A Personal Musical Relationship

A Special Thanks to Caleb Rezurex


A Big TY to Jason Z:

I just wanted to reach out and thank you all sincerely for putting together and maintaining this blog.

I have always had very discerning musical taste, and there are few artists I had ever connected with on a consistent musical (let alone lyrical, or emotional level), Peter was one of the very few artists who's music has continued to resonate with me beyond my teenage years and into my 30's. He is one of the fewer even that I had felt I would have really loved to have had a personal or musical relationship with. Though we shook hands in Chicago briefly after a concert in 1999, mine was but one of several dozen lined up outside as he stopped graciously on his way to the tour bus.

Peter's death affected me in a way I thought I had become numb to. I recall being devastated at the age of 12 when Kurt Cobain left this world. Not since his passing have I been affected by the loss someone that I didn't know personally. Plenty of bands write "personal" or "emotionally" based music, but it's trite. Peter was someone I looked up to and respected as man, and so I suppose the vulnerability and emotion expressed coming from someone whom I held in such high merit allowed me to connect with what he was saying at such a personal level (not to mention his carefully calculated ability to compose music that was "hard-as-nails" metal, with the harmonic pop sensibilities that made bands like the Beatles timeless - all without ever sounding commercial, trying to hard, or copied - I think it is accurate to say that Peter's work was in a genre of it's own).

You putting this blog together and sharing these intimate stories with the world REALLY is larger than life. I am so grateful that you've decided to open your hearts with the world and connect with the fans. What a wonderful surprise. It really feels like you've chosen to open up directly to the fans and invite everyone to celebrate Peter's life with you, and I just wanted you to know that it really has touched me.


It's Freakin Saturday so TURN IT UP LOUD ...



  1. I know this has nothing do do with this, but I heard this song which I actually thought was Type O, turns out someone was able to really emulate their sound, but whoever did this certainly had to have loved type O in order to make this sound so close...it's just a what-if type song. Check it out, I think all fans of the band will get a kick out of it!


  2. Jason, I could not agree more!. And since its Saturday, not only will I turn it up loud, but im going to visit my parents today n give my father sympathy for the devil and all the lyrics to the cd's I've been making for him of TON. He absolutely loves peters work, and he always plays it loud!

  3. Sweet sentiment! Love the blog, definitely.

  4. I couldnt agree with you more Jason.. Kurt Cobains death affected me deeply when he passed as well. Peter's passing affected me even more. They are the only 2 famous people I have wept over.

  5. Well said Jason, this past decade alone I've lost 3 of my favorite musicians...Layne Staley, Dimebag Darrell and of course Peter Steele. Alice in Chains, Pantera and Type O Negative will be blasting out my speakers today for sure! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I also agree Jason with your words. Peter was an inspiration to all people. HIs respect for family, friends, fans, his many many gifts. He's passing those gifts to us. The music, well perfection. Turning it up loud is the only way I can listen to TON. "The beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya get" "Let me love you to death" so many words that hit me to my core. HIs words now are like prayers. True gratitude is when you feel someone inside, they changed you, you appreciate them. Peter has changed me in so many ways. I value friends, family more. I feel we are all part of his family now, an extended family. We appreciate your sharing.

  7. Jason, you put into words exactly how I feel about Peter, his music, and his death. Thank you for so eloquently stating what I was never able to. It's like you took the words right from my heart.

  8. Well said jason ...These words are true to the core. Peter and his music has effected all of us in one way or another....
    Emotionally,physically,mentally peter has touched our lives on a level that a lot of people whom didn't know him or never listen to his music, would never began to understand the love and respect that we all have for peter.
    Peter is like a beautiful rare gem and by that i mean there will never be anyone or anything else like him in the world,there is no replica... There is only one peter. Thank you for sharing :)

  9. I really love this blog the family has put together and I am very grateful that you have shared this with the fans. Pete really was one of a kind. On a slightly off topic note.....whatever became of "The Car?"

  10. Lovely artwork and seconding Jason's gratitude.
    Gotta admit, Pete's the only person of fame or notoriety I've ever wept for. Thank you so, so much for your kindness and effort.

  11. so well said !!! before Peter the one musicians death that affected me the most was jim morrison,i am dating myself here but i was only 16 at the time and the doors were really the first music i really was into at the time. not until peter and type o negative had music affected me so much.and i really do love this blog,it helps keep peters spirit alive.

  12. Very nice words Jason. Yeah I still cant believe how much Peters death has changed my everyday life. I think certain people connect on a deep level and even though we didnt know Peter personally/physically in this life we must have a strong spiritual connection to him. Its easy to like someone and to love their music but Peter did way more than that...he touched our souls.

  13. Very well said - thank you Jason for putting these emotions into words - it is so true and has touched me deep. Also the artwork posted is great.
    As stated so many times before: Peter - unmatched and unique.
    Once more a big thank you to the Ratajczyk family for opening up and sharing this blog with us.
    Much love & respect