Something About This Photo Stays With Me

I don't know whether it's the way the camera catches Pete's image reflecting in the background, but something about this picture gives the feeling of calm, clarity and satisfation this early morning.

It may also have something to do with a small  gathering we had tonight with friends who have always been there ... throughout the ups and down ... It was a great bunch of people. It was relaxing. It was needed after this long week ... and much longer year.

You would have thought Peter was in the room with us, at a favored hangout, laughing about all the crazy stuff he taught us, or things he used to do or say. It just felt good. Really good.

I leave you with one of Peter's favorite phone prank clips ... He played this audio all the time (ignore the stupid graphics)



  1. Glad you enjoyed a peaceful moment. This pic of Pete is great


  2. it's Peter infinity in those mirrors..well and outside them as well. :)

  3. Thanks for this - very cool pic. I posted a memorial post to Pete on my blog, feel free to come and visit.

  4. lol have a drumstick and your brain starts crickin! thats funny. im glad your family and friends had a great time.thanks for sharing this,i thought i was the only one that liked the jerky boys still!
    erik hernandez

  5. Lol..thats thats too funny thank you for sharing. That is a great picture of peter it's one of so many that i just love. Thank you ...Windy

  6. @ Erick.. your not the only one.. I LOVE the Jerky Boys.. listened to their cd's over & over, still laughing! ~Carrie

  7. Haha I used to do calls like that always too, I have a whole CD of em, leave it to Pete to like the Jerky Boys, man, I miss him and thank you very much to the Ratajczyk family for sharing the side of Pete that we all knew was there but never actually heard about, We are all there with you and Peter is smiling down on us all!
    Thank you!