UnAuthorized? Not Too Sure Who Stands To Make Money From This


Roadrunner Records will release a special vinyl box set of Type O Negative's label catalog exclusively via independent retailers on Black Friday, which lands on November 25 this year.

As the first band to achieve platinum status on the Roadrunner Records roster, Type O Negative didn't rewrite the rules. They simply tore the rule book up, burned what was left of it and did whatever the hell they wanted with the smoldering ash. The result was nothing short of brilliant, as they combined dirge-like doom with head down, gothy grooves, all the while retaining the sort of signature melody that made their songs utterly memorable, infesting your brain like a virus.
Of the box set, Type O's Johnny Kelly said, "This looks great but we're disappointed that Roadrunner couldn't get it together to do the scratch 'n' sniff cover we wanted for The Origin of the Feces."
The vinyl box includes all Roadrunner released Type O Negative material contained within one collector's box. Each album will be issued on double green vinyl, with the album art recreated, including the controversial, rarely seen original cover of The Origin of the Feces. Type O fans know all about that cover and the anatomy which it features.
Each album will also have new, branded liner notes documenting the genesis and completion of each album. An exclusive sticker sheet with six mini bumper stickers will also be included in this must own set for Type O Negative diehards. It's an instant collector's item.
This set includes the following releases:
Slow, Deep and Hard (1991)
The Origin of the Feces (1992)
Bloody Kisses (1993)
October Rust (1996)
World Coming Down (1999)
Life Is Killing Me (2003)


[Published on: 10/26/11]


  1. So are you telling us that Type O Negative are not going to be receiving any of the money made from the release of this set. I'm happy to boycott it, I have never bought the Best Of either because Peter said it was done without the bands knowledge. Its funny(in a bad way) how the bands have become the bottom of the ladder...if it wasn't for them the record companies would not even exist. They also love to exploit any band that has split up or any artist who isn't with us anymore. I would hate to sign a record company contract, very scarey. Dead Again was with another record company so Roadrunner cant have that one.

  2. While I'm partial to vinyl myself, & understand some people - "diehards" - may want this "must own", "instant collector's item", I, Connie Jelly, say - This looks feces! & I'm disappointed in Johnny Kelly's lame, attempted deflection of the fact that Golddigger have sniffed "n" scratched & found a way to exploit something sacred, in an attempt to milk the (to them) "cash-cow" that constitutes the loyal TON fan-base.
    Thus, I read: "Gotta have! Get it! Get it QUICK! Get it NOW! If you don't, you're not a TRUE FAN!!"
    Oh, & just in time for Satan Claws coming too, yippee! *PUKE*
    Sorry, I'm just thinking of Peter, & I think he'd despise this.

    Also, be wary of "rare" vinyl appearing on ebay, etc. The Melvins, only yesterday, discovered that some scumbag has been manufacturing fake "Houdini" albums on red vinyl, seemingly selling them as convincing rare, & expensive editions but with terrible, unlistenable quality.

  3. I think this would've infuriated Peter and the fact that it's on vinyl adds to the insult involved. Thanks but no thanks.

  4. if it is something that Pete would not approve of,or is not authorized, or given permission to do that, then please by all means let us all know and we'll spread the word.cant trust many these days.might want to give us the heads up on what to look out for and what is legit or not legit when it comes to Peter and TON stuff. keep us updated when ya can.

  5. Strange ... really strange - how disgusting this business can be (also thought about this fact on other occasions ...) - thank you for this posting - it's definitely: No thanks!
    ..and also I think that Peter would have not liked this...

  6. Yes, Peter was pretty pissed with Roadrunner for giving the band a shitty contract offer and for releasing that "best of album" but I do wonder if he would have approved of this regardless of that. Many fans wanted those albums on vinyl. The new trend now in metal is to go back to vinyl for sound quality reasons (which I don't really think makes a difference). I am surprised to see how many albums are being put out for the first time ever on record. It is really interesting. I still love CDs. No doubt Peter would be pissed since they did not get his consent or approval for this release. If they had the ability to ask him I wonder what he might think or say if he thought on it. Peter's family and the band members should be given royalties from the sale of this item.
    ---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  7. p.s. This release might introduce new fans to Peter's music which would be good! Just a positive note.---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  8. Well,I'm such an old fan,I have slow deep and hard,origin,and bloody kisses,on cassette tape.
    Getting the whole set on cd,all nicely packaged ,would be convenient for me,as opposed to wanting it as a collectable.
    Hmmm.Id assume the band would *have* to get royalties?

  9. Is this really unauthorized?
    I wouldn't be surprised after what Roadrunner did with the "Best of" album.
    But I would like to know, since I've really been wanting "World Coming Down" on vinyl.
    If you would be so kind as to reply to this comment, I would really appreciate it!

  10. Hi guys--

    I too would like to know if this really is unauthorized. I myself am partial to vinyl, so at first I thought 'YES!' Then I wondered about who would be getting the royalties. If I knew for sure that the band (and that includes the Estate of Peter Steele) would be getting royalties then I (personally) would consider buying this, even though I know Peter wasn't happy with Roadrunner.
    AS Jessica D. said, it might be a way to introduce new fans to TON's music. I also have SDH, Origin, BK AND October Rust on cassette! I would like to have them on vinyl, but like I said, unless I know the guys will be making money from this, I'll have to pass as well.
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  11. So lets not have new ppl discovering type o negative as disappointed as i am about the lack of consent and cashing in on petes death i do hope it helps promote the band to people who have never had the privelage of hearing them. R.i.p. Pete

  12. Im also bypassing this boxed set. I work at walmart. I discouraged lots of customers also. Even here overseas in hawaii.