Ready - Aim - Friar

Personally, I think Josh is too scruffy here,
but this is one of my fav pics of Pete

Always a thinker, Peter Steele not only rattled off some of these phrases in his music, but he's been known to use them in everyday conversations. Sometimes if you talked with him long enough, you'd learn about how math and science are intertwined, or you'd get your vocabulary word of the day. Peter's sister Patricia thought you'd like to have a glimpse into an everyday conversation with Pete. This is why kids loved him. He loved to answer their "why questions" because he enjoyed finding out himself.

Today's word could be: Technocratic

Fibonacci numbers: By definition, the first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two: 0,1,1,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144  Fibonacci numbers are connected with the golden ratio, & appear in biological settings such as branching in trees, arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruit spouts of a pineapple, the flowering of artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine cone.

Zoanthropic: A kind of monomania in which the patient believes himself transformed into one of the lower animals.

Lupine (Characteristic of or resembling a wolf; Rapacious; ravenous).

Avagadro’s number (constant) In chemistry and physics,constant is defined as the ratio of the number of entities (usually atoms or molecules) in a sample to the amount of substance. Thus it is the proportionality factor that relates the mass per amount of substance, to the mass of the entity, and it has the value 6.02214179(30)×1023 mol-1.

Also, Pat found a few more Peter-isms that are worth a mention. Many of you have been gracious enough to include your own favorites in your FB posts and comments here. What do you think of these:

Faith Lift

Concentration Campers


Praise the Lured

The Gardeners of Eden

Boston, Masspsychosis

Deaf Penalty

Denmark 1997 Interview with Josh and Peter:


  1. This post is funny and sad for me at the same time. Funny of course because this was Peter and I bet some little kid is staring at him like "WTF buddy??" LOL
    Sad, because its a reminder that a man as brilliant as he is gone, and we will never hear those things come out of his mouth again.
    They say things happen for a reason. I try every everyday to come up with a reason as to why he died so tragic and so young. Nothing yet
    PS- i live just outside of Boston and commute through it daily on the expressway. Boston, Masspsychosis fits VERY well!!!

  2. Great read very humorous and very interesting..I love those peter-isms. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. love this post! Especially the Peter-isms! Could there have ever been a more interesting person?

  4. Hi girls--

    Interesting post...yes, people don't realize how interconnected science and math are, or how math figures into so many everyday things--everything, really. Would've loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to some of these conversations. :)
    I agree with you Darcie--I think Josh looks a little too scruffy in this photo (or rather, at this time in his life).
    Also--oops--you left out a digit in the Fibonacci number sequence above--it should be "0,1,1,2,3,5..." (should anybody be confused.)
    Hope you all made it through Irene. I thought about you all (and the guys as well) when I heard Staten Island was being evacuated.
    Thanks again--Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  5. Great blog today. It truly gives one a glimpse of Peter's genius. And to say I love the picture used today would be an understatement as it has been my computer wallpaper for over a year and a half! Ha! Ha! To quote Mr. Steele, "thanks for the memories!"

    Paul L.

  6. the pic of the band is a great one, can see why you especially love the one of Peter, his eyes say it all...very soulful.
    I know VERY little of math and science, I'm more a letter/word girl...the first I heard of the Fibonacci sequence wasn't school, but while reading "The Da Vinci Code." How PHI was derived from the sequence, and the part about spiral shells (among many other objects) containing the PHI number between each spiral. (i've always loved spirals) Other than that, it boggles my mind.
    On the Peterisms I especially like "Faith Lift," sounds too funny spoken outloud, as if you have a serious lisp going on. Also gotta love "praise the lured," going to use that one on my bro-in-law next time he tries preaching to me about being Jehovah's Witness!
    *Happy Weekend*

  7. I always loved reading the credits on their music to see 'All songs decomposed by Peter Steele...' Thank you Ratajczyk family for sharing... Diana Sue--Iowa

  8. I really dug the interview. I hadn't seen that one before. You guys just keep giving us a lot of good stuff. Thank you.

