From Netherlands to Joisey ... Fans Celebrate Pete

TY to Jennifer Hilarie from Netherlands:

Dear bloggers that comfort us fans with
lovely memories of Pete,
Just a quick email to thank you for setting up
your blog - you know better
than any fan could, how much it twists the
 stomach to know that we'll never
hear his voice again; and reading bits from
your and his life makes that
thought less painful, because it feels like
celebrating his life. Please keep
up the good work - though I have no doubt
that none of you will ever
stop celebrating Pete, I still feel the need to
 thank you for turning that
 into something us fans can participate in.
I have the distinct feeling that
the man himself would be rolling his eyes
 every now and then...? But
again: thank you for comforting us when
 we feel sad for losing the
voice that accompanied our teenage
and young adult years, all
the way to today!
Thank you Louie from FB 13 Casket Crew 13
for allowing me to borrow this from their page.
It's too lovely not to post on our blog. Enjoy !
TY to Frank Savino for sharing this with everyone:
I first met Peter when I was fifteen years old in 1991. I had heard
"Unsuccessfully Coping
with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity" on our local north jersey
college radio station WSOU.
 Complete with Josh and the band in studio, it was the most
 unforgettable radio song and
interview I will ever hear. With censored bleeps everywhere
 appropriate, it almost seemed
divinely radio timed. I made sure I found out where to
 see these brilliant and vulgar men
 perform next. It was Studio One in Newark, one
of the very first Type O Shows ever!
My nerdy friend and I called the amateur college
 radio station and asked to speak to
Peter "which he allowed" and Pete put us on
 the guest list as "Rodney Plus One". This
was unreal to us. We had already somehow
understood his power, and for him to
acknowledge us in this way was to undeservedly
 share in his greatness. When we
arrived at the venue early we saw our lord
 walking around quickly and busily, being
the driving force to set up this show. We
inapropriatly approached him with our trivial
 questions and pimpled faces. He slowed his
walking pace to ours and switched into
a mode of “these kids were his top priority”
We childishly asked him what songs he
would play tonight, and he stopped and counted
on his fingers every song on Slow
Deep and Hard, In the order in which he
would play them... To say Peter was
Christ-like is an understatement to say
the least, He was Pete-like.

Go out and play in the leaves


  1. thank you for sharing these! They mean so much to me!

  2. While the opportunity to meet Pete and see the band live (they'd never have played here in South Africa) will now sadly never happen (though we have a very small alternative scene whom I'm sure would have given it all they got to support at a gig), these little snippets are lovely little treats throughout my week. Thank you for this. Keeping up a blog is a lot of work and your blasts of anecdotes and personal accounts really show a multifaceted man. He was no angel, for sure, but he was all heart.

  3. LOL I was the Other NERD in this story. But he Left out how we raced over to the MAPLEWOOD DINER to see the band right after the radio station. Till this day they still call me "rodney plus one "

  4. Frank..brillant and vulgar men...love it! So true. They did do the best interviews ever, always so having much fun with each other. The friendship between them always showed. They were open and didnt try to be cool rockstars, which as far as I'm concerned made them cooler.
    Louie love the picture. The green city looks beautiful.
    Jennifer, very nice words,I agree completely.
    We will never forget Peter, Type O negative and Carnivore.

  5. Thank you Jennifer, Frank & Louie for your great contributions. Jennifer - love the words in your writing; Frank - hilarious story - what a great memory; Louie - the pic is so beautiful. Gayle - I completely agree with you. Darcie - thx for sharing & for keeping up this blog - it's always one of my daily highlights ;-)
    -Much love & respect-

  6. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing :)