Could You Cover TON?

So, dear friends, it seems that lots of bands are using October to do cover songs of TON or dedication songs to Peter. I'm hoping that the sentiment is genuine and not a marketing ploy. I'm sure there is going to be a little of both in the coming years. I'd be interested in seeing what Johnny and Kenny have been doing on tour to bow their heads to a lost brother. Any tidbits from you all about this would be appreciated. I haven't seen their band yet, so I'd like to know more.

Also, I haven't heard it and I couldn't find it online, but a band called "Autumns Eyes"  is doing a cover of "Love You To Death." I'd be interested to hear how Peter's voice and range is handled. If you happen to find it, please post in the comments and I'll post on the blog for all to discover together.

Here is the link to the site for details: http://www.smnnews.com/2011/09/07/autumns-eyes-reveals-new-album-please-deceive-me-details/

Not sure if I've shared this before, but MTV posted a rememberance. See a little excerpt:

Whenever people in music die prematurely, critics ponder who they really were and whether their art was a true reflection of their inner selves. Inevitably, if they wrote angry or heavy songs, they're described as "complex." It's practically a cliché, yet it probably best sums up Steele — complex and contradictory. Steele wasn't a simple guy. He was articulate, well read and intelligent. But it sometimes seemed like that's not the side he wanted his fans to see. He'd mention his admiration for the historical figure Rasputin and then make poop jokes in the same breath. He often talked about how he was just an average Joe from Brooklyn whose happiest days were back when he worked picking up garbage for the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.



  1. No one will ever replace Type O Negative/Peter!!!! ...But it's nice that some people are willing to do it by keeping peter's memory alive and pay true respect the his legacy. I will be sure to check out Autumns Eyes it would be very interesting to see if the singer could compare to peter's vocal range. As for Johnny and Kenny i have not seen their bands.

  2. Searching my memory banks, Type O is just one of those bands that other bands didn't seem to cover very often. I knew a lot of people who played in cover bands, too. People who liked Type O Negative. Did they ever talk about covering Peter's songs? Nope.

    I'm sure a certain difficulty playing/singing them might be a factor; but I think even more than that, there was/is just something so unique about Type O Negative's songs (and Peter), that it seems weird for other musicians to even attempt to cover one of their songs. Like, no matter how good the cover, it still wouldn't sound "right." And, I'm not trying to be elitist, here. Does anyone feel the same?

    I've heard a few covers thus far of Type O songs in the past year or so, some better than others. I heard the Autumns Eyes version when it came out, the whole vibe seems to be true to the original, this is a link on YouTube:


    There is also a cover of Love You To Death done by a band called Constants, which, they brought their own vibe to:


    Type O influenced quite a few musicians. I enjoy hearing these cover songs, when you can tell they are genuinely done out of respect for Peter and the band...for the influence Type O had on their musicianship. I think it's a great tribute, especially when it's a band that is really far outside of Type O Negative's usual fan base. This way, Type O's music can be spread to a whole different crew of people--that in itself I think is pretty awesome.

    Thanks for today's blog!

  3. The fact that he was a simple man made him even more likeable, really. The covers are okay. I know bands want to do their own tributes but we're a spoiled bunch. Nothing can replace Peter.

  4. October - a very special month in so many ways .. Thx for all the interesting facts you provide us. Unfortunately I cannot give you any feedback on Seventh Void - I wanted to go to their show on a festival in Austria 3 weeks ago but I could not make it on time ;-( they did a show with a Pale Horse Named Death - so it would have been interesting in both counts ;-)Well I hope they return in some time that I get another chance.
    I have read a review about one Seventh Void show some months ago on the web and it was said there that they played 'World Coming Down' - OMG only imagening this ... goose bumps & moments full of emotions. I watched some vids of SV & APHND and I like both.
    Done some research & here is what I found on Autumns Eyes - hope it is somehow helpful ;-)
    A year ago we lost one of heavy metal's iconic voices with the untimely death of Type O Negative's Peter Steele. Twelve bands hailing from Europe and both North and South America have lent their talents to pay tribute to the gothic metal giant and ensure his music continues to be played by fans all across the world.In collaboration with Beneath the Woods Studio and a dozen of the finest underground bands, Metalunderground.com is very proud to announce that "All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele" is now officially available. All twelve tracks from the album and a PDF booklet containing words from the bands are available for $3, which covers the costs of the mechanical license and the transaction fees.
    Metalunderground.com will be donating any leftover profits to charity. You can buy your copy of the album as an immediate digital download starting today.
    I would be also really curious about how the covers sound. On one hand I find tributes & dedications to Pete great as more people could learn about the brilliant music & unique personality of Pete but I also hope that it is not only happening for marketing purposes.
    Much love & respect
    P.S. Thx for posting the MTV rememberance - was a great read.

