Do You See The Resemblance?

It's no secret that Peter loved The Munsters tv show. Not only did Pete use some of the music from the show to spice up his songs, he always felt that our family represented a little bit of Herman and Lily Munster.

So tell me, can you name the songs and albums that Peter used Munster references in?

From his unconventional mother Nettie who was always doing things very different from her neighbors to his father, Pete Sr. who his son lovingly called "Herman" when he wasn't in the room because of his defining broad body and square-shaped head. Peter himself lived in the basement and would often refer to himself as the creature from the basement (spot) or the mad scientist (grandpa). We all thought Peter looked a bit like Eddie Munster when he was younger.

In fact, either Pete's sister Nancy or Nettie had three hand towels made that were embroidered with the words: Him, Her, & The Thing That Lives In the Basement. Peter loved those towels and proudly displayed them in the bathroom.

When I was younger, afternoons meant gathering around the tv watching the Munsters. In between during the commercials, Peter would jump up and run to the piano to play the distinctive show music. He didn't have the sheet music for it, but could figure it out by listening and imitating.

Original 1964 version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuHr00nxeew

Slightly more upbeat version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFCnvH2E-6A

TON Unplugged ... A little too raw for me ... but you guys judge:



  1. I can only think of 2 songs right now..Black No 1 and How Could She. Bloody Kisses and Life is Kiling Me. Do I get a star Darcie or is there more songs:)? I remember at school all the girls wanted to look like Charlies Angels and when they asked me..well I always wanted to be Lily Munster.That probably was my beginning of looking different to the "normal" type. I refer to my daughter as Marilyn Munster..the blonde hair blue eyed normal one in the family. I remember a photo way back in these blogs of Peter Sr and Peter in suits, my first thought was they look like the Brooklyn version of the Munsters! The tv show was great. Fred Gwynne (Herman) and Al Lewis (Grandpa) has such good chemistry together as actors, their skits together were very funny, they were underrated as a comedy duo. Do you remember the cartoon The Groovy Ghoulies? Once again I love how Peter and the family loved all the creepy weird things.

  2. Good question.... At this moment i really cant say in which songs he used something from the Munsters. Just Black Number One from Bloody Kisses "oh baby Lilly Munster Aint got nothing on you".

    Life Is killing Me maintaines the Addams Family Theme in form of "Thirteen".

  3. I loved seeing them sitting around goofing with the songs. Lots of people don't realize that being a musician is not so much being on stage and doing everything "perfectly" but sitting around playing with stuff, just like they were in that video. That's how you come up with new riffs, new ideas, and better ways to tweak stuff. When it's relaxed and everyone's letting stuff roll, some of the best ideas happen. I loved that video!

  4. I agree with gale..This a great post thank you for sharing :)

  5. Good question- I can only think of Black No 1 and How Could She. Are there others?

  6. The songs that I know of are Black No 1, and Thirteen.. also in How could She, Peter refers to Marilyn Munster.. hope I i'm not missing anything!

    I LOVE this blog in particular Darcie.. I love Yvonne DeCarlo, and the Munsters are my favorite show of all time.. I have both seasons on DVD and collect Munster items. I told Marie that your Nana Nettie has a striking resemblance to Yvonne DeCarlo.

  7. OMG – I thought I got TON but now it doesn’t seem to be so ;-) Okay Black #1 is a suggestion and I would also guess that My girlfriend’s girlfriend (I don’t know why but for the keyboard parts and Petes’s way of singing this song) was inspired somehow by TheMunsters ;-) … I am curious already if some of our suggestions are correct or not ;-)
    I loved this TV series too & I have always admired Lilly Munster for her look (maybe because it was so different to me being blonde & having a tan in summer) … The story with the towels is too lovely - it would fit perfect for some of my friends too ;-) I love the way you describe how Pete would play the theme on the piano …
    Much love & respect to all of you

  8. Black No.1.....Lilly Munster aint got nothing on you...

  9. The bridge in My Girlfriend's Girlfriend. Um, I can feel it in Who will Save the Sane. Do you have any stories about Peter in regards to his artistic process like you shared about Christian Woman? Again, thank you for sharing. God bless.

  10. Life is Killing Me first track ! :)

  11. Fantastic. I think the other comments nailed it. Creepy green light would most likely be in effect as well.