He Did The Mash ... He Did The Monster Mash

As you can tell from stories from this blog by now, Peter's love of horror and suspense films ranged from the completely ridiculous to pure adrenaline-inducing fun.

Apparently CBS features a gallery of Peter Steele fan pics: http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-207_162-10003137.html?tag=page

Following in this week's Monster Mash theme (Peter LOVED that song), here are more movie favorites:

Friday The 13th (Peter and Nan took us to see this one Friday nite. We walked home in the dark from the theater and then slept over Nettie's house. I don't think I ever closed my eyes that night) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjiqwTv9yeI

He Knows You're Alone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=293uShwU8cc

Maniac ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcZew9lFAgY

Prom Night  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5pRzHJp_pM

Halloween (We saw this 5 times in one week - Peter would hum the theme music from this all the time) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljchb1tsLfs


Our cousin Katie says there's a full length silent film, Nosferatu, which has been redubbed with TON music. It's available in several parts on Youtube, but I can never get the audio to work. Here is a snippet from the film:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l06WjpJOnrI


  1. I love a good 70's/80's slice and dice movie. Remember everyone..never have sex, you will die a gruesome death and the virgin usually survives. Does that mean sex is evil? or maybe the murderers are jealous because they are not getting any! Friday the 13th has made me hate camping. As kids we would go camping with my dad so I would make 3 people sleep in my tent and I got the middle spot (I thought it was the safest) never slept much though..too many noises. Yes I am still a chicken who scares very easily. Peter would of had so much fun with me because I jump and scream at anything. There are 3 friday the 13th's in 2012 January, April and July.

  2. I actually own that full length silent version of Nosferatu, soundtrack by Type O. It's damn near perfect. I'd love to upload it, but...I don't know how, I admit it. I suck at tech stuff.

  3. Hm.. i own that Nosferatu dvd. Bought it off EBay about a year ago. So glad to get insight like this, thank you for sharing. I can hear Peter humming and being silly. lol

  4. Thx Darcie for posting the link to the CBS gallery - some really nice pics there.
    Halloween - I would have bet all my money that Pete loved this movie :-) 5 times in one week - OMG you did get a good education on this LOL - & Friday the 13th - all those classics - it's great to see these movies again especially in this time of the year ;-)Thx for bringing back memories with these movies :-)
    Have a great day!
    -Much love & respect-

  5. I got the Nosferatu this Christmas. It's still around...

  6. Hi Darcie,

    It so cool to read about how Peter was a true Horror movie fan and he liked the classics to! I used to do the same thing come Halloween with the TV guide. Here is a question was Peter, or his sisters, nieces, or even Nettie a Dark Shadows fan? My mom got me into it as a little girl. I have always wondered if he ever watched this. I just love that gothic, supernatural drama show. Let me know----Jessica (Black Number 1)

    p.s I love the silent film Nosferatu. I would love to hear it with Type O music. I once watched it in a play with a live band making music to movie which was very cool.

  7. Did you ever see the Monster Mash stop motion animation flick with Boris Karloff and Phyliss Diller doing the voices? The Exorcist-classic. I remember the lines for that one! Blocks and blocks of them! There is a sort of sequel to that movie, called Legion-my god that is scarier than the 1st movie and the guy who played the detective in The Exocrist plays the same part again- I mean, it's frickin' SCARY! Once, on public TV in NYC I saw a really cool flick from the 30's called, I think "Dracula's Daughter." It's got a hint of lesbian lore, and it is awesome. The sets and costumes are so creepy they're beautiful. This one is from the 30's, right after Bela Lugosi. If you can find it, check it out. Another one of my faves is "The Undead" by Roger Corman. Netflix doesn't have it, but I'm looking for it.


  9. I actually have the nosferatu with type o DVD,it is from digiview entertainment. i purchased it in 2007.i cant remember if i got it on line, or at newbury comics. it really is cool.especially with type o music. thanks for reminding me about this i will have to watch it this halloween season. i too would love to know if any of your family was a dark shadows fan. we were as kids and my mother used to like it too. I received my tribute t shirt in the mail yesterday it is awsome, that really nice soft fabric thanks so much for making this shirt available to Peters fans. much appreciated.

  10. This is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  11. I love halloween and prom night! Always in for a good scare hahaha...

    Can anyone upload Nosferatu with TON music please?!? ;-)
    Or does anyone know where else we can download it?
    The youtube comment is that there's an unauthorized audiotrack in the video by WMG, audio is disabled....

  12. Petrus huh? CBS have it wrong? Peter had us all confused, but I remember Cathy mentioning it was one of his jokes.

  13. Rose from NY now in CA12:43 AM, September 29, 2011

    she's got a date at midnight with Nosteratu...Ah lyrics to relax to. Thank you again Peter for your brilliant songs, your music..you were and still are magnificent.