Good Things Come in Packages

This week, we received a few nice parcels.

One giant-sized package was from Eloise Thiery in France. She painted this picture of Peter in June 2004 and was gracious enough to send it to me for the family. I'm wondering if it might be a great idea to have a gallery showing of all the beautiful artwork and photos of Peter's fans. Maybe something to think about for his birthday. There are all these great gallery spaces in Dumbo Brooklyn. Maybe ... we'll see. Eloise, thank you for inspiring me

Also, Peter's sister Pat received letters of thanks from St. Christopher's Inn, Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Autism Speaks  for donations made in Peter's name. Thank you to "The Bands," "Theresa Macri," and an "anonymous" donor. Your thoughtfulness will help so many people and animals this year.

Also, this week, Peter's Tree was planted in Prospect Park:

For more information, go to the Facebook page: Peter's Tree


A Crop Of Pumpkin Love

TY Mary Wolfe

A good friend of the blog,
 Jessica Cassino
sent in this blog post
 she wrote on Halloween.

Please check it out: Blog: Frock & Roller
Post: Pumpkins, Popcorn Balls, and Peter Steele
Link: http://www.frockandroller.com/2011/10/pumpkins-popcorn-balls-and-peter-steele.html

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Thanks to Another Jessica (Black # 1)
for this next picture taken at a Virgin store signing:


My Carnivore, My Greenman

Thank You Gayle for this lovely poem,
for sharing your artwork and your photos

You thought of yourself as nothing
But to me you are everything
I cry for you, I smile for you
My Carnivore, My Green Man
I wait for the moment my skin goes cold
So you can wrap your arms around me
I will never let you go
Thank you for making my existence bearable
See you in my dreams
Gayle xx

Gayle: I am sure we will meet one day ... Thanks