Lucky Number 13

Since we had so much trouble with Blogger yesterday - with the blog wiped from existence - today's post is a bit of a trial as the wheels get turning on blogger again.

Some fans have asked about Peter's preoccupation with  the number 13. From what we've been told by Peter, it comes from a number of things ... of course, as we meantioned in the past, Peter's love of The Munsters (1313 Mockingbird Lane) ... and there's always the idea of the "unlucky number 13." It's interesting to note that in many buildings there is no 13th floor -- something that never escaped Peter's notice.

FearNet posted their top 13 songs/videos that readers indicated where their favorites for their spooky content. They noted one of TON's songs ... see below for an excerpt from A WEREWOLF'S PLAYLIST:

Another icon taken from us too soon, Peter Steele had a unique way with macabre subject matter: behind his ominous bass-baritone voice and brooding stare hid a sly sense of humor and a true empathy for the outsider, making his songs about creatures of the night (both real and imagined) feel inviting and openly sexual. At the helm of his gothic metal band Type O Negative, Steele's only direct approach to the werewolf tale is in this piece from their classic album October Rust, which draws a direct connection between monthly wolf transformation and the menstrual cycle – a theme which would become central to the classic horror film Ginger Snaps. It's also a deeply romantic piece, whose protagonist wants to either cure or partake of his doomed partner's "curse" before a silver bullet ends their love forever.

To find out what other bands were named in this playlist, see link below:


  1. One of my favourite things about Peter is his love of all things creepy. Some people put on an act and pretend they like things to look cooler but Peter was really into it all. Having a mum like Nettie would have helped, raising the kids to celebrate Halloween. All of the family got involved, adults and children. Life is more fun when you love the crazy stuff!!! Friday the 13th, thats one of the best nights to go out.

  2. This is wonderful..Thank you for posting :)

  3. 13 is a lucky number, right? It is now. Great highlight here. Sorry about your Blogger woes! Make sure you back this blog up just in case anything happens to it. ;) xxCarrie

  4. ummm, i ask myself "who cares about the other bands on the list"? lol. type o negative has been my number one band since 1992. sure i like me some carnivore also, but none have or will ever compare to type o negative...everrrrrrr.

    not only is there no 13th floor, but there is no room "13" in most all hotels, motels.

  5. The fact that the number associated with the devil is 6 and the number associated with perfection is 7. 6+7 equals, that's right = 13. We're all a little bad and a little good on the inside, that's why I always wanted a 13 tattoo but couldn't figure out where to put it.

    After Peter passed away it became clear and I got the 13 added below my ankle, right underneath my o negative tattoo partially in his honor.

  6. I used to choose friday 13:th as my lucky day, have always had good things happening to me on that day.
    Peter was a true thinker.
    All the bands on this list are classics, feels good to find TON on it.

    Once again thank you for this blog.

  7. seems with me that number comes up alot.as a matter of fact my apt number is 13 and when my address numbers are added it also is 13..so to me its my number also. it shows up to me in something wether it be email numbers or something else like a game score or some other thing..and when I notice it I smile..cause to me its special..had this happen alot to me even before I found out that Peter also had a thing for the number 13. dont know what it is but it doesnt bother me.I think its kool and wickedly bad ass.kind of fits me too at times..lol. Im one to not be ummm normal?...lol.
    anyways hope everybody is ok over there and that things are ok there too. hope Irene didnt do too much damage. oh and did ya all see the footage of where a reporter was getting covered in what they said was a weird green foam? anybody else think of Peter in that or was it just me? the min they said green I thought Peter. could that maybe be a sign? hmmmmm.if hes listening hope he knows we still miss him very much and wish he could be here with us. and that we love and always will love him too.
    thanks again for this and wishing you all the best.ya all stay safe and take care. god bless in forever peace and love.

  8. Did Peter Like the movie "Beowulf" or the epic story? It reminds me of him.