You Can't Go Out If Your Roots Are Showing ... Dye Them Black !

A fan reminded us this morning that Black No. 1 was the song that got him into loving Type O Negative. I'm sure this resonates with lots of people.

MTV noted this shot to be one of the scariest monsters in music ...  every year around Halloween they do an ad with a pic of the wolfman, then dracula, then this picture of Pete ... A bit scary, YEAH, I sort of agree.

Pete's been playing the stand-up bass since attending Edward R. Murrow high school (with fellow Carnivore bandmate Stan Pillis). Actually, Pete plays several instruments, including drums, tuba, piano, and is a classically-trained musician in college where he wrote several orchestated pieces. Which, if you read Josh Silver's comments in  MetalSucks yesterday, you would understand how he liked to put together complex components of music - similar to an orchestration - but in metal music sounds.

What I like about the video is the FUN and playful attitude of it. It's full of action and personality. It's a great piece to sing along too, in the car, windows open, not caring about the car next to you. Turn it up ... This song is an anthem to the goth fans ... be yourself and express how you feel ... and for the christ's  sakes, dye your hair already ! 


  1. I believe that "Black Nº 1" is a hymn for many of us…

    Remembering Petrus from the krypt. Hugs, kisses and strength for the Ratajczyk's.


    Life of our beloved beings will continue while we keep on remembering them.

  2. I remember the first time I heard this song (1993), where I was, who I was with, etc. I remember thinking, oh my God who is this? I've never heard anything like this before and I want to hear more. Peter's gorgeously haunting voice and the Munster like organ (I'm a huge Munster's fan)..I was hooked from that day, and will be a fan forever. ~Carrie

  3. unvorgetbel
    ---<--@ ,e-Rose 4 him

  4. It's definitely an anthem, and not only to the goth fans. My brother hates metal in general, let alone "gothic metal", but he loves Black nº 1! Loving Peter, is loving the dead...

  5. Oh lord, that song DID inspire me to dye my hair black (hey, I was 20 and a little eh). I'm also a natural redhead. When my roots grew out, they were red so I had a stripe of RED on the top of my head, and contrary to popular belief, black doesn't wash out, so guess who had to had two-toned hair till the red got long enough to cut to? Yup. Thanks Pete. :P

  6. This record came out in, what, 1993? I didn't hear it first until '97.
    I was 12 or 13 when I bought Bloody Kisses, my first TON album.
    I played the heck out of that CD until it became so scratched that I had to buy another copy.

  7. Yep, this song started it all for me too....I became a fan for life :-)
    I still blast this one in the car,so loud that others roll up their windows!! LOL
    Thanks Pete
    P.S. And my roots have been showing since last week, time to Dye 'em Black again

  8. this song pokes gentle, sexy fun at the idea of looking the part and feeling the part. It fits any image or stereotype not just Goth and I love the way it does not take itself too seriously - the vampire-movie orchestrations and that thumper of a bassline. Simply amazing. I think of it everytime I dye my own hair, though I'm a self-improved red. :D

  9. Wow, thanks everyone for your comments and recollections of Peter's talents. I love that you all GET his personality, his playfulness with words and his pun on words.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back often

  10. I love this song and OH CRAP my roots are showing right now lol. I have already gone white so If mine grows out I look like a skunk lmao.

  11. Black no.1 Thats a song that i could never forget I just love it! I still turn it up real loud and sing right along with it. I love the video watching peter play that bass was amazing cause i have never heard or seen anyone play it like he did, he was very creative!! Just like his awesome voice he was so different from any other and thats what i loved about peter and the band. He did not try to be like everyone elts, his music and lyrics were that of his own and he did not change the way he delivered his way of making music for anyone. You liked or you did'nt. Anyone is crazy not to like or love it, it's like a wonderful,beautiful,crazy piece of art..or i would say a masterpiece!! Black no.1 is one of many of my favorites, I love them all but there are some that i love more as well. Every song tells there own each individual story. It was peters way of expressing his feelings. Peter is a genius and no one or nothing will ever compare to that of his extraordinary music,lyrics or his exquisite voice. I love you to death.....Windy

  12. So funny because believe it or not my MOTHER, God rest her soul, saw this video first and said Brigett you have got to see this video!! And low and behold, I am Type O forever. And knowing my mother she was waiting for him at the gate. LOL

  13. In the wake of Peter's death, there's been a surge in unreleased and bootleg material on places like YouTube. Concerts that had been forgotten are cropping up all over the place, and with them pieces of music that few people heard while Peter was alive. It's bittersweet, knowing what caused so much material to be unearthed.

    You mentioned that Peter wrote several orchestrated pieces while in college. Are there any recordings of these in existence? I know fans like myself have been eagerly seeking traces of unreleased music, such as Prometheus, demo tracks, and now maybe even Peter's orchestrations. Does the family have any plans to release such material for the fans to enjoy?