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Today's post should be called "How Many Ways I Hate Blogger ... Let Me Count The Ways ! " because they lost today's post and I had to recreate the post from memory. Sorry ... ok... I'm done boo bitching now ...

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The other night my immediate family had a little birthday dinner for one of Peter Steele's sisters, Pat. Just a few of us. It was nice. Marie made Italian sauce (no cinnamon). While we were eating, Pat came up with a game recalling some of Peter's best "play on words" or puns as we were referring to them as. Peter used them in interviews, lyrics, cd covers and in every day speech. It was the special way he looked at things - I guess smart people can do that with words and meanings.

Here are some of our favorites. What are yours?

Christmas Mourning

Saturday Night Seizures


Wrath X Speed of Fright Squared

Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir, Courtesy of Loud & Queer Records

Boo Bitchcraft

(She was ... ) Rock Hard

Periodic Tableware

God ... I don't have caller id, hey was that you pranking me?

Her Soul Done Medium Well

Christians Who Like Cats = Cat-Licks

A Dead Time Story

Venus Envy

Let Us Prey



I think I'm schizophrenic, but I can't make up my mind

Our Love Of Pete Consensus Regarding Aug 16th's Munsters Blog:

* Black # 1
* How Could She
* My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
* Who Will Save the Sane


Really Clear Video:  Are You Afraid


  1. Peter definately had his own way of talking. Thats typical for an eccentric genius like he was. I thought it was clever when he would say he has bipolar and he is of Polish descent so that made him a Bipolack. Damn I missed two..so My Girlfriends Girlfriend and Who Will Save The Sane is the music? No star for me! I listen to Carnivore and Type O Negative everyday and I haven't noticed a Munsters reference. Those two songs will get my undivided attention tomorrow. All the ones you have written above are clever. I actually use boo bitchcraft....thanks Peter.

  2. Well I guess this is a play on words..."Let me say Pepsi generation, a few lines of misinformation, watch your money flow away oh so quick, to kill yourself properly, Coke is it".... and happy B day by the way to peters sisters....Much Love from your Canadian friend. Johnny Caputo.

  3. Haha, yes. That's what made the whole TON 'culture' fun and immersive. Nice spotlight here. <3

  4. now do tell me what this is...

    Christians Who Like Cats = Cat-Licks!!!!!!!! it sounds innnnnnnteresting!!

    are you afraid is like my most favorite song. i kind of love them all, but afraid is just awesome. good job uncle pete!! whoo hoo.

    love you goilies.

  5. Once upon a slime.

    Profit of doom

  6. Dark Side of the Womb. In a Pyromantic Way. Hypo-Christian. Can you help me feel . .love. .cause I'm not made of Steele. One of my favorite lyircs of all time: "world reknowned failure, at both death and life." There are so many great Peter-isms that I love and use all the time. He was great; full of puns and had a unique self-deprecating way to twist words around. One of the many talents of Peter; I am so thankful for all the IMMORAL support he provided me over the years!!

  7. Ohhhh... Too many of them! Hypochristians, Flock of Assholes (from Flock of Seagulls), The Drab Four, Roadruiner Records, "we are not right wings nor left wings... but chicken wings", "I'm a bipolar bear", "it was the Chickspiracy" (about the Chicken Incident in the interview for Symphony for the Devil DVD)... Also he sometimes sang "and on her milk white neck, is Kenny's mark" or "Oh baby Kenny Hickey ain't got nothing on youuuu", "Am I a snob? Call me whatever the fuck you want. Call me whatever four-letter word you want. Okay? “Pete” – another four-letter word. And after I’m dead, it’ll be “P-E-A-T.”" (from the Rocksalt.mx interview)...

    Man I could go on forever! Peter was such a genius.

  8. *LOL* I love Cat-Licks & I have always liked the reference to Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir (Courtesy of Loud & Queer Records) on the albums. Also Supercidal is great & I agree with Johnny 'Demone' Caputo - the lyrics of 'White Slavery' are brilliant. Boo-Bitchcraft is also brilliant - I will try to find a German translation for it ;-) cause I think I could use it quite often ;-) Also I love Periodic Tableware because I love the song 'Who will save the sane' - btw thanx for giving us the results to our guessings - WOW I didn't think that this song was also inspired by TheMunsters ;-) Hope you had a great evening together & please pass on all the best wishes to Pat for her birthday.
    Much love & respect to all of you

  9. 'In our MEAT triangle' is also great ;-)

  10. Yeah Carrie...the meat triangle....he had ways of being cleverly nasty at times!! I loved that about him. Such a brilliant mind and a sense of humor no one could match. I love him more with each passing day.