  5. .. And here's an interview I found about the tribute album: http://www.metalunderground.com/interviews/details.cfm?newsid=67072
    I agree with Carrie: No one can ever replace Pete - he is unmatched... but still tributes and cover versions can be interesting & are worth to listen (thinking about the cover versions TON did - they are all great).
    Take care

  6. .. And here is an interview I found about the tribute album & Pete:
    Carrie-I agree with you: No one can ever replace Pete - he is unmatched .. but still tributes & cover versions can be interesting & are worth to listen (thinking 'bout all the great cover versions TON did).
    Take care

  7. I bought the Seventh Void album - I like it a lot!
    There's an interview on youtube from Kenny & Johnny - Kenny gets a little emotional when asked about Pete...it's quite sad!

    I think it's a good thing Pete's fans take the time to pay their respects by playing his music!
    Myself and some friends love to play his music and I love to see to see other fans play Pete's music on youtube - as stated, as long as it's done for the right reasons!

    I feel I should share my experience with Pete - I met him in Germany a few years ago and I introduced my girlfriend and her best friend to him - as he shook their hands, he serenaded them with "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend".
    I couldn't remove the smile from either of their faces for the whole weekend.
    Seems to be the kinda guy he was - he could do or say something that could make a perfect strangers day! :)

  8. http://www.youtube.com/user/AutumnsEyesMusic?blend=12&ob=5#p/u/0/UosBwFeTzx4
    Hi Darcie,
    here it is Autumn Eyes, --Love you to death

  9. I bought both Seventh Void and a Pale Horse Named Death's albums for my ipod. I really like them both. They are definitely different from type O but still has some of the elements we love. Hard to explain..you just need to listen to them. I do have to mention that I am very impressed with APHND..esp after finding out that Sal did all the parts himself on the album. I highly recommend both albums.

    I have not seen either band live (but I never got to see Type O live either) but I did read somewhere that Seventh Void dedicated their song "Last Walk In The Light," to Peter.

    My only wish is that Josh would start doing keyboards again. I understand his reasons for leaving the music world and I respect the hell out of his career choice but it just seems somehow wrong to not ever hear his keyboard talent again. BROCCOLI COME BACK..WE MISS YOU!

  10. I bought the above mentioned tribute album, not bad at all. Very interesting takes on some of TON's music. A woman sings everything dies and does a good job.
    I just need to know where I am going in October. October Rust? Haley Band memorial in Philly? I gotta make travel arrangements!

  11. Cover songs are a touchy subject for extreme fans...So, just as my father-in-law (who is a HUGE Beatles fan), dislikes every beatles cover out there, I probably will not be able to appreciate TON covers from other bands. Peter's songs are perfection as they are. NO ONE can replace him/upstage him. As a tribute, compliment & to keep his memory alive: sure there's room in my black heart for TON covers (hahaha), but they will just never live up to the originals...NEVER.

    However, on the flip side, I ABSOLUTELY love all of TON's covers! I don't know if I'm biased (you think?!) but Peter is able to make anything HIS when he covers it & I don't know of any other artist like that.

    Peter, "I miss you. I really miss you!"

    Love to all

  12. http://www.youtube.com/user/AutumnsEyesMusic#p/a/u/0/UosBwFeTzx4

  13. Its really nice that people want to sing Peters songs as a tribute to him but I just dont want to hear anyone else singing his songs. Its sacrilege. I know I shouldnt think like that but I do. I have heard a few songs that were written as a tribute to Peter but I cant remember who did them. I will see if I can find them just incase you haven't heard them Darcie. Peter was a contradiction, bipolar is a contradiction..this makes life hard because you dont know what you really want and who you really are alot of the time. Never seen Seventh Void but will when they come to Australia, they are really good, Kenny has a good voice..very underrated. Glad to see him and Johnny together in a band.

  14. I saw seventh void and a pale horse named death last month. Had to drive all the way to the Netherlands to see them, but I didn't mind; I like both albums :-)
    as black as my heart, to die in your arms, cracks in the wall & heaven is gone, closing in.

    I saw them in a small concert-room at Eindhoven, only 200 people could get in and it was sold out. I don't understand that they want to do a concert in such a small room. But the concert was good! The the sound could have been better though. But they were good, I enjoyed myself the atmosphere was nice and they looked great.

    90% were male. I think I was the only women who did come alone. Also the only one not wearing black or metal t-shirts :-)

    I understood they'll come back end of the year to Europe


  15. I love that people want to make a tribute to Peter Steele and TON, but I listened to Autumn Eyes covering Love You To Death and it sounds rare... Maybe 'cause we're habituated to Peter's voice and we LOVE how it sounds. And no one could make the TON songs sound like they used to.

