My Record Collection Pauses Mid 1980s

OK, DVR alert. Do you like the TV show Cops? Do you like Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies? Then you have to watch the new series on MTV called "Death Valley" which is a combo of blood, gore, stupid humor, keystone cops and our favorite monsters. I could see Peter watching this show and thought I'd share this with you all:



Thought I'd share a small article from THRASH Magazine that was sent to me recently from a friend of this blog. Thank you for sharing:

A year ago today, Petrus T. Ratajczyk, or as we know him by his stage name Peter Steele, came to a very unfortunate end at the age of 48. Susbtance abuse and alcohol addiction plagued his health until attending rehab because of family intervention in 2005. After years of sobriety, and improved health Peter Steele passed away due to hearth failure on April 14, 2010. The Metal community suffered a mighty blow.

Peter Steele's bass-baritone vocals and lyric composition focusing on topics such as depression, addiction, romance, and death combined with such powerful and moving instrumental work made Type O Negative a defining force in Gothic/Doom Metal, earning them a large following around the world. In my opinion still nowhere near the amount of attention and praise Type O Negative rightfully deserves.

I'm writing this article in remembrance of a true musician, to honor the legend we were robbed of who still had a long successful path ahead of him in his career. Rest in peace, hope you are enjoying your "Halloween in Heaven" with Dimebag Darrell.


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Also, Lisa Rose's article in NJ.com offers TON videos too. Here are some highlights from that article:

"People don't get the joke, which is that we think we're the joke," said Steele, 38, on the phone from a Cleveland tour stop.

(Peter Steele) The singer lambastes rap-metal and said his record collection pauses at the mid-1980's.

"I think all recent music sucks, and that includes Type O Negative," Steele deadpanned.

For the full article, please visit:



  1. Love his sense of humor. Deadpanned, that made me giggle too.

  2. I think peter would have got a kick out that show cause of his sense of humor. I have seen the previews and it looks bat shit crazy and that's a good thing! The article was a good read ...Thank you for sharing :)

  3. "People don't get the joke." Exactly, that is what I always said about TON, alot of people missed the humor and sarcasm that ran through their music, oh well their loss but I got it, thanks Pete! (-)

  4. I cant wait for Death Valley, it is going to be so good. I agree, Type O Negative, Carnivore and Peter were very underrated. Unfortunately now days in the music industry if you are not mainstream you do not get the recognition you deserve. I dont think Peter would have cared, he was true and real and was probably much happy writing and playing music he loved rather than writing music for the masses. He was very loyal to his fans and his fans are very loyal to him. For us there will never be anyone better.

  5. Just wanted to say... after reading this blog from inception... I finally realized Peter wasn't in a band called "Ton" before Carnivore, but that TON stands for T.O.N. i.e. Type O Negative. Boy do I feel dumb.

  6. Thank you so much for posting that thrashmag link, really enjoyed the live performance of Anesthesia on there...God, that song speaks to me! That made my day, thanks again. (-)