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I just wanted to send a note to tell you how much I love the blog. I’ve subscribed to the email updates, and read them every morning while I sit on the porch with my coffee and the dogs and start my day (read: smoke two cigarettes) before getting ready to head into the office.

I was never a “super-fan” of TON, rather I had a deep love for many of their songs, and yes, like all women, I fell in lust with Peter’s physicality and self-deprecating humour.  I loved how he buried his joke by wrapping in thin sheets of metal. I was turned on to TON while falling in love with the love of my life; he lent me the CD (already 6 or six years old at the time) and that was literally it for me – the music just resonated with me, made me laugh, made me feel human, really just made me “feel”  – the great irony is that, Bloody Kisses - to this day- gives me the physical feeling that is the beauty and pain of falling in love. I will cherish it forever as it was the soundtrack to one of the happiest times in my life.

 The man I fell in love with at the time happened to be a 6’7” metal fan with long blonde hair, a strikingly beautiful face and a build very similar to Peter’s. Each and every year I would try to convince him to “go as Pete!” for Halloween, but he was on to my evil ways and refused my requests for black hair and fangs – despite that fact that my Dad is an oral surgeon and could have done them for free.  But alas, I tried.
 Like many people, I have a list of “must do” things – they run the gamut of riding a horse in Germany (done) recording a cover of Teenage Kicks (done) driving from coast to coast in a convertible (done) seeing Roddy Frame play live (not yet) and seeing TON (sadly, no)

 A few Halloweens ago, TON played in Detroit but the show wasn’t announced until after we had purchased tickets to another event in Buffalo (we live in Toronto) –  and we agreed, as much as it pained me, to carry on with the initial plan, and my husband promised me we’d make the trek to see Pete the next time he was anywhere in the vicinity – we’ve been known to drive to NYC, Chicago and Detroit for shows as were really only 7 or 8 hours from all of those places. In hindsight, missing that show was one of the biggest regrets I have as we lost Peter a little over a year later.

 The day he died I had a busy day and was in meetings for most of the morning; when I walked into the office my entire staff looked at me and looked away – they knew of my fondness for Pete through my “Pete of The Week” Facebook posts. Id often slip in quotes from Peter or some of TON’s lyrics into my  “motivational” emails to the group to help keep a sense of perspective and humour in an exceptionally corporate environment – needless to say, I was devastated by the news, mainly for selfish reasons as I hadn’t seen TON play – but also because but I loved and relied on that persona to be out there in the world, much like how I felt about Joey Ramone – life just felt better knowing he was out there.

 Keeping up with your blog has taught me a new sense of your loss and the love that surrounded Peter. I feel like I am beginning to understand him as a person through your relationship, remembrances and life with him - more so than any album or interview could ever convey (although Playgirl did come pretty close…)

Thank you for helping me to understand his greatness as a person, friend, son, brother – please keep going for as long as you can, because it helps to make it feel like he’s still here. And that’s a really good feeling.


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  1. I can relate Miz Death...I never got around to seeing TON live either and I've been a fan since '93. I would've loved to seen them during the World Coming Down tour, not only because it's my favorite album but a friend at work who seen them 4 times said that they was at the top of their game on that tour. Speaking of my friend everytime we greet each other at work we do so by singing the 'whoa, whoa, whoa' part of We Hate Everyone, cracks us up everytime while everyone else around is like "what the hell!" Lol. (-)

  2. Miz Death, I am always happy to read how other people feel about Peter. I feel the same way and I am so comforted by the fact that people like us will always keep Peter alive and he will not be forgotten. I love how you include Peter in your work environment. There are so many things I do during my day which relate to Peter in some way. He is a part of my everyday life and it will always be that way.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Very nice ...Thank you for sharing

  4. I know this is stupid, but I would really have liked to get clobbered by Pete. Not in a sadist way or anything "weird", but as in Peter saying in an interview he wish he had time for kick boxing. I'm trying to say, It'd be one hell of a time in the ring with him. Holy smokes! I'm only 6'1, have a familiar build, but man... I don't know, maybe when we're in heaven.

  5. Rose R from NY now in CA2:16 PM, September 24, 2011

    all the many stories as to how Peter Steele has touched all of us, well it's not a surprise. I am feeling his spirt all around these last few weeks. Halloween was his favorite holiday I believe I read...and it's a comin. It's mine too. I will dress up in honor of you this year. Peter we miss you and when we see your pictures and stories, it's like you never left. I continue to look at the heavens above and I picture you up there with your loved ones who have passed along side you. That big beautiful smile, those long black locks, that sparkle in your eyes. What a man!! I will continue to be grateful you were here teaching us the school of TON...be authentic, no apologies, no phoniness and rock harder and harder so we not only hear it but we feel it to our core. I play your music daily, I feel you Peter, I always will. Tears to you in heaven..Miss you beyond the stars and moon...Rose

  6. Miz Death, Darcie and family, and all you others out there who loved Pete... our words for each other simply cannot convey the sadness in our hearts and the depths of our loss-- but being able to hear everyone, with similar stories and feelings, as well as getting to know more of the real Peter through here, really makes the grieving easier. I'm so grateful I got to see Peter play 3 times in '07 here in the midwest-- due also to (then) boyfriend (turned husband) and grew to love the guys and their music. Our one-of-a-kind Peter was able to touch countless persons through instruments, lyrics and just being himself. Even now, he's still positively touching and affecting myself and so many others. Reading this site every day has become a 'must' for me, and I'm always playing TON. I'm waiting patiently (most days) for that ultimate reunion in heaven, no more tears, no more sadness, no more goodbyes.... sigh... Diana Sue

  7. wonderfully said. Peter has affected our lives so much,and the blog is usually the high point of my day,when i get really bored at work, even though im NOT supposed to when no one is around,i check it out gets me through the rest of the day, it is go great to hear about Peter as a person i have found out so many cool things. then when i get home i read it again much more carefully. i am greatful for the many times i saw type o live. a lot of things can be taken away from you, but your memories will last a life time. thanks so much.

  8. I can also relate to Miz Death, it's almost like my story (have shared it in the website long time ago..) although I live in another continent! This blog is the only website I follow regularly and despite continuous lack of time; I love you all there!

  9. Miz Death - I can relate - never saw TON live ...
    but you have chosen such beautiful words for putting your emotions - I loved to read it.
    Thank you for sharing.
    -Much love & respect-
    P.S. Love this picture - lost in music ...

  10. Miz Death your words express how I am I'm sure many devoted TON and Pete fans feel. Thank you for sharing this because there is comfort in knowing how much Peter impacted not just me, but tons of fans out there. How can one man be so much to so many?

  11. Likewise to you. This blog has been a great comfort and at times, heartwrenching read. I miss him being here.