Take Me With You

Today's Artwork is by Elizabeth Steele

I hope you can read the inscription on the artwork


TY Alexandra for sharing this intimate poem with us.

I heard your voice, I heard your words, you kept me safe.
I was young, felt out of place.
You were there in my headphones helping me find my path.
I loved you as you were, from a far distance, how else?
You were a million miles away, you never knew I existed.
I grew up, became a woman. Got married and gave birth to three beautiful children.
You were there but so far away. I loved you, wanted to tell you about it all.
My husband abused me infront of the children, I wanted to die.
Thought to myself, I´ll see you on the other side. 
 I heard your voice, heard your words and came back.
You wouldn´t let me leave, you were a million miles away.
I thought, another time and another life.
Left the husband, brought the children with me.
Listened to your words, your voice, alone but safe.
Thought to myself; someday I will.
One day my heart broke in to a million pieces.
They said you had died, refused to believe you are gone.
Went back to the husband, he got nice, treated the family with respect.
Authorities came, took the children away, brought me to a shelter.
Family turned away, friends turned away.
I´m alone, can hear your voice, can hear your words.
Where are you? Why didn’t you wait?
I have nothing else.  Let me go with you.
Please come back for me, take me with you.
Please don´t go, I need to tell you something; it´ll take a lifetime.
Stay. I love you, even when everything dies.
You were never alone, I was there.
All the time. 

A big Thanks to Gayle for picking out her favorite video from headbangers ball:


  1. Love the poem, love the clip! I remember watching that Headbangers Ball episode with a couple of friends, back when mtv had some balls to play metal music...man, I miss that era! Thanks again and have a good weekend everyone. (-)

  2. Elizabeth, your art is so beautiful. Thank you for letting us around the world see it. Amazing.

    Gayle, I love that video too.

    Thank you Darcie. I love the fact that you let us, the fans, take part of your own and your familys thought´s and memories of Peter. Reading this blog have become one of my favorite parts of the day.

  3. Amazing the effect Pete had on so many he never ever even saw. We have some illusions about him; as one follower said.I realize this,...... but there it is.Regards.

  4. Alexandra, this poem makes me want to give you a huge hug! I feel your pain, even though we don't know each other. I have also been in two different abusive relationships. I feel what it's like to be the woman who is looked down on by family and friends b/c you choose to believe the abusers words- out of love and not to mention your kids. I don't have friends except for Facebook - people I've never met. Being treated so bad by someone you've given your heart to makes it extremely difficult to completely trust another with your heart. ...and then women like us who Type O helped in our darkest, most desperate hours have lost our hero, Peter. But I want you to know that, for what it's worth, I know how you feel. And if you'll find me on Facebook we can talk about anything you'd like. (there are tons of type o/ pete fans out there with huge hearts!!) Take care of yourself sweetie! ~Holly W.

  5. Beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Gayle, loved the video! Can't believe I hadn't seen that one before. Thank you!

    Elizabeth, hauntingly beautiful artwork.

    Alexandra, I hope you are having a better time and thank you for sharing your story. TON has helped me so many times and been part of my life for so long I know how you feel.

    And as always I am so very thankful to Darcie an the Ratajczyk family for sharing their stories and photos!


  7. Beautiful picture and a Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. that poem is beautiful made me tear up a bit and I like that pic too. sooo missed he and TON are alot still. and so wishing he could still be here with us.sighh to wish impossible things sighh.
    think I have that mtv headbangers ball episode on one of my old tapes.I'll have to re check them and see.I used to record almost all the headbangers ball shows when it was on. loved that show and wish they'd bring it back along with the old format of what Mtv was.its mostly reality crap tv now days. which is boring as hell to me..sorry. would love to have the old Mtv back. anyways thanks again for sharing.god bless you all over there.
    everybody take care and stay safe.forever peace and love.

  9. Elizabeth your art is beautiful, Peter and nature. Ty thank you for sharing your intimate thoughts with us, I hope you are okay and remember you are not alone. We share the same feelings about Peter and I believe his heart and soul is big enough to watch over us all.
    I love this video of Peter, he looks beautiful. The end is really funny, the stuff Josh says and then when he gets dragged off the couch. I love how much they played around. My favourite bit is when Peter talks about clicking his heels together and does the kick at the camera. What a man ..thats porn for me! Thanks for using it Darcie.

  10. ....Hauntingly beautiful piece of art; I love the inscription. Alexandra's poem is very touching also.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Thanks Darcie, for sharing this with us all.
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  11. Thank you for the kind words about the poem. Didn´t really expect anyone to like it, or even understand it. And thank you Darcie for posting it.

  12. Elizabeth - the artwork is fantastic. Breathtaking picture.
    Alexandra - I can only say the same about your poem - truly amazing & touching. I hope you are having a better time now & I think a lot of us can relate very well to your words and feelings. Have a heartfelt hug.
    To the Ratajczy family: Once more a BIG thank you for sharing & opening up this blog.
    Much love & respect