  16. Autumn Eyes sound ok, I just listened to their cover of Love you to death.


    However, I miss the dept in the singers voice. The singer in this song doesn´t even come close to Peters deep voice, and I also find that some notes must have been altered from the original song. Don´t like that, maybe I´m just a bit too picky.

    Yes, there are a lot of TON covers out there now. Some of them are pretty good, some of them not so good. I kind of like the tributes to Peter being formed from inspiration the Peter really was and still is. For an example the tribute made by Otto´s daughter is outstanding.


  17. Found a cover of the song on YouTube. It's okay . .but nothing is like the original. Love you to Death was the first song I ever heard by Type O and let's just say there is no topping it. The live version is always much harder and distorted than the studio version, which is cool. But when I hear Peter singing . . "am i good enough for you?" I just get the chills . .every time. God I miss him . . I wish I was looking forward to seeing them at Harpo's (in Detroit, Michigan, USA)for Halloween . .as Peter once sang: "Hey, Thanks for the Memories, ya' fat ass b*tch!" Haha. .

  18. Ok,followed the link above, listened to Autumn Eyes. Broke my heart. It's Pete's song but it isn't Pete. It isn't bad, not at all, but anybody who ever heard the original will be disappointed because you can't feel the emotion and whoever Autumn Eyes is/are, the singer sounded like he was just mimicking Peter, down to rolling his R's in the same places, copying the inflections, everything. He/They didn't even try to do their own interpretation. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it's still just a knockoff of the real thing. No offence Autumn Eyes, but write your own material, THEN it will be authentic. I won't listen to TON covers again.

  19. I'm friends with Autumns Eyes on Facebook. It's not a band, but one person. He has been a Type O fan for awhile and I really like the cover. I've heard some Type O covers from artists that are okay and some that are just dreadful. But as long as a band/musician is putting their whole heart into the song, especially being a fan then I'm cool with it. And, as everyone else has said, Nothing will ever replace Peter. Who would honestly WANT him replaced!!!! Haven't been able to listen to most of October Rust without crying...it's going to take a while.
    much love to all of you!
    Jessica B.

  20. I respect the cover bands work and effort but I find it very hard to listen to them, it's impossible actually. I can't take it. I have been digging Seventh Void and a Pale Horse Named Death on my ipod though. :*( Peace.

  21. Hi All,

    I am not into covers at all and can't listen to Type O covers but I recently saw Seventh Void and A Pale Horse Named Death at DingBatz in NJ and they rocked the house. All Type O fans would enjoy their albums and should pick them up. Kenny and Sal gave nice onstage dedications to Peter. Kenny said he was mad that Peter died and checked out on him but you could see how much he missed the guy. Sal did a big dedication in his new Album to Peter on A Pale Horse Named Death CD---Jessica (Black Number 1)

  22. Type o Negative is one of my favorite bands. And Peter Steele one of my favorite Vocalists.
    I agree with you fully. Peter and TON are to unique to be covered. Some of the tracks in my band Kaiser are influenced by TON. And the song "Life turns to History" I wrote in Peters memory. But I could not Cover any of their songs and do it any Justice. Type o Negatives music con only be played by Type o Negative or it looses its essence.

    Therefore in my opinion we are better of composing music in their style and memory. TON songs are custom made for Peter and Peter cannot be replaced.

    Perhaps Kenny josh and Johnny could produce more TON music as long as they don't replace peter and utilize Kenny's baking vocals simply because we are used to hearing hes voice next to Peters "some stupid tomorrow some stupid today". but who am I kidding there would just be a empty hole without Peter.

  23. Maybe we can get a band to do some Carnivore. Might be easier. I can do a Carnivore throat rot scream (for about five minutes then Im done). Surely someone can step up to the plate and do a little Male Supremacy, Jesus Hitler, etc etc Pete is irreplaceable. I like Horse and Void, but they dont come close. The dark humor is gone, and Petes smart ass wit made that band to me. Pure genius.

  24. My band The Necro Tonz did an infamous ghoul jazz version of "Black No. 1," which Peter enjoyed very much, for our CD "Are You Dead, Yet?" on Last Beat Records in 1997. I got it to him, and he and teh band got the joke. It was only a part of a tumultuous and bizarre friendship that lasted until the last TON tour. A fan did a video with the song and the image of Peter: you can find it on youtube:
    I have many memories of him, and every once in awhile I listen to his voicemails. Sad.- Necrophilia, Diva of the Dead, The Necro Tonz