We Make Really Bad Music

I hum this song every time I fight with someone

Too Late: Frozen

So you've come to say your're very sorry
Won't happen again forgive me
Time will not heal away these wounds
And I'm bleeding, bleeding because of you

It's too late, it's too late, it's too late
(Too late for apologies)

Once everything we had just a joke?
I've run out of patience, tears and hope
Love does not conquer all
And I'm screaming, screaming because of you

In the shadow of the light from a black sun
And frigid statue standing icy blue and numb
Where are the frost giants I've begged for protection?
I'm freezing

Cold winter winds that chill my heart with sleet and with snow
Not from the north come to this glacial abode
But from your dimension cryogenic limbo
I'm freezing

Frozen, Frozen, Frozen
I'm freezing

Since I don't understand the language of the interviewer, AND there are no English subtitles I can only expect that Pete and Kenny are answering the right answers to the right questions. THOUGH, from Peter's initial smile, I'm not too sure:


Danish Radio Interview with Peter May 15, 1997:


  1. One of my very favorites! Love at the beginning of the song with headphones on you can hear laughter and then Peter saying "Fock You". Have always dug the Brooklynese!! 5-6-7-8!! Have the best weekend everyone! Peace.

  2. The photo: Sexy... Even caught at what most photographers would refer to as a 'bad angle' Pete was handsome.

    It's amazing how some of the most beautiful work stems from betrayal and anger. Many of us have felt the pain of an ill-gotten deed and confession, and known 'soul-frostbite'. It starts like a stabbing pain and graduates into no feeling at all, an emotional numbness, and an eventual discarding of empathy. It's likely nature's way of preparing us to stand up for ourselves.

    When I think of how many ways Pete's heart was probably broken, and not just by women he fell for...

    It's hard enough being beyond extra-unique and high-profile, but it's extra hard to soldier on, knowing the extreme unliklihood of finding someone just as odd who 'fits' well enough to never break one's heart. It's no wonder Pete turned to his creative side. I know what it's like to hear the music inside one's head during those moments, to express it in a fit of rage and know it's beautiful. It's painful but still embraced.

    Had a long discussion with a fellow fan of Pete's on Wednesday after viewing 'Symphony for the Devil' in a private screening room with surround-sound. We can't fathom the concept of any woman believing she could possibly ever 'better-deal' Pete. We all have our flaws, and life with him probably did get lonely and almost completely weird, but my stars! As a woman who's seen love and adversity, and even handled severe control issues from men, I just cannot imagine dealing with him on a daily basis, knowing of his kindness, humor, and loving family and seriously thinking, "That other guy might be better." Guess it's different to actually be there, in the moment. Hope he's somewhere watching it all now, chuckling at all of this, thinking, "Well, it's funny now!"

    With gratitude,

  3. Awesome...Thank you for posting :)

  4. I love watching this on the Symphony dvd :)

  5. Good song but I always hate reading Peters lyrics, most of them make me sad because they were written about the way he felt. I also hate it in the interview when he talks about how lost he feels. Always funny when Peter says they write really bad songs. I'm sure alot of interviewers who dont get the humor, dont know how to take the comment.

  6. My fave Type O song. Yo ho, yo ho, (horse whinny), yo ho, yo ho. And the snow showered upon us as they played. Sublimely atmospheric.

  7. Ha! Look at Peter. All groomed 'n' shit.