He's Dracula's Soul Brotha

You Can Tell It's Peter By the Tatts

A Werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy ... yes even a cowboy once ... Peter Steele, like every little boy dressed up for Halloween. As an adult ...well, you know he didn't change very much.

I remember the time he went as a Mummy. We were older then, almost too old to go Trick or Treating. Peter, of course was HUGE but he didn't care what people thought of a 6 foot 13 year old (or so). I remember the month before his sister Nancy helping him with his outfit. First he tried to use toilet paper and elmers glue to apply the bandages. Then Nancy came up with the idea of getting boxes and boxes of gauze and dyeing them to appear old and decrepit. We liked the yuk factor. It had to be realistic or it wasn't a costume to be proud of.

Here are more of Pete's favorite movies:

* Amityville Horror (Nancy had moved out to LI by then, so we visited the house ... several times) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fSqS0MrOZ0

* Audrey Rose (A favorite of Nettie's) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr-iri3B11E

* The Omen (Nettie would say the rosary during this film. She found it unsettling. Which of course made Peter laugh at her even more) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA6gxjzBPLM

* Blacula  ( Peter cracked up over this one - he's dracula's soul brotha!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN2a5zGmBPI


  1. My grandmother and I would always watch Audrey Rose when it came on the movie channel in the 80s(it was my first lesson on the subject of reincarnation), I had forgotten what it was called...thanks!

    Jessica B.

  2. Awesome!! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. How about Children of the Corn, Sleepy Hollow, the first Saw, Lost Boys, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Evil Dead, The Silence of the Lambs(girlfriend's favorite), Deliverance(yeah I know, not horror...but it scared the shit out of me!) I think I'm going as Micheal Myers this year and my girlfriend as one of my murder victims, can't wait! Love the pic, Peter as an executioner...very cool! Thanks again. (-)

  4. Do you have any of his mummy pics? That'd be something to see. lol!

  5. Possession movies scare the crap out of me, even lame ones. The Amityville Horror is pretty good considering when it was made. Looking at James Brolin is an added bonus. Not as beautiful as Peter of course but James isn't too bad.
    When any kid gives me a weird/creepy smile I think they are possessed because I always think of Damien from The Omen. I love Patrick Troughton as Father Brennan, there is something about him I really like as an actor.
    Blacula is hysterical its so 70's black, very quotable! Probably very politically incorrect nowdays. I dont remember Audrey Rose, I will have to watch it again. I could image people thinking Peter was not a kid because of his height, but an adult dressed up for halloween (especially if you couldnt see his face) trying to get free treats. So many memories of Halloween with Peter...I am sad I dont have any.

  6. Rose from NY now in CA12:12 AM, September 29, 2011

    horror movies are my favorite. I love Halloween. Peter and I had that in common. The bloodier the better. This year when I dress up I will be thinking of Peter. actually met the guy who played MIke Meyers last year in a Halloween store. That was thrilling. Some of my past costumes: Ozzy Osborne, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Paul McCartney, The Caveman in that insurance commerical, Elvis, Thelma and Louise (I was Louise). I love to dress up like men because I admire men. I'm a woman and I have much respect for the male as they are strong, slightly dangerous, sometimes soft and sweet. Like Peter, tough on outside, soft and gentle on inside. We miss you so much Peter...Those beautiful eyes, that long black hair, that knock out smile. Your taste, your humor, your talent. Hard to live without now. I get emotional when I think of how much this world misses you. Reading your family stories, we feel close to you again. Please keep sharing. I loved the pictures, it's like he's still here. Much respect and love to Ratajczyk family. Your brother will never be forgotten. I wear my Memorial Tshirt and remember him with joy, joy that I was able to pay my respect in buying the tshirt...sad that I have to realize the truth...tears to heaven Peter...Peace to you....Rose

  7. That is a great picture of Peter. Thanks so much for sharing. I was really thinking about him today as I smelled the autumn air rolling in. Miss you Peter! He had great taste in movies. Will there ever be a fan memorial service?----Jessica (Black Number 1)

  8. Great story - thx for sharing :-) & for all the links - 'The Omen' is great - scares the crap out of me :-) I think I can't remember 'Audrey Rose' - sounds interesting - have to see if can find it somewhere to watch :-) 'Blacula' is hilarious - I never have seen it - LOL - special thx for this one. That Mummy costume must have been great. Love the pic with the executioner custome :-) even without tattoos you could still see clearly it's Pete - these eyes ...
    Much love & respect & take care