Dreaming of a Prospect Park Sleigh Ride

Christmas Eve brought a dream where I could feel the wind on my face, taste the snow flakes on my tongue and hear a familiar voice saying to me to "hold on tight" as I put my arms around his neck and sat on his back. It was night sledding and we were on our favorite hill near the pond. The air was crisp and I felt nervous excitement when I grabbed his neck and we flew down the hill. I could hear the kids from east 15 th street laughing. I could see my cousins at the bottom of the hill. I was safe. I was having fun. I was screaming. I was with Pete.

Thank you to Patty for the beautiful ornaments that Pete's sister Barbara is getting. You are too kind to us.

And thank you to all those special people who continue to donate to the organizations we are fond of.

Sending good wishes for the holidays to you all.