Peter Was Always Genuine & Down To Earth

I’ve been a Type O fan for years and have had the pleasure of meeting them at various shows and signings. They are a great bunch of guys and Pete was always genuine and down to earth, just really polite and a good guy to be around. I was lucky enough to have a camera at some of these events, so I wanted to share them with you. The first one was taken  at Loony Tunes at a signing in New York in March 2007, the second was taken at The Rams Head Live in Baltimore MD in May 2008 (which was sadly my last Type O show) and the third was taken at the Trocadero in Philadelphia PA on Halloween 2007. They were my favorite shows, when they would come to Philly for Halloween.
Thanks for all you do and share on your blog. I am thankful for the memories and the music-for all Pete shared with so many people. He is missed. Thanks for taking the time to read this email and I hope you like the photos. Take it E (-)
Philadelphia PA
 A little disappointed that The Phoenix didn't put TON music
up higher on the list. Your thoughts?
Black No. 1 made #21 on their list of
Top 100 Goth Rock Songs



  1. Thanks for the photos Natalie. I love the one from the Looney Tunes signing. The youtube video someone took at the signing is funny with dad,the two little kids and Peter. You are very lucky to have seen Peter at a signing and in concert. Yeah I hate all those Top 100 type things. They annoy me because they never stick to the criteria. I suppose its good that Type O Negative got in it twice, but of course Black Number 1 should have been number 1. I actually dont even consider Type O Negative Gothic anyway. I am a big Fields of the Nephilim fan and they came in at 93!!! I dont know who decided the list, most of the time I think they pull the songs out of a hat. One of the main things I love about Peter is how down to earth and real he is. I hate "rockstars" and people who think they are better than everyone else. I wish more people could learn from Peter about being humble and grateful. He had a beautiful personality.

  2. I think we need to vote for Black No. 1 at phoenix's site. No reason at all why Type O shouldn't be at the top of that list, but I am admittedly biased. :) Nobody trumps Type O in my opinion.
    As a fan myself of this band since high school, and I'm now 37. I never got to see them live between college and kids, life... Though Type O has been the soundtrack through it all and will remain so. I really appreciate all the photos, concert footage, memories and artistic works shared by everyone here.
    I think we all realize how rare the opportunity to connect, really is on this blog, and feel honored to be allowed to read it's content daily. What you offer us fans is truly priceless and as far as I know there's never been anything quite like this phenomenon of a blog created in memory of anyone else.
    We get it, and we love ya for doing it. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Natalie for sharing your memories - I love the pictures - very well captured. So many great experiences to remember - this is priceless. It is so amazing that Pete always was so humble with fans - so unique & I agree with Gayle - it would be great if more people (not only rockstars) would act like that. This list is really disappointing - I was really wondering while looking through it - ok tastes are different but there's a lot of music in this list which I would not really relate to Gothic. A lot of good artists that I like are in the list like Nick Cave, Fields of the Nephilim, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance but the fact that surprised me the most that I could not find the song 'Gothic' by Paradise Lost in this list - this song represents to me a lot of Gothic and I think if I am not mistaken they were along with TON one of the 'pioneers' in this genre or even created this genre (I know Peter described the music of TON in other ways).. Nevertheless of course I have voted like crazy for 'Black No1' :) - yes crimghost: I am biased too :) I hope there are a lot of other biased people :) 'cause I think that 'BlackNo1' is the ultimate gothic anthem.
    Have a great weekend everyone!
    -Much love & respect & thx for sharing-

  4. I attended the Looney Tunes in-store too and attest that Peter,Kenny,Johnny,& Josh were all personable and attentive to the many TON fans there. Peter had such a commanding presence as he bent down to enter the establishment's doorway! He was the tallest man I have ever met and I was awe-struck,because I barely stand at a petite 5' 1" tall!

  5. All of this is why i love this man so much. He wasn a typical rockstar. He was true and pure of heart. And all of this is also why im taking vacation from work and flying tophilly tonight. Peter is forver on my mind

  6. Awesome ...Thank you for posting :)

  7. Rose R from NY now in CA2:28 PM, October 29, 2011

    this song well I play it daily. I have so much respect and love for TON. Music that soothes the savage beast...it's true. I get worked up with life's challenges, stress and when I turn on TON and hear Peter's voice, Kenny's voice. That music, that magic. It's all I need to get by. I wish there were more to come, sadly I know it's over. The reality it's too hard to face sometimes. But all the music left well it's a treasure for us to remember a man who was unforgetable. A gift to us. Thank you Peter. Thank you TON Johnny, Josh, Kenny. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all.

  8. Rose from NY now in CA3:25 PM, October 29, 2011

    Someone asked me recently after I was telling them about my son's best friend who passed away sadly at age 23 in 2007....that's 4 yrs ago aren't you over it yet? Over it? What a question...No I'm not and no my son is not over it. You don't get over it, you learn to cope and live, go on of course. But how can someone "get over it"? We lost a magnificent human being, he was alive, he was in this world with us. He was a terrific kid, his name was David. We miss him every day. I never will forget him. Peter the same it's only been a bit over 1 year. Don't ask anyone if you are over it please. That person was here, Peter was here with us in the world. Unfortunately and sadly he passed away he died. That was a shock and with any shock you come back from it hopefully and learn to live again but that place in your heart is vacant. They were there, now they are gone. Geez, people. Try to find understanding the people who can't understand that. Give us a little compassion and let us grieve the way we do in our time. There is no time limit, it's like it was yesterday to us. The pain still stings. Yes we find ways to remember our loved one and every day we find ways to go on. I'm sorry I get so upset. Peter we miss you every day, everyday some of us think about you. How can we not? You brought so much to the table, to our lives. Thank you. David we miss you each day too. I miss your smile, your hugs, your laugh, your love. I bet Peter gave terrific hugs too. Thanks for listening...