Diehard Romantic Posing

Here are excerpts from a "lost interview" with Peter for The Aquarian during the October Rust release. Enjoy:

~ by John Fortunato, May 11, 2010 The Aquarian

                                  Courtesy of Mark Weiss from the article that ran in The Aquarian

"When I find myself useless by my own standards, I'll take my life. I will take a swan dive off the World Trade Center hopefully on top of someone I hate, " Type O Negative's Peter Steele quipped while promoting his greatest commercial accomplishment, '96's October Rust. Coming on the heels of '93's fascinating Goth-metal breakout, Bloody Kisses, this gloomy rhapsodic follow-up gave the band an East Coast stronghold fortified by Steele's naked Playgirl photos. But Steele never got to end his own life by way of his own hand, as jokingly promised.

You seem to be a diehard romantic affably posing as a loony psycho-killin' Goth rocker.
I am. The Goth term was thrust upon us by the media. People, in general, need to know where to put product. It's like trying to hammer a semi-cirular piece of wood into a circular hole. We kind of fit, but kind of don't.

Do you think because you're a big man with a deep baritone register that you'd have to contrast that image by being incurable romantic? Otherwise, you'd be exploiting what's obvious.
Ah, genetic engineering. I've always been very sensitive. That's always contrasted greatly with my physical appearance. Sometimes people are taken aback by the contrast--which I find pleasing. Someone who's big is expected to act a certain way. But when I act nice--I've become a good actor (insert sarcasm) --people are impressed.

You talk a lot about getting your heart broken in song.
Everyone does, though. Everyone gets screwed over. It's part of being young. I've had many different girlfriends. I prefer tall women so I don't have to bend down to kiss them because I have back problems. The incomplete evolution rears its ugly head. (laughter).

Is 'My Girlfriend's Girlfirned' based on a true romantic tryst?
First, there's the lesbian snicker. Then, there's the comically absurd statement that what people's beliefs are, and what the true situation may be. The song was actually based on a few true life experiences which turned out to be quite pleasant. There are no philosophical implications. It's purely flesh and fantasy. You definitely have to be up for (the menage a trios).

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  1. Apologies to everyone who left a comment. The original post was screwy and needed to be taken down and put back up again. All comments vanished.

  2. I really miss him.
    I always wondered why he had so many girlfriends? did he not find the one that was perfect for him? or did his lifestyle get in the way and caused breakups. Or was he too scared to commit again after what happened to him? Hell if I was privileged enough to be on his arm id never let go!
    I just wish that I could give him a big hug and tell him that he did make a difference in this world. A HUGE difference.

  3. I love that post! It shows how great he was and what we're missing now... Damn!

  4. Peter seem full of energy when doing this interview, full of jokes. I love his humour but it does make me sad because its covering the pain he felt. Whats with the comment about "heavily pierced"? I also dont like the Goth label they got stuck with. I think the Black No 1 video clip is why they got it.Why do people always have to label things, why cant they let things be what they are. I also wonder was he really married? Was she the girl that fucked around on him that he sings about? Was she the one he was with for 10 years? I hate hearing/reading Peter talk about himself the way he did. I pray he knows and feels the love we have for him.

  5. Awesome!! Thank you for sharing:)

  6. I enjoy the interviews for sure but sometimes they make me sad. My hope is that he had some true understanding about how his art did touch people. Did he? Or did he really believe what he said? He has commented about how he just lied in or faked interviews. I would be so happy to know that he really did know how much he was admired and gained something from it. I don't usually ask questions in the blog most of the time I am content to just read and comment but this has been bothering me for some time. Like Gayle said I pray he did know! Peace.

  7. Is it just me or did the interview get a bunch of things wrong? Maybe they're just joking...

    "The sixth child of a Russian-Icelandic family whose grandfather’s cousin was Josef Stalin..."