After I'm Dead I'll Just Be P-E-A-T

Thank you Karla

I might be mistaken but you guys are starting to sound like fans of Peter and TON. Here are your collective additions to yesterday's blog about the Isms of Peter Steele:

Being bipolar and of Polish descent made him: BiPolack.
Let me say Pepsi generation, a few lines of misinformation, watch your money flow away oh so quick, to kill yourself properly, Coke is it
Creepy Green Light
In our Meat Triangle
Once Upon a Slime
Profit of Doom
Dark Side of the Womb
In a Pyromantic Way
Can you help me feel love, because I’m not made of Steele
World Renowned failure, at both death and life
Flock of Assholes
The Drab Four
Roadruiner Records
We are not right wings nor left wings … but chicken wings
Am I a snob? Call me whatever the fuck you want. Call me whatever four-letter word  you want. Okay? “Pete” – another four-letter word. And after I’m dead, it’ll be “P-E-A-T” (from Rocksalt.mx interview)
Eat shit white trash media lackeys, fuck you and your weak world, die
A Special thanks to the radical left for making me famous (reference to Al Gore's wife whose organization put Carnivore album on the "bad" list)

‘Cause I’m an equal opportunity destroyer
If not for the courage of the fearless crew the band would be lost (I stand corrected. It is Gilligan's Island. Sorry. Not from Lost in Space theme – another tv show favorite of Pete’s)


I Can Agree With The Mistress' Other Band Choices, but Guns n Roses? 

Courtesy of Revolver Mag:

Mistress Juliya is best known for her work on Fuse TV hosting such metal-themed shows as Uranium, Metal Asylum, Let It Rock, and Slave to the Metal. She has also made appearances at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and Rock on the Range. She currently co-hosts the Top Twenty Countdown on Fuse premiering at 5 P.M. every Tuesday. Email your advice questions for her to AskJuliya@revolvermag.com and check back every Wednesday for her latest column.

I know I’m sure you get these questions all the time…. But what are your favorite five bands of all time and your favorite five movies of all time? I have been a fan for a while, and I think you are great!—Zach
Dear Zach, these questions are always hard as there are so many…but here is what I came up with:
Guns N’ Roses
Type O Negative

Nine Inch Nails
Dracula *
Rosemary’s Baby *
The Exorcist *
The Godfather
Edward Scissorhands *
* BTW: Peter loved these movies. Scissorhands was a favorite for many of the sisters too.


  1. lol..seriously ya all should do a book on Peters funny puns..some are hilarious..lol.
    I was into dracula when I was younger.
    hey I have to ask...saw a pic on a search with Peters name and this one came up that I dont know if its him or not.it says Oyvind Johan Mustaparta on it..the guy in it looks alot like Peter..was wondering if it was or not. and looks like theres a bottle of absinth in there too. anybody know what Im talking about? it has green in it and was wondering if that was Peter or not.the guys eyes were also green. looks like Peter but not quite sure.
    anyways another good blog..hope everybody is doing ok and has a good day and rest of week and weekend.till the next blog take care.forever peace n stuff.

  2. ‚And a very special thank‘s to the radical left for making us so famous‘ another one taken from ‚The Origin of the Feces‘ ;-) & the ingredients on the backside of the album cover ;-) & thank you for posting the clear video of ‚Are you afraid‘ – it made the decision easy yesterday in my car which TON album to play ;-) Well – I can somehow understand Mistress' choice of GunsNRoses – when they came out back then and I was 15/16 yo this was also music to me that turned me on & I loved to go out on weekends singing in the streets with friends ‚Take me down to the Paradise City‘ ;-) & I also liked the live performance I saw in Vienna back then … I think Slash is a brilliant guitar player & Axl Rose has also a special voice and personality (to put it quite neutral…) but their music never touched me ever since then so the only bands I can relate to in this list are TypeONegative & NineInchNails. Pantera is great too but I have to admit that I have not been into deep into their music till now. Well – tastes are different – luckily ;-) With the list of movies I’d agree completely – love them all, especially ‚Edward Scissorhands‘ and ‚Godfather‘ – brilliant acting. Most movies with Johnny Depp are favorites of mine - to me he’s a brilliant actor. So in this point the tastes seem to be quite similar ;-)Thanx for yet another great blog, take care & have a great day

  3. If not for the courage of the fearless crew was not from Lost in Space, but Gilligan's Island ;) Just sayin'.

  4. Awesome...Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Looove this. Have a negative day...off to create dear family.

