Limited Edition Memorial T Shirt Available


As gratitude to a legion of dedicated fans
who have always loved Peter more than he loved himself
We are releasing a Limited Edition Memorial Shirt
in memory of Peter Steele's legacy &
his contributions to the world of music

1 . 4 . 1962  -  4 . 14 . 2010

Tribute Shirts details go to:


  1. this is amazing, I thank you so very much. Peter deserved every bit of love, admiration and praise he got and more. I will proudly wear this tshirt in loving remembrance of him.

  2. I will be odering so that i can give my support to you (Ratajczyk Family) and to honor peter's memory.. Thank you for being so gracious and wonderful and for opening your hearts to me and so many others around the world. All my thoughts,prayers my love goes out to you....Sincerely Windy.

  3. What an amazing idea ! i'm pre-ordering now

  4. I will wear mine in honor of Pete's life, his music, his memory. His voice carries me to work and home every day.

  5. I will order and wear this T-shirt proudly!

  6. To the Ratajczyk family:

    First and foremost I would like to express my deepest sympathies. As a fan of Type O Negative’s for over half of my life and since the first moment I heard Bloody Kisses at the time it was released, I can honestly say that Peter’s music touched my life in ways that no other band has before or probably ever will. This is probably true for most fans of Type O Negative as well. Also, I personally understand the need to help raise money to support your family’s financial responsibilities to Peter’s estate and agree that a memorial shirt is a wonderful way to do so. However, I respectfully disagree with the artwork chosen for this purpose. The larger image used, while a great image in it’s original form, does not translate well to the shirt. It’s pixilation is very unflattering. I personally feel that a fan designed piece would be much more befitting in remembrance of Peter by his fans. Of course I realize that there may be copy write issues involved in choosing images, but I am posting a link from TON’s facebook page to show as an example of some of the wonderful memorial images created by fans. Please take the time to look through the album and I think that you will find the same comfort and appreciation for them that I have. I also hope that this will help to illustrate a much better approach to the design of this shirt. This particular image is one that has stuck with me since Peter’s passing last year and has always invoked a feeling of loving remembrance of Peter. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=1400405325497&set=o.41443417390&type=1&theater



  7. Just got my t- shirts and some little goodies.Thank you so much.Regards.