  11. Oh yeah - 'once upon a slime' - brilliant ;-) Yes there are so many - I think we could go on and on
    I have always loved these play on words in the lyrics of TON - what a brilliant man.

  12. I agree Brigett!.. I always thought in Wolf Moon to. when he says, "we'll be MEATING again".. I always thought of it in that way rather than "meeting".. and I'm sure thats what he mean too :)

  13. One thing I always enjoyed about a new TON album was actually reading through their credits and thank you's, so I dug out the cd booklets to quote a few lines so here we go...Josh's thank you's followed up with empty space, "produced by Silver/reproduced by Steele", Kenny thanking his mother for her wonderful words of inspiration: "this will never get you nothing but a free drink and a whore", "please be considerate of others: kindly play this recording at low sound pressure levels", "I love for hating me, I hate you for loving me, save yourself", "Type O Negative has yet to learn to use the following equipment", "eat shit white trash media lackeys, fuck you and your weak world, die" damn my fingers are tired! Thanks for the laughs guys!!! (-)

  14. In one interview I saw, Peter was talking about his return to religion and proudly held up his hands with Alpha and Omega tattooed on them one at a time and said "A O..let's go." It was cute and he seemed so happy.

  15. I loved this about him. He was such genius, sooo funny & what a whip-sharp wit. I can say with absolute certainty, that there will be no one like him again.
    How about "..'cause I'm am equal oportunity destroyer." I always chuckle at that one, doesn't matter how many times I hear it!
    Bye Goils!

  16. I saw that video too & I agree he was cute! "A O...let's go."

  17. ...and there's "If not for the courage of the fearless crew the band would be lost..."

    Patty P

    P.S.--Still can't get 'Cat-licks' out of my head. Love all the others, but this one was new to me! :)

  18. Just want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Pat!! Cheers! Thank you goils again for all that you do! Much love! *~*Samantha*~*

  19. lol..like I said..he was a very special and unique one in a million kind of a guy.just brilliant how he did all that and more..soo miss the big guy. damn it.sighh.
    I like the cat licks one. and the bi polack one..lol. too funny. wish my brain worked like that..lol.ya all should do a book with all his funny puns and sayings..bet the language of Pete or Peterism puns. would spread like wildfire all over the world.lol.
    oh and a Happy Belated Birthday to Pat..hope you had a good one.
    until the next blog everybody take care and stay safe.

  20. Happy Birthday to Pat! I thought I would add two that I always remembered, from the days I went to L'Amour in Brooklyn. There were some friends of Peter's who heard these two, I thought they were hysterical and very clever. First one: "I'd like to open up a church-slash-restaurant and call it 'For Christ's Steak.'" Everyone got a chuckle from that one, but he went further, adding..."Hey, if that doesn't work out, I have another idea. A laundromat-slash-gym. This way you could do your laundry and work out at the same time. That one would be called 'Clean and Lean.'" I don't know if anyone else has those two documented, but I thought they were way too precious and funny to not share. ~ L.

  21. Peter had such an awesome sense of humor and funny omg...lol. I love them all. Thank you for sharing :)

  22. That picture looks an awful lot like The Metro in Chicago. Last time I saw Peter and TON was at that very show, 10/30/09.

    Peter didn't just play on words, he played on music too. There are countless subtle musical references to the music he loved.

    For example, in Summer Breeze right around 3:20 after Peter says "When I come home, from a HARD DAYS WORK" you hear one quick clean electric guitar chord, which sounds an awful lot like the introduction chord to The Beatles' Hard Days Night.

    Also during the outro to I Can't Love You, you'll notice the chatting has the same rhythm and inflection heard during the nonsense samples lacing the outro of "I Am The Walrus".

    Had anyone else ever notice these?

  23. hey I heard a new version of the cat licks one..lol...dont know if Peter would have liked it or not.it goes in question answear form. here it is and hope I dont get in trouble for it..lol. ok it goes like this.. Q: what do you call a room full of religious cat lovers? A: Cat-Licks..lol. ughhhh ok that so doesnt sound right..lol..maybe it should be a room full of Christian cat lovers? hmmmm..anyways just thought Id share that.lol. seems like stuff is going around allready...lol.