The Day Pete Invited Us Over For Pizza & Jack

The great part about FB and the internet is getting back in touch with people who know you as a teenager. (Well, I guess that could be good and bad). Peter Steele's niece, Marie got a reminder recently from her high school friend Debbie about the day Peter invited them down to the basement to watch him create the inspiration for JACK DANIELS & PIZZA.

                                                                   Summer of 1984

Tara, Marie and Debbie were hanging around at Nettie's, when Peter asked them if they wanted to see what he was doing in the basement. He invited the 3 girls downstairs to the kitchen area. He had the sink filled up with water, multiple canned tomatoes were open on the counter, and he had a microphone and a recording machine hooked up near the sink. The place was a mess with tomato pieces and sauce all over the counter. He looked like he was starting to cook something. But he wasn't.

He asked them did they know what Jack Daniels was and how badly it goes with Pizza. Peter started telling them about a time that he was hanging with his friends drinking and eating, until he felt the undeniable tell tale sign that the food and drinks were going to make a reappearance in the form of projectile vomiting. So, that day, he was trying to recreate the experience without having to deal with the hangover.

Peter told the girls to be very quiet. He started the recorder, put his fingers in his mouth and started to make retching noises. Then with the other hand, he grabbed crushed and whole tomatoes in his hand and poured it into the water-filled sink. Between the retching noise and the tomato dunks and water splashing, Peter would try to stifle a laugh.

It took several takes for Jack Daniels and Pizza to get recorded, because the girls couldn't stop squealing and Peter couldn't hold his laughter back. But it was fun ! They also did the recording in the bathroom too, dropping tomatoes and sauce into the toilet while holding the recording device nearby. Peter wanted to see if there was a difference between the sounds between the sink and the toilet. Of course, the girls had to try the retching too (but that didn't get into the recording). Peter used up lots of cans of tomatoes that day, and the kitchen was a watery red mess by the time they finished the recording.

Now, everytime Marie, Tara or Debbie hears the recording, they know they were there for the inspiration. And no one can even go near Jack Daniels without thinking about the afternoon they spent with Peter dropping tomatoes and making musical history.


  1. Hahaha amazing story!
    I sometimes wonder where all of the soundbites come from, does Josh have a lot of sounds or does everything come from Peter?
    This is really funny, I couldn't do that, sticking my fingers down my throat, i wouldn't need the canned tomatoes anymore!

  2. Everytime I hear Jack Daniels and Pizza I have wondered if that was real or not. Peter did a really good job, it sounds real. When I hear it I laugh thinking about how drunk, hungover and crappy someone was to be able to do that. Now that I know the real story its even funnier. I use canned whole tomatoes a lot, so now I have something else to add to my list of things that remind me of Peter. I wish I was there that would have been so funny to watch. Retching noises and the faces people pull can be really funny. Talking about finding old friends on facebook, I just found a boy friend from high school..we were total KISS freaks and very close friends and I also found a guy from my punk days who is now a very established renouned artist. Interesting to see what has become of old friends. See you can use the internet for more than porn!

  3. This made my day! XD XD XD

  4. Oh man I skip it because it makes me feel like x_X so Pete you did good there bud. That was cool hearing the story behind that because it SOUNDS REAL. Ugh. haha.

  5. Oh man, I know about Jack Daniels and pizza unfortuantly! I must say he did a good job with the details, especially the spitting sounds...nice touch! (-)

  6. This is hilarious!! LMAO....Thank you for sharing and the picture is awesome as well.

  7. I can tell you from personal experience that vodka and s'mores have the same tragic outcome. Great story! Peter wasn't afraid to tell it like it is. LoL

  8. Oh my, I was listening to this track today. Carnivore is soundtrack for really horrid days at work when I feel like I need to kick butt. I've ALWAYS wondered about this track because it sounds bloody convincing and squicks me out every time i hear it.

  9. Love this story. He did good, as always. Thank you, it made my day a lot more interesting. :D And all the memories you have from your life with Peter in it. I really appreciate that you are sharing these memories with us.

  10. Thank you for getting more of Pete's artistic process out. I wouldn't have ever known.

  11. Wow, what a bit of trivia, and what a memory it must be for Tara, Marie, and Debbie. That was some ingenuity! How did he ever think of that? I always wondered if it was genuine upchucking, too, since it sounded...so real. Very creative. But, honestly what else should we expect from such a true creative genius? What an amazing guy, now and forever.

    Using a can of tomatoes in tonight's dinner in honor of Peter. Hopefully nobody will be making that sound effect when they are done eating my food. But, given my cooking skills, it's always a possibility. ~ L.

  12. lol...wonder who got the job of having to clean up the mess?..lol like iccck..acck.
    love these stories..lol.reminds me of when my brother and I had the spinich food fight..lol. when we were done there was spinich splatter on the walls and some got on the ceiling..lol. we cleaned up the walls as best we could but couldnt get the ceiling much.luckly my mom didnt notice till days later..when she looked up and asked whats those green spots on the ceiling?..lol my brother and I looked at each other and just started laughing..lol.my mom was like whats so funny?..lol.
    its a good moment to always cherish.god bless you all for sharing with us.ya all take care over there..stay safe and healthy.forever peace n love.

  13. LMAO!!! The spitting sounds were excellent! He had quite a talent for producing sound effects, and probably would've been fantastic to work with in that field. That afternoon/evening of creative mess-making sounds like loads of fun!
    FB's got perks & pitfalls. Downside: The diplomatic challenge of decades gone romantic interests who've since married and bred unexpectedly resurfacing just before they turn 50, "Just thought I'd touch base..." *growl* Upside: Childhood friends and fond memories of teenage years still make it worth it. *purrr*
    The photo's priceless and it's good to see that you're protecting it as your own property. Nice, um, text placement. That's what Peter looked like in 1984, eh? Can't imagine his having had difficulty getting dates but social norms are what they are, and shy men still have many problems. I was a lot of trouble in 1984. Fortunately for him I was far, far away. Everything's a tradeoff, and so is everyone. :D
    Thanks so much for the canned tomato visual and hysterical laugh of the day. Needed that!!! (-)

  14. This had me cracking up! Peter was a genius. Who else would have been able to re-create the specific sounds of throwing up Jack Daniels and pizza. I am sure the girls will never forget that crazy time. Too funny. Now when I listen to that I will imagine Peter doing this.---Thanks for such a funny story, I really needed that today.
    ----Miss you Peter---Jessica (Black Number 1)
    p.s. Cute picture of Peter.

  15. good to see that you are putting watermarks up on the photos...I've seen them being used on tribute FB's quite a lot and have thought it weird that the family(Cathy at LEAST)haven't been tagged.
    I remember reading an interview that said Pete used canned peaches for Jack Daniels and Pizza...whether it was tomatoes or peaches it really does make for a pretty good effect, and I can't listen to it often...lol what a character!
    Again thanks for sharing your memories, I love reading the stories!!!
    ~Jessica B.

  16. *ROFL* Hilarious story - thx for sharing - I never would have known that ;-) & now I will have a brilliant pic in my mind when listening ;-) And for you girls - what an experience and fun this afternoon must have been - would you have thought back then that you are part of a creative process? Stunning pic of Pete again - Wow 1984 .. quite some time ago - I was in the middle of puberty :-) With this story in my mind & the image of Pete and you girls and the scenery ;-)
    I will from now on always have a smile on my face when I see canned tomatoes ;-)
    Thx again for sharing & take care
    Much love & respect to all of you