  6. I use to watch Mistress Juliya on Uranium all the time, cool to know she's still around doing her thing, I'll have to check out her new show...thanks.

    Top 5 bands:
    Type O Negative
    Alice in Chains
    Faith No More
    Monster Magnet

    Top 5 movies:
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2
    Sleepy Hollow
    Taxi Driver
    The Big Lebowski

    I also have to include any movies done by Clint Eastwood, I could go on and on about movies but I digress, thanks again. (-)

  7. Starting my day with a smile!! Thanx goils!!

  8. I have trouble liking Guns N Roses because Axl Rose is a total dickhead. The amount of times he has walked off stage because he has had one of his childish tantrums without any thought for the fans who have paid money to see them. His behaviour at the Montreal concert with Metallica when James got burnt was shameful. Good personality goes a long way with me, thats why I love Peter so much. Peter loved and appreciated his fans. I prefer Peters voice and he is a million times better looking anyway. Axl can kiss my arse....that is the end of my boo bitchcraft today.

  9. I'm having trouble playing some of the video links, it's about 50/50, when it doesn't play it just comes up as web page unavailable. Don't know if I need to download a certain type of flash player or what, any advice on how to correct this? Thanks

  10. Were missing the best one! "Im a typical Christian, Hypocrhistian.

    Chase Fahnert

  11. Alexandra (I too use Cinnamon in Italian Sauce, it´s so good, why don´t anyone else like that?)12:52 PM, August 18, 2011

    Oyvind Johan Mustaparta are the keybordist in a band called Dimmu Borgir. They are ok, I like listening to them occassionally when I clean they house or when I need to get some built up anger out. *LOL*

    I find Peter´s punds wonderful, they give double meanings to simple scentenses - it´s amazing to think about what a genius he was. He truly was one of a kind.

    Reading this blog are the highlight of my day. Currently I´m at a womens shelter for women being beaten by their men. I am the mother of three children, whom I love more than anything else. My husband were the love of my life, two years ago we lost his family farm during a economic crises and he got depressed and started drinking a while before that. He´s about Peters height, and used to be just as wonderful around people as Peter were. His sisters would describe him the same way Peters family describe Peter. I loved my husband for all the good sides he had. He used to be a wonderful father, husband and a wonderful friend. But then all those awful things started to happen, and he couldn´t pull himself togheter.

    I remember the last tour TON was taking to Europe, I planned to go to Germany to see them and hoped to get to say " Hi, wonderful weather" or something like that to Peter, cause I did´nt really know what to say to him. The truth is that I´m really shy and I just wanted to see him and have the chance to tell him how much I loved his work and how amazing he was, I would never have dared to say that but..
    Anyway, I planned it, got the tickets and the travell info and was so happy and looking forward going to the concert. The day before I was to leave my home, well, my husband got drunk and crazy angry. He beat me up and I ended up with brusies all over. I felt ashamed, hurt and lonely so I descided to cancel the trip. I did´nt want to look like I came from a carcrash if I actually had the chanse (pure logic tells me I would never had that chanse) to see Peter so I just bailed instead. I thought to myself that if he would have asked me and I would have told him all about it and then maybe he would´ve blamed me just as much as I did, and I could´nt handle that. I know now that I was wrong to think so and that my selfesteem was so low that I told myself that I was´nt good enough to meet him even if it just was to say hi, and I wasn´t god enough to see TON live. More than one year ago Peter died, and when I found out about his death my firsth thought was: " I never got to tell him how much he changed my life, how much easier he made it for several years. He should have heard my story, and how much stronger I got just by listening to his voice and all those words in his lyrics". This is my way to tell him. Everyday since I came to this shelter, and I have been here since the beginning of may this year, I listen to TON and some of Peters other great work. It´s soothing, almost like a long warm hug that are so needed, I hope more FANS out there get that comforting feeling.

