The Didgeridoo In The Corner

Photo from Stubble Magazine

I have to thank one of our blog friends, Alexandra whose keen eye reminded us of an instrument that Peter's sister Patricia gave him a few years ago for Christmas.


Pat says that she bought the instrument for Peter because he loved to learn new things. No matter what instrument Peter picked up, he could teach himself how to play it.  He practiced with it and said he loved the way it made these super-bass sounds. Unfortunately, the instrument didn't come with a a manual or instructions, but Peter loved to pick it up and play with it from time to time. He kept it in his livingroom and enjoyed showing people what this interesting instrument could do. Sometime between the time LTAN was filmed and Peter's death, the instrument disappeared from the apt.

We don't believe he used the instrument for any of the albums. But it would have been really cool to see him use it onstage.

Wikipedia notes:
The didgeridoo (also known as a didjeridu or didge) is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia around 1,500 years ago and still in widespread usage today both in Australia and around the world. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or drone pipe. 
There are no reliable sources stating the didgeridoo's exact age.

Sound Clips: http://www.didgeridoostore.com/soundsrhythms.html


  1. I had noticed the Didjeridoo in the LTAN photos. I would have loved to hear Peter play it. I wonder if he could do it properly, its a hard instrument to play right. With those huge lungs Peter would have got a good sound out of it. We will never know if he had thought of a way to include it in a future song....I say sadly.
    So I suppose someone stole it from him? I dont think he would have given away a present from one of his sisters.
    Karma (or Peter)will come around and bite them in the arse.

  2. This is a great picture of peter. I'm sorry to hear about his instrument that came up missing. It's wonderful that peter was interested in learning how to play different instruments. Peter is such a talented artist i don't think there is anything he couldn't play. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I have and will always love the sound of a didgeridoo. A wonderful archaic instrument.

    It makes me sick, that so many personal belongings from him, disappeared.

  4. Hi girls--

    This is a great photo. :) I love the sound of the didgeridoo; I thought that's what I saw in the LTAN photos. If you ever happen to come across a radio program called "Echoes," many times John will play music that features this instrument.
    As to it being missing, I'd like to think that he gave it to someone he wanted to have it. If not, well--you know the saying--that person will get what's coming to them. ;) And rightfully so. Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  5. From Pat ... Found this old email response to Pete before he died about the subject of very bass sounds ...

    Subject: Nuthin’ Much
    From: roxydunes@optonline.net
    Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 9:58 am
    To: omegaman4x4@verizon.net

    Saw this great show on prehistoric dinosours - herbivorous "defenders" as opposed to carnivorous predators. One called Parasarapalus (spelling??) emits what they call a defensive "infra-sound" - an extremely low deep sound through their long nasal passages, capable of scrambling the brains of opponents. Just thought "infra-sound" was a great word & wanted to share.
    You saw the note I sent re your new e-ddress & who I sent it to. Got messages back as to which one on the list was yours. My response ... Who else would choose such a Charleton Heston, last man on earth riding around in a fortified jeep-type of name !
    FYI ... I have all family e-dresses, so let me know if you need others
    Talk to you soon.
    Lovya ... Pat

  6. Thank you for posting about the didgeridoo, another question answered. :)

  7. think Travis Fimmel has and plays that instrument..I'll have to email him on myspace and ask if thats what ya all are talking about or not..but it might be cause I remember Travis playing some kind of instrument like that when he was on a episode of the Sharon Osbourne show..back when he had long hair.
    so sad that somebody felt they had to take something that wasnt theirs..hope karma bites them good and hard. also hope whomever took it or misplaced it gets a conscience and does the right thing by giving it back unless it was given to them.
    hope everybody is doing ok over there. been thinking about Peter and you all alot.
    was some show on earlier that I was watching and was some title to that episode that I laughed and said..Peter would have loved that..was like one of his Peterisms...lol. was on that "a thousand ways to die" show..lol and then I thought... he might have liked that show if he ever watched it because of all the bizarre and freaky ways people sposedly ended up err dead..acck. cant remember what the one was that I watched earlier but so thought of Peter while watching it..lol.err sorry that was probably inappropriate but so thought of him when I saw that episode.seems like alot reminds me of him in some way or another. I look at some things a bit differently now too.
    hope your able to find what all was taken of Peters things and get them back safe and sound.
    thanks again for sharing that with us.I know what its like to have special personal things stolen like that. its like another dagger in the heart.its devastating.
    anyways ya all take good care and stay safe over there.god bless,peace and love.

  8. I was curious... where was those photos taken? I was the medical type bed and it seemed like it wasnt your typical city apartment. One thing I love about these photos are his eyes.. The eyes are truly the human soul and you can still that little boy, that shit eating grin teenager and the adult Pete inside those eyes.

  9. I prefer to think that Didgeridoo is in the hands of someone Pete lent it to because he knew it would be properly played and taken care of, and the person who has it probably just can't bear to part with it now that he's gone.

    I'm sure Pete had a lot of fun playing or trying to play it and valued it greatly. Its being in the hands of a trusted friend/fellow musician would make the most sense.

    That photo is so cool. He seems to be amused and up to something mischievous.

  10. Great post - I can imagine Pete very well playing the didgeridoo & I am sure that he could bring out fantastic sounds of this special instrument. Btw I love the sound of this instrument and yes it would have been so cool to see him onstage with it ;-) It's somehow sad that this great gift disappeared from his belongings :-( Pat - thx for posting this interesting mail and I completely agree on the name Pete used for his email address :-) Larger than life *sigh* ...
    There's a special breathing technique for playing this instument & it's forcing the lungs - as far as I have been informed...
    Thank you again for sharing & take care