A Crop Of Pumpkin Love

TY Mary Wolfe

A good friend of the blog,
 Jessica Cassino
sent in this blog post
 she wrote on Halloween.

Please check it out: Blog: Frock & Roller
Post: Pumpkins, Popcorn Balls, and Peter Steele
Link: http://www.frockandroller.com/2011/10/pumpkins-popcorn-balls-and-peter-steele.html

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Thanks to Another Jessica (Black # 1)
for this next picture taken at a Virgin store signing:


  1. Jess: what a great post! I know you are sorry that never called; but you have a lot of great memories. Awesome pic too Jessica! Thanks; its great to see so many fans posting memories.

  2. Mary I love that photo of Peter, he looks very big and manly, just what a man should be. Jessica you are so lucky to have talked to Peter so many times. Seeing him walking down the street, as I have said before " Why was I born in Australia and not New York" so not fair! Whenever I think of Halloween, Peter is the first thing that comes to mind....its all about Peter.
    Jessica's photo from the book signing.....Joshs hair is huge :) I believe he has cut it all off?? World Coming Down has my favorite Type O Negative song on it, Creepy Green Light.
    P.S Thanks to everyone for your positive comments on my paintings tattoos and poem. Its a bit scary putting it all out there for everyone to see!

  3. Hi--

    Great post all the way 'round. Love the photos and Jess' story. :) I know I'd be kicking myself if I never called him! But you have great memories that will last a lifetime. :)
    Thanks to all the fans for sharing them and to Darcie for continuing to post.

    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  4. Hi Darcie,

    I am happy one of my photos can make a contribution to the blog! Very cool! I really enjoyed the other Jessica's photo and her blog page as well. Thanks for the link. It is really cool to see how Peter interacted with his fans. He really treated fans like they were special and important. He made one feel as though you could really talk to him. He was so talented, nice and funny. I am so happy I was young when Type O started out and I enjoyed their music when it first came out and live. It had such an impact on my teenage years and now. Thanks again! RIP Peter.---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  5. I really wish Peter could see the new Black Sabbeth tour and album come to be. So sad. I hope you are going to rock to up in Heaven Peter!
    ---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  6. Awesome ...Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Rose from NY now in CA10:57 PM, November 14, 2011

    Jess, loved your sweet story too...a young brooklyn girl meeting and getting to speak to a true genius and a real gentleman. Peter Steele, what a hunk, what a talent. The pictures are so sweet too. If that were me, I'd be speechless in the company of Peter, I would be honored to just be breathing the same oxygen as him in that room. I miss that man every day. I miss Brooklyn too, I'm from Mount Vernon but have relatives in Brooklyn. Used to go there a lot. Reading the Brooklyn stories makes me smile just remembering my youth there. Give my love to Brooklyn. I listen to TON probably once a day now. It's music from the heart, from the soul. It strikes a chord in me that's hard to explain, I relate to it like all the TON fans know. It's reality, it's deep and honest. Thank you for your posting, thank you Pete's family for keeping these posts going. I feel so close to you all, I know you miss him beyond words. Letting us share our thoughts it's so unselfish of you...thank you from my heart. You take care now, thinking of you each day. we miss him too. Love Rose

  8. What a great story, thank you Jess! I also would have liked to grow up in Brooklyn... I will visit it some day although I have heard that it's not the same as it has been. Great to be in still touch with you all.
    Your anonymous XXX.

  9. Mary Wolfe – this pic is absolutely breath taking – as stated already – very impressive appearance, very masculine - captured Pete so well .. WoW! Love the contrast between light and shadow in this pic – it makes it even more interesting & so seductive – thank you for sharing.
    Jessica Cassino – love your blog post. Glad girl you are to grow up in the same environment and meeting Peter various times. When reading all these memories of fans that have met Peter it’s always astonishing to get to know how humble he was and how he could give you a feeling of being the most important person at this certain point in time. This is something truly amazing to me & I really wish that more people in general would act like that which is – I know – a bit unrealistic in times like these. Thank you for sharing your precious memories & the pics are lovely … and I’m a bit jealous … but only a little bit :-)
    Jessica D (Black No1) – thank you for sharing the pic of the signing session. Josh’s hair is really impressive & Pete is just beautiful as always - love it when he wears exactly THIS green shirt – an unmatched combination with his magic green eyes and beautiful long black hair … ok guess I’d better stop now before I loose myself in this :-)
    Darcie – thank you for posting.
    Much love & respect



  11. What an interesting account. As kind and friendly as Pete obviously was, no one can blame any woman for being far too taken aback by him to gather the nerve to call him on the phone, even when he'd purposely given her his "numba".

    ...and though he was certainly a gentlman don't make me point out the irony of Pete being seated under a large Virgin sign... (-)

    Thank you Mary Wolfe for the photo and thanks so much to you, Darcie, for posting. Even Pete's silohette while playing was stunning. I recall trying to watch his fretwork on stage and finally just giving up analyzing it as he became backlit at a show in St. Louis. It was very much an 'Oh, I'll just listen and enjoy it' moment.

    With gratitude,
    Jeanne B

  12. Rose R from NY now in CA9:30 PM, December 26, 2011

    I wanted to repeat a couple of poems I wrote long ago on the Peter Steele Guestbook and also to his family:

    …..and when he shall die,
    Take him and cut him out in little stars,
    And we will make the face of heaven so fine
    That all the world will be in love with night,
    And pay no worship to the garish sun.
    - William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

    O Star , the fairest one in sight
    Say something to us we can learn
    By heart and when alone repeat
    Say something! And it says “I burn”
    - Robert Frost (Choose Something Like a Star)

    Peter you will burn bright up above for eternity. We love you and miss you.