listen to it!

  8. It's what makes Pete. He had that off-the-wall and often crude sense of humour. And yeah... I think it's time for a little Slow, Deep and Hard for my train journey home tonight. Though I have earphones. Nice thing is it drowns out the cackling of the office workers harping on about each other's children and husbands.

  9. Hey Pete... where're you goin' with that... Oh wait, what is that in your hands???
    I believe if I drank, and I never really took it up, but if I did In Praise of Bacchus would be most appropriate considering who Bacchus is. Oddly, having seen how drinking works over the years, I believe AC/DC's Hell's Bells would be a very good drinking song. It has certainly been good for other things for many years, like drag-racing, pot and LSD. Thanks for posting this photo. Pete's sense of humor and flair for the absurd really comes out in it.

    With gratitude,

  10. First thing..I had to go on the internet to check what a game of quarters was! Love the picture of Peter, what a crazy mix of "things". I would love a psychiatrist to analyze that photo..funny! He is huge in that picture..I think I heard Kenny refer to this phase as Peters King Kong look. I dont like dark spirits and never drink them but once I drank lots of Jack Daniels and I spewed 5 times, stretching over about 7 suburbs on my way home. Well it gave my friends something funny to bring up in conversation from time to time. So nice that the kids got Peters hats...its good to have something to remind you of people you love but have gone. Good that they were not taken from his home like a lot of other belongings of Peters. I think good heavy rock is the best drinking music also....I like ac/dc, motley crue, rose tattoo, carnivore stuff like that.