I'm Here All Month ...

October is all about color, beauty, splendor, and crispness.

As Peter Steele has pointed out, it's also about dying, change, and transition. 

This month I want to share talent, song and laughter with you all.
I hope you help me celebrate Peter and Nettie's favorite time of the year.

TY Louie from 13 Casketcrew 13 on FB
I call this "Forest Pete"

She thinks i'm iron man that i don't feel pain
I don't understand why joy must be feigned
I'm so fortunate yet filled with self hate
That the mirror shows - me an ingrate

I could easily start pointing fingers
Since the blame is mine it always lingers
That the truth it lies in my reflection
Though this can't go on - there's no question

Yeah i know
That my world is coming down
Yeah i know - i know - i'm the one who brought it down
 - brought it down - bring it on down

How quickly pass the days - long is night
Lying in bed - awake - bathed in starlight
Better to live - as king - of beasts
Than as a lamb - scared - and weak

I will deny - my role - as - a human
Holding myself - hostage - with no - demands
It's better to burn - quickly - and bright
Than slowly and dull - without - a fight


  1. For me, WCD is extremely powerful and painful, but also one of their most beautiful songs. This particular vid always wrenches at my heart, it's totally spellbinding though

    Beautiful artwork of Peter, once again :D

    Autumn has always been my season too - I love absolutely everything about it
    If it's ok, I'd like to share a gorgeous autumnal pic with you, taken by my lovely boyfriend just the other day, 30 mins drive from our town in the north of england...


    Thanks again to everyone here, family and fans alike

    Love and Respect, as always <3

  2. Really enjoyed the live clip, thanks! World Coming Down is my overall favorite album, its so freaking heavy. (-)

  3. October in Australia is spring, everything is coming back to life and new growth has begun. I feel and see the Green Man everywhere. The Liquid Amber tree I planted for Peter is covered in new bright green leaves and looks beautiful. Liquid Amber trees are the closest thing we have in Australia to a Maple tree. I love the song World Coming Down but it breaks my heart to read his lyrics especially when he writes about his self hate. Peter has helped us so much but no one could help him from his mind. I do believe he was back on the right track but then the 14th of April 2010 came and took him from us. Another beautiful picture from Louie. So while all of you in Brooklyn are celebrating your October of dying and transition, I will celebrate our October of growth and awakenings.

  4. Nice mashup of songs from TON. October is definitely the season for change. Welcomed.

  5. WONDERFUL!! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. As stated already many times I could never decide which is my favorite TON album ... WorldComingDown is one of these songs that goes so much under my skin - there's so much in it - definitely Peter has burnt bright .. brighter than so many .. but unfortunately way too quick :-(
    Gayle - very well said & have a great spring of growth and awakenings down under :-)
    SratchNSniff - very beautiful pic -thx for sharing. I love these colors and this part of your country - been there some years ago already but felt like home. Nature here in Austria shows similar colors & I love this time of the year though it also makes me sad somehow because summer is over & a long, cold winter about to come but I can't imagine not having these change of seasons with color, beauty & transition. Louie - love the artwork.
    -Much love & respect to all of you-

  7. ahh, World Coming Down has ALWAYS been one of my very favorite TON songs...his voice is so beautiful. And the clip is my absolute favorite live version, Ive had this link on my toolbar for quick access :)

  8. forgot to say that "Forest Pete" is lovely too, anything with Pete's beautiful face!!

  9. 'Forest Pete' does have a compelling quality.
    Seems like World Coming Down was likely one of the hardest songs to write for Pete, and another example of how he truly gave. When viewing video of him, regardless of content it's difficult to do it, but I have to remind myself Pete's gone. For a man who was well in touch with his mortality he was unmistakably full of life when he was still with us. Thank you for the link. Really enjoyed it!

  10. In spite of the Playgirl shoot - do you think he realized how amazing he was? Between the self deprecating humor and the song lyrics, I wonder if he really didn't realize just how phenomenal he was.

  11. I feel Peter is walking through a low sun lit forest in Autumn as I read this. Missing him and hope you guys keep posting!
    Dedicated fan----Jessica (Black Number 1)

  12. Hi Darcie--

    Thanks for another great photo of Peter. I can't help but wonder what he could be so angry at, yet at the same time it's hauntingly beautiful. I love this song/video. Love the organ, the 'Gregorian-chant' style (background) vocals--very heavy. I love this time of year. I do a lot of baking, so I'm ready to get going so I can stock the freezer with breads and soups (pumpkin, borscht). Hope all is well. Thanks for another neat post--keep 'em coming!
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  13. WCD is one of my absolute favorite Type O songs! The way Peter and Kenny mesh in this song is amazing! I can't not sing this song out loud when it plays!