Watch For The Eye Rolling

You can only laugh when reporters interview Peter Steele and they don't know how to react when he's joking with them with a straight face. Listen to the very beginning of this piece where this poor little girl from MTV just doesn't know how to react to his opening statements.

What I like about this interview is Peter talks about why he writes music ... what he thinks about getting older ... "I want to be remembered as someone who has helped people with my songs."

It's a 7 minute interview from 1996 that I believe you will enjoy -- taking you into the weekend with some good words to remember.



Here's a live cover of Paranoid. It a good way to end up the week. Turn it up !



  1. Misery loves company. Thanks for keeping me company, Type O Negative!

  2. About that interview, I don´t even think she listened to what he actually said. He was a really funny man, but she just couldn´t wrap her mind around that, sadly she just saw the sex symbol and nothing else. A lot of what Peter was saying in this interview seemed to be things he had reflected over before and thought trough before he said those things, very wise. Intelligent.
    The cover of paranoid, it´s really well done. I sent the link to my mother and forced her to listen to it, she actually like listening to black sabbath and she liked this cover.
    This is going to be a good weekend. =) I wish the Ratajczyk family a great time and lot´s of happy moments all weekend.

  3. Loved the Interview. This is a bit embarrassing to admit but Pete's plan with the playgirl pics worked at least once. Someone had posted a copy of one of his playgirl pictures on a website I frequent and I couldn't stop looking at it. It wasn't one of the ones where you saw "little Pete btw" but the beauty of the picture was undeniable. I wanted to find out who this person was and so I started reading about him on the internet and eventually looked up the band and now I have all their music on my IPOD. I'm hooked! You were a smart one Pete! My only regret is that I really wish I had known about Peter and Type O Negative earlier, before his passing. Would loved to have seen them play live.

    - A Fan Girl

  4. I want the family to know that Peter's wish came true. He certainly helped many people with his songs and music; myself included. In my heart, I truly believe that is what he wanted; and he got it . . Peter's music helped me through so many difficult times of my life and I've celebrated so many great moments with great songs that he wrote. With fall coming; I am constantly reminded of him; and for so many autumns, I looked forward to seeing my favorite band play at Harpo's in Detroit, Michigan. I have many great pictures and memories of those times; and Peter's music will always be there for me. I know that he is somewhere out there, blushing at all that we write about him; modestly shirking any compliments that come his way. But, you, the family, know he was a great man that touched many lives; many that he never knew. Thank you Peter!

  5. God I LOVE this man.. and this is one of my favorite interviews Darcie.. He sure accomplished his goal, he has helped so many!

  6. Awesome!! Thank you for posting :)

  7. Thx for posting this interview & video!
    I just want the family to know that Pete indeed has accomplished his goal - the music he created over the years has helped me so often in life & is a part of my life each day - he makes me smile, laugh & cry & also reflecting few things - so many of us here remember him in exactly the way he wished for *sigh* what a man.
    To the Ratajczyk family: Thank you for this blog & have great weekend full of great moments.
    To all: Have a great weekend.
    Much love & respect

  8. Hi girls--

    Thanks for sharing this. I obviously missed this, but then again at some point I stopped paying attention to MTV anyway. Did she actually hear ANYthing Peter said?! I haven't watched the video for "Paranoid" yet, but I have always loved their version, so I will get to it.
    And to change subjects for a moment--to all of you (I should say, us, as it includes the Ratajczyk clan and much of my own family) who are in Irene's path---be careful, stay safe and I hope to see us all back here on Monday, or at least as soon as possible.
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

    P.S. Darcie--I keep forgetting to ask--who are the four girls on the back of the "Dead Again" album/CD cover? I'm guessing nieces, but I could be wrong. I've never seen that question asked anywhere so I'm doing it while it's on my brain. Thanks!

  9. Just the other night at work I was at lunch on my phone reading some of the past entries and one of my co-workers came in asked me "what are you doing, playing a game or something?" I told him I was reading the blog about Peter Steele and he started grinning, now I must explain that this guy is gay and he was like oh, I know him. I started laughing and said Playgirl right and he started laughing and said OH YEAH! He does own Bloody Kisses and October Rust though because of that issue so it definitely brought him new fans, lol. I really enjoyed this interview but I agree with Alexandra she really wasn't listening to him, she just wanted to talk about the Playgirl thing. I mean, damn she had copies ready in hand! LMAO. (-)

  10. Rose R from NY now in CA6:02 PM, August 26, 2011

    What a beautiful man. sexy, honest, real. If I were that interviewer I would touch those muscles too. His voice, his animal magnatism. Peter it's still hard to believe there will be no more music from that brilliant head of yours. Road to heaven, yes it's sometimes going thru hell first. You are there you magnificent genius!! I see you there in the peaceful place with your dad and mom and uncle Lou. Cracking jokes, smiling that smile. Throwing back that beautiful long black hair. God we miss you so much Peter. Thank you again for posting these videos....please do not stop. When I get on line to check this site, I often times cry, I smile, I get angry he's gone, but always I'm grateful for you sharing with the fans. We loved your brother, we still do. Much respect to you all.

  11. This is one of my favourite interviews with Peter. He looks absolutely gorgeous and he is very honest and relaxed in the interview. I also get so sick of girls interviewing Peter and giggling like stupid 12 year old fools about the Playgirl photos. I own the magazine and love it but it should not be the main focus of the interview! As lots of other people have said, he has accomplished his goal. Peter has helped so many of us with his music. Is there more to that interview because she says "this is the first part of her interview"? I have only seen this part before I think. I must admit seing him back in 96 makes me a very sad, because its before the drugs got bad and he is so beautiful. As usual the songs Peter and TON covered were better than the original, for me anyway. Love the cd version with him singing in his deep voice. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH..this interview has really messed with my head, in a good and bad way.

  12. Just wanted to say..My thoughts are with you all and I hope you will be safe from the hurricane.

  13. Pete and the guys have been with me through my darkest times and helped me to emerge from the other side. He wasn't just a sexy guy but a deep, sensitive and caring man. She's just treated him as a piece of meat and should be ashamed of herself.

  14. Patti P ... Got the facts from web sites ...
    The back cover of Dead Again features the 4 daughters of Nicholas Romanov (Nicholas II), Czar of Russia; the front cover shows Rasputin, the Romanov family advisor. Called the "devil monk", Rasputin is the most mysterious figure in the Romanov tragedy. Rasputin became Empress Alexandra's closest advisor due to his ability to alleviate her son's sufferings. Rasputin also influenced the Tsar's political decisions, and his meddling and advice crippled the Russian government.

    After the 1917 Revolution, the Czar and his wife, son, 4 daughters, the family's medical doctor, the Tsar's valet, the Empress' lady-in-waiting, and the family's cook were imprisoned, and then murdered together by the Bolsheviks in 1918. This led to the canonization of Nicholas, his wife and children as martyrs by various groups in the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Nicholas’ daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia was rumored to have escaped from the slaughter, and over the following years many women claimed to be the royal heir.

  15. ...@ whoever left the above info, answering my question...Thanks. I know Rasputin is on the cover, but I never made the connection with the girls on the back cover. It makes sense. Don't know why I never thought to look it up. Thanks again!

    Patty P

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