Would You Suffer Eternally?

I wanted to thank Patty P
for making these adorable
Peter Steele ornaments & 
sending them to me to give out the the sisters.

The six she sent are divided by the colors green and red, and are painted with Peter's name, birth & death dates, and symbols. I am sending one to each of the sisters - Barbara, Patricia, Pam and Cathy (and keeping a set of each color for myself). My cousins will have to fight me for them.

I have mine hanging in my window

<<<<< - >>>>>>

Annie Riordan of California
Sends us the most heartwarming artwork

Thank you for always thinking of the family

Christian Woman

Forgive her for she knows not what she does

A cross upon her bedroom wall - from grace she will fall
an image burning in her mind - and between her thighs

A dying god-man full of pain - when will you cum again?
before him beg to serve or please - on your back or knees

No forgiveness for her sins - prefers punishment
would you suffer eternally - or internally - ah

For her lust - she'll burn in hell - her soul done medium well
all through mass manual stimulation - salvation

Corpus christi - she needs - corpus christi - corpus christi

Corpus christi - she needs - corpus christi - corpus christi
body of Christ - she needs - body of Christ - body of christ

She'd like to know - God - love - God - feel her God - inside of
her - deep inside of her - ah

She'd like to know - God - love - God - feel feel feel her god -
inside of her - deep inside of her

Inside of her - deep inside of her

Jesus christ looks like me - jesus christ - jesus christ looks
like me - jesus christ

Jesus christ looks like me - jesus christ oh - jesus christ looks
like me - jesus christ - ah

Which Video Version Do You Like Better? :


  1. wow..nice artwork and ornaments..so special for a man that was very special in our eyes and hearts and his families. great job on both. wish I had that kind of talent.
    want to wish the Ratajczyk family a very Happy Hallows Eve.hope ya all had alot of fun and more special times to keep in your hearts forever.were all thinking about you over here in Michigan and were hoping all is safe and warm there too. wishing you forever peace and happiness..ya all have a good week.stay safe and take care. luv yas.

    a Halloween song we grew up
    with..my parents had this record.
    some of the stuff on it used to scare
    the crap out of me too when I was little.lol.
    dont know if Peter would have liked this or not
    but I so thought of him and you all when I seen they had it on youtube and heard it again.

  2. oh and I like both versions of Christian Woman.we so still miss Peter and TON alot and wish he could be here with us.specially on his and your families fave holiday.we'll all have to light a special candle in Petes name. maybe he'll see it from where ever he may be and let us all know hes doing ok in his own special way.

  3. I love the ornaments ♥ good work to Patty P :)
    Thanks for sharing all of this, I'm checking your blog all time :)
    Forever Negative.

  4. impossible to decide between the two clips..while watching them both all I could think about is the commentary from After Dark...very funny. Love Peters deep voice singing Corpus Christi, body of christ.
    Very nice artwork from Annie, love the colours and design.
    My thoughts are always of Peter but even more so today. Happy Halloween Baby! I have a green candle lit for you and I give my love to you now and forever.

  5. I forgot to mention....I can hear Peter making jokes about his sisters having his balls!!

  6. Awesome ..Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Patty P - these ornaments are so beautiful - what a great piece of art & full of love. Darcie - thank you for sharing. Annie - this pic is lovely & fits perfect to this very special family. Gayle - completely agree with your first comment & thx for making me smile with your second comment :)
    -Much love & respect-

  8. Oh and I forgot to mention: Not easy to decide which of the videos I like better :) both are great to watch but I think I prefer the long version (love the scenes in the wood)..

  9. The long version is better, I think. But, like Gayle said, I can't watch that video without hearing the commentary from 'After Dark' in my mind.

    "Where's Josh?". :)

  10. Those ornaments are so cool.

  11. Haha, totally, Gayle :D
    Aw damn, I want some pretty Peter balls... I love them! Great idea Patty. Love too, this brilliant artwork by Annie, the text and imagery are perfect together, and I like how the stars will add that extra dimension to it all when the light catches them.
    Hmmm ok, I'm crap at choosing stuff, I love both versions, each in their own right.
    I have a t-shirt with the CW lyrics on it... fabulous :D

    Love and Respect, as always <3