Funny Story Behind Pete On Jerry Springer


So, Pete comes home after a band meeting and says to me, I'm supposed to appear on Jerry Springer. And I looked at him and said, "Who are you gonna fight?" He said, "no, it's not like that, it's gonna be something about groupies or girls that follow bands." And I said to him, "maybe they'll let you audition for being one of the show bouncers." His answer: "Well, it will probably pay more than what I make now."

It's a funny clip. He looks great. And I think he even smiles a little on the show.

Enjoy ...


  1. To The Ratajczyk family,

    Thank you for opening up and sharing these wonderful memories about Peter. My husband and I are huge Type O fans and have enjoyed Peter's music, art, and sense of humor for a long time. His death was very hard on us and still is. The revolver magazine really did not do Peter any justice in memorializing him. I blame the editor. For almost the last year we wondered if what Peter had created would just be remembered as a blip in music history when to his devoted fans he created an entire world and atmosphere for which nothing compared. Peter was a true artist. His music healed us and many others over the years. I once heard a Type O fan tell a story about how his baby died of SIDS and nothing helped him feel better except listening to Type O's World Coming Down. That is incredible! Peter changed the world and helped many people through his music. I thank God for the gift he shared with us fans. Thanks again to the Ratajczyks for helping fans have some closure as well through this blog. ---Jessica

  2. Jessica,

    Everyday it's people like you who share tidbits of how Pete's music has affected their own lives -- that helps the family feel the need to share more of Peter's personality back to you.

    It's the fans that MADE us feel we should let the world know more about the man who spoke publicly of his own fears and issues, but who was also a gentle giant.

    Please come back often.


  3. Thank you so much for making this website and sharing all the wonderful memories and pictures! I have been a Type O fan for over 15 yrs, I've been lucky enough to have met Peter on two occasions. He was kind enough to take the time to listen as I thanked him for his music that literally saved my life more than once!! He hugged me, and we talked a bit, and gave me his autograph which now is tattooed on my right arm along with the band symbol and the dates of birth and death! Peter really ment the world to me, and I'm still really struggling with his death. I'm just a lucky fan so I could only imagine what the family is feeling!!! My heart and love go out to all of you! Know that you don't mourn alone, as someone else said I can't believe what a profound impact his death had on me!!! It really felt for me that I lost a close family friend. I miss him...everyday! He did more for me then I could ever begin to explain! Thank you girls for helping to raise him to be the wonderful person he was! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you!! I love you all to death and beyond!!!! <3

  4. i remember seeing this years ago, i thought he was funny on there.really good guy.

  5. Dear Ratajzcyk family

    I allow myself to address you "dear",and forgive me on that-but your family member marked my world unlike many of my closest kin haven't.

    Never I had an opportunity to say how I regret for your loss,as many more not unlike me do,and yet-there are you,people that made him the way we could not love him more.

    Thank you,and my sincere condolences.

    Greetings from Balkan peninsula,where you are welcome to come anytime.

  6. And excuse me,please,that I misspelled your surname.

    Best wishes.

  7. Rose from NY now in CA2:28 AM, February 08, 2013

    I saw this clip and he was his gorgeous self...so sweet and honest. His presence his stature...he was one of a kind for sure. we miss everything about him. I listen to TON so much and I know all the words like he's still here. I shed a tear now and then and I never met him but we all feel like we knew him. He brought that closeness to all he touched. Peter you will never be forgotten. We miss you so much. It's hard to believe it will be 3 yrs soon. April holds a sad memory now. I know I cried on that day. Probably will again. Peace to all.

  8. Hello, could anyone tell me please, what did peter's mother say to that naked "santa-clause-girl"? You gonna catch...what? I didn't understand that.

    P.S. You did a great job with that Blog! In one minute I could cry and in the next I laugh!

    I miss him so much!

    Best wishes from Germany!

    1. Bit late, but @Anonymous, his Mom said, "You are going to catch pneumonia."

    2. She said... you're gonna catch pneumonia

    3. She said pneumonia

  9. I'm eternally in love with him!!! <3