Where the Crazies Go

One of the things Peter enjoyed, even when he was a teenager, was hanging out with us kids asking us to do nutty things or sing crazy songs.

He and Josh would sit on Pete's front stoop and ask me and my friends to come over and hang out with them. He'd tell us to sing "Let My People Go" - a song that I could never really remember where it came from, but we would sing it loud and clear on the top of the stoop with Peter and Josh laughing at us. The words went like this:

In the halls of Bellevue
Where the crazies go
I saw (someone's name) shouting
Let my people go.

We'd do this for hours, with Peter calling out a different person's name. You know how kids think everything is funny. Then Peter would make up other words to go with our song, using his voice to mimic different instruments  while teaching us how to become a drum, horn, bass, harp. Usually Marie, Michelle or a friend named Heather would sing out the chorus, while the rest of us played our pretend instruments with Peter as our band leader. 

The other song that we took great pleasure in watching Peter sing was  "Gopher Guts" which he would act out by picking imaginary things out of your hair or ears and then eat them while making a crackling noise in his mouth. When the song was over, he always picked something imaginary out of his teeth and offered it to us as a snack. This would always send Tara screaming into the house to tell her mom.


We never knew at that time that we creating songs with Peter. To us, it was just entertainment time with Pete.

But, I fondly think back to times like this when Summertime meant hanging out on the stoop with my uncle, his friends, my cousins and the kids from the block. Where did those days go?


  1. I turn 30 in a few days - so where did those years go? ;) Love Christine ♥

  2. Yes I do think you were all crazy (in a good way).
    Peter sounds like he had way too much energy back then, lucky he had lots of family,friends and music in his life to keep him busy. Either he was amusing people or he was arranging it so people were amusing him. Did you guys ever sing The Monster Mash, I could see Peter singing that song as a kid.

  3. I love the great memories everyone shares ..Thank you posting :)

  4. Love this post - yes where did those days really gone? Sometimes it seems so surreal to know that I am going to be 40 next year but sometimes still feeling like 20 ;-) ... precious memories - summertime as a kid was so different. Thanx for another great memory that put a smile upon my face imagening Pete singing with you these songs :-)
    Much love & respect

  5. Great post and picture! (The leather vest brings back memories!) I bet all the girls in the neighborhood had a huge crush on Peter. Showing them attention and including them in his jam sessions. Thanks and peace.

  6. Rose from NY now in CALIF8:50 PM, August 08, 2011

    hanging on the stoop I did that too. especially when visiting my cousins, uncles, aunts etc on Brooklyn. I was originally from Mt Vernon but lived in Brooklyn (Fort Hamilton) and Peekskill..for a time upstate too South Salem which is in NY. These stories touch my heart every time. You lived lives like I had, lots of laughter in NY w/family. Peter being the jokster warms my heart. For you all to recall these sweet memories I know how much he meant to you all, it's so touching. Peter was one of a kind. That youtube was so cute too. Peter had to become a singer because he was singing to you all all the time. Peter we miss you so much. Still working on my tribute to Peter and when it's done I will take picture and find way to send it to you all. Much respect to you all.

  7. The gopher guts song!! i remember that!! my friends and i used to sing that song while swinging on the swings at the local park!!! I think a lot of kids thought we were nuts but we did not care! it was FUN!! iam glad to see we all shared similar lives in a much simpler time.it is so nice to know that someone you looked up to from afar did the same kind of things we did as kids. thanks for sharing.

  8. This made me smile!! I can remember doing stuff like that as a kid...and ANYTHING could make us laugh our heads off...I could be soooo obnoxious!! LOL!!