  9. omg..my brain hurts allready..lol..never was good at figuring out that stuff..wonder how Peter handled kids and adults with learning disablities and ADD? Im an adult and still have that. which makes things so hard for me at times..specially stuff like that..acck. wish my brain was smart like that. sighh. love the Peter-isms though..lol. some just crack me up and so wish I could have had the chance to get to know him too. so sucks he was taken from us so soon in which is hard to deal with cause there will never be anybody like him ever again and or no closure.its like bein suspended in our own dusk kind of thing. he was such an amazing guy.wish he was still with us. ahhh to wish impossible things. sighhh.
    hope everybody is all ok over there after Irene..I thought about you all and prayed for you too.keep us updated if ya can on things.and everybody have a Happy Labor Day..or try to anyways.
    till the next blog..stay safe and take care..forever blessings of peace and love.

  10. Interesting post, love the peterisms.the interview was one of the best i have seen.Peter was very intellegent,seemed to have a lot of talents.i live just south of boston too,and i have to agree with the massphychosis to describe driving in boston.also love the picture.thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Who's that girl with Peter in the video?
    Is it his ex-gf Elizabeth? Hope someday you talk about the relationship of them here, thnx!

  12. He was always a forward thinker the Mind Of A Genius. Thank God we still Have The Music. One Love "Bob Marley". and this to keep it ALIVE. With GREAT THANKS!

  13. All of the stuff with the Fibonacci numbers is very interesting. It makes you wonder what else is out there that we havent found the secret to yet. We could probably find the meaning of life and all the other things we question. Interesting how everything is connected in some way. Is that Cathy on the stairs with Peter? What can you say about Josh's hair...thats a whole lot of hair!!

  14. The Fibonacci sequence is truly almost everywhere in nature. It's even on Mars in the 'face' rock formation we see in orbit-footage. My favorite Peter-ism is, "I love myself for hating you." It has so many possible meanings and still applauds Joan Jett's writing. Priceless!
    That pic of Pete is very intense, handsome and determined looking, yet there's still a kindness in his expression. Very definitive.
    Thank you for posting this. Hope Labor Day will involve a little happy downtime and Kickapoo Juice!

  15. As Ink for Blood noted, the Fibonacci sequence is very interesting, and beautiful. The Golden Ratio is a fascinating thing, the understanding of beauty in explainable mathematical terms--or how nature in itself has the capacity for what we perceive to be perfect aesthetic proportions, like in a nautilus shell.

    But then, there's the aardvark. Which, I can't explain, incidentally. But, perhaps he has the Fibonacci sequence tattooed somewhere within him, we just can't see it. Perhaps he has the most beautiful toes in the animal kingdom, we just don't look at them.

    Lupine is a great word. I first learned that word when reading the October Rust lyrics booklet when I bought the cd. I remember pulling out the Thesaurus, looking it up, and saying to myself, "Lupine! Now THAT's a word!" I learned something new, and was grateful for that.

    P.S. - Lupine (pronounced "lou-pin," in this case) is also a flower, a very pretty flower that looks a little like foxglove or snapdragon, but it has no smell.

    All those Peter-isms are great, I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite.

  16. ...and I forgot to mention--great interview. I've never seen this before. The videos and interviews you keep putting here for us to see are priceless.
    And it's sad---I could've shown Peter some kickboxing and he could've helped me with my chinups. :) Oh well.
    Thanks again for everything. Patty P

  17. Great post & very interesting too. The Fibonacci sequence is very interesting - though I was never into Math too much (I'm more the word type) this sequence has catched my attention because it's so amazing in how many things you find it ;-) The Peter-isms are great - can't get enough of that stuff ;-) especially I love Praise the lured and Faith Lift & Boston Masspsychosis ;-)
    Thx for providing us daily with these memories & it never can be said enough times: Peter - what a brilliant man.
    Much love & respect