See Ya In Philly On Friday, October 28th

We Hope To See You All At

The Haley Band's

Peter Steele Memorial Halloween Bash

Friday, October 28th
8:00pm - 11:30pm


The Legendary Dobbs
304 South Street (off S. 3 Street)
Philadelphia PA

Some of Peter's sisters will be in attendance to support
The Haley Band's Efforts in the Memorial for
Peter Steele

Thanks to Steve Haley for everything


  1. BTW: my canadian friend sent me this:

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it? :)

  2. Full concert (October rust era).

  3. I am there! I fly out friday morning! I am ssssoooo beyond excited.

  4. I hate you all...so not fair. Why was I born in Australia! Have a great night everyone. So happy that people are still doing things like this for Peter. I expect a minute silence for all of us who dont live in America and are missing out on the PETER STEELE MEMORIAL HALLOWEEN BASH! I will have to make my own Peter Steele fun at home by myself!
    Wa Wa Wa someone call me a Wambulance.

  5. I agree Gayle!! Living in the middle of the states isn't helping me get to the east coast either! I hope to hear/see/read all about it, with pictures!! Me and my carved out pumpkin will be holding our candles up in honor of Pete.... or, ummm, I guess I'll be holding up the candles. Rock on and hugs to everyone-- Peter and I are with you in spirit!! :)

  6. Hope you'll all have a blast! Wish I could've managed the 2700 mile journey to be there with you!

    I'll have a different version of Peter Steele Memorial on Saturday, thinking of Pete under the trees and stars at a ranch that's hosting live 'upstart' bands. Still considering attending Monday's L.A. Peter Steele Memorial show, but don't want to disappoint tiny trick-or-treaters. What's a goul to do???!

  7. I wish i could be there..I would love to go and support The Haley Band's Efforts in the Memorial for
    Peter Steele and meet everyone..Maybe next year i can make it. Thank you for posting :)

  8. We are doing a Halloween show in Dublin on the 30th too so if anyone is around.
    Come along and celebrate Pete with us! :)

  9. I wish I could go to the show and tribute to Peter this Friday. To all the family and fans who go, have a great time remembering Peter. I will be doing so that night as well.---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  10. How I wish I could attend any of these shows - Philly, L.A., Dublin - no chance for me :-( To all the family, friends & fans attending these shows: Have a great time remembering & celebrating Pete! Dunebuggy4 - your plans also sound great. Guess I will do something similiar - no shows but a personal remembering somewhere out in the nature :-)
    -Much love & respect-

  11. Really wishing I could be there, but I will be there in spirit. Have a good time!

  12. Rose R from NY now in CA8:51 PM, October 28, 2011

    I wish I could be there to support you all. I loved TON and Peter so much. My heart and thoughts will be with you all. I have to see pictures and read stories soon because I know there will be many to see and tell. Peter we miss you especially this time of year. Halloween was made for you. Your beauty will shine supreme in the cold nights of Halloween. Your face, your locks, your magic, your larger than life existence, the memory of you will never fade. I'm so sad for your family, they miss you each and every day. Heaven has an amazing man. I know you're looking down and you are smiling. Tears to heaven Peter. We love you.

  13. peter will always be with us. "october rust"

  14. peter will always be remember he is never replaceable "October rust"