    TOP 5 bands:
    TON (without question)
    tAKIDA (a swedish band)
    Black Sabbath
    Metallica (early works)

    Anything with werewolves and vampires
    Edward Scissorhands
    Blood Diamond
    28 dayes later (zombies)
    The Grudge (it´s scares me to death when the ghost crawles down the stairs, love it ;) )

  12. From Pat ... Thanks to all for the good BD wishes, but at my age, t'is better to forget it!
    I have some more Peterpuns I remembered>>>

    the EKG line for "Life is Killing Me" cover
    White Slavery
    Eternal lent
    Deaf penalty
    The end of an error
    Last reichs
    Faith lift
    Reich & roll
    The sickened coming
    Praise the lured
    the gardeners of Eden
    Boston, Masspsychosis
    This blood’s for you

  13. I always enjoyed Pete-isms in Pete's interviews knowing most of them were pre-meditated turns of phrase/term. He'd said in one interview that they were all part of a character he played for the media because he knew it was entertaining enough to keep him from having to be himself in front of the camera, and he was actually a shy person. Referred to it as an offense mechanism.
    "I'm a typical Christian... Hypochristian." LOL! I remember that one. Genius! Loved his honesty and unwillingness to bend to anyone's version of the term PC. It's one of the reasons he and his work helped so many of us who struggle to be real, genuine humans in an increasingly uptight modern world that unrealistically pressures us to conform to inhuman standards. Pete had a talent for making us laugh-then-think. It was so endearing!
    Thanks for posting this and for sharing that handsome shadowy photo of Pete. M.Juliya's band/movie lists show pretty good taste.
    Ah, Edward Scissorhands... another artistic achievement that made that unstoppable need for individuality and acceptance okay.

  14. All songs decomposed by Peter Steele!

  15. me too on the shy offense mechanism..lol.so miss him..sighh. wonder what he'd come up with for us that are catholic and christian? aka Episcapalians,,eerr palions?? ya know ya getting old when ya forget how to spell your religion..lol.
    anyways thanks up there who let me know on that pic I have with the Pete look alike in it..looked them up and wow..that guy is a good piano/keyboard player.think Peter would have liked him..errr maybe..dont think he or TON would have gone for the devil worshipping satan stuff though.so glad he didnt go that route..accck.
    anyways till the next blog..everybody take care.forever peace.

  16. Alexandra, thank you for your touching entry & yes it is like a warm hug when listening to TON - that's it absolutely beside smiling (often) & crying (sometimes) ;-)
    Pat - oh yes the age ;-) but still it's worth to celebrate life ;-) & thanx for some more Peterpuns - Praise the lured LOL Faith lift & the sickened coming ;-) are my favorite. What a brilliant man *sigh*
    Take care, much love & respect to all of you

  17. All cremated equally!!!

    Chase F

  18. Rose from NY now in CA3:43 PM, August 20, 2011

    My favorite band of all time (no lie) is TON. Period. When is the movie "Living the AMerican Nightmare" coming out? Peter is in it. Want to see it. Anyone know? Peter looks so amazing in this picture too.

  19. Sorry it took me so long to comment on this post, but life has a way of catching up with you. One of my favourite Pete-isms/TON-isms was the twist on The Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour': 'Tragical Misery Tour'. It's now so deeply embedded in my mind that I sometimes find myself singing it instead of the given lyrics, which has earned me many strange looks from the Beatles fans in my life.