The Tribute Mag That Got It Right - Part 2

I have to thank MetalSucks writer ANSO for getting an indepth look into the story of Peter's life, by talking with Pete's sister, bandmates, childhood friend, and adult friend. Unlike the Revolver Mag piece that was a huge dishonor, Anso really did his homework, asked the questions that people wanted to know and dove in with respect for a fallen music hero for a tribute that totally rocked. If Peter's spirit is reading this piece ... well, he probably would be making fun at the beautiful tributes ... but later, when he was alone, he would have reread it and would have been thankful for the people interviewed in this article. Because that was the type of person he was.

The pic is from the TON site. I love it.

The amazing article is below. Please share it with your friends. And thank you for coming back to our site. We are going to need you all to lean on tomorrow ... it's going to be quite a day ...



  1. With a stainless steel military food tray in his meaty left hand, an idol descended upon the Feast of Friends to join the likes of Morrison, Hendrix, and Dime. Heaven's quickly turned into the ultimate place for a gig as the blood of Christ flows from the tap at rates previously unseen (even Valhalla would be running low on mead at their rate, no doubt), while the creepy green light of this orbital speck has grown several shades darker.

    I was privileged to have met one of metal's largest icons, figuratively and literally. Regardless of his condition, be it depression or drunkenness, that once forebodingly blackened shape was ever humble and fit for a laugh in any form, whether it was his or yours, whether it was from a joke or a choke hold, especially if you were the unsuspecting type like I was at the Croc Rock. Without a doubt my biggest influence musically, lyrically, and philosophically, my time will be spent herein wondering what could've been, while holding high his unprecedented legacy of melancholy.

    However great the funeral pyre may be, there are embers yet to be kindled. His doom-laden endowment will be one that will live on forever, both in memories and in spirit, and I for one will do my best to honor them in whatever I create. Rest in peace, Peter.

  2. Just finished reading it. Absolutely loved it, very respectful and heartfelt.
    I feel like crying right now. Such a terrible, unfair loss. And I'm just a fan. I can only imagine what you -the family- must feel.
    I am sending you all my love and support.

  3. Thank you Mictian and Vero for commenting. I'm floored by your dedication and precise description of everything we are feeling ... thanks for your support and come back often.

  4. This has been a really positive interaction.

  5. Duly appreciated; I'll do my best to accommodate.

  6. Thinking of you and yours; sending much love.

  7. Huge Type O Negative fan here. Just finished reading the article. Made me know better the singer, song writer and bassist of one of my favorite bands. Though I miss Peter Steele and wish he was around longer, my Type O Negative albums will forever be a vital part of my record collection

  8. That was an outstanding two part interview for fans. Wow! We have been wondering so many things that were talked about in those interviews. It is devastating to read again that Peter was ready to work on another Type O Negative album and that the people around him when he died might have been taking advantage of him. He was such a generous person. He shared his gift of music with the world and by doing that he helped many. Type O fans are dedicated and, like the guys in the band said, they would always be able to fill a house. I can't believe he is really gone. I am still in the phase where I feel like I am getting to be overdue for a Type O concert. Had things gone differently a new album and tour would be on the way about now. Alas, there will be no more. So sad.. I pray Peter is at peace.
    On a lighter note, I think it is funny to hear the guys in the band talk about the Playgirl spread. I have always felt like that was just part of the humorous side of Type O's lore and I know many fans would agree with me. I really don't think they lost any fans because of it and they probably gained some. Thank you to all contributed to the interviews. Miss you Peter... :(===
    ---Jessica (Black Number 1)
    p.s I loved the birthday party story Jimmy Duff told. How cool would that be!

  9. Brian -

    I notice two fabulous words you mention in your comments - records and albums ... I hope you really mean it (and not cds)

    ha ha thanks for the comments - much appreciated

  10. Jessica (BN 1) -

    We love Duff ! And, his comments were dead on.

    Thanks for commenting. I agree: i can't imagine that they would have lost fans with Playgirl piece. It's so quirky and funny. I know Pete ended up with many more guy fans ... ha ha


  12. i'm glad a journalist finally paid a well deserved tribute to Peter. It was lovely to read

    much strength to you on this difficult day

  13. It was a very defining moment in 1993, on a Wed. at 2 AM that broadened an idea for me and began the steps to my path in life. I remember it so vividly. I was on the phone (as most 16 yr old girls are apt to be) and babysitting for a local bands drummer. That school year I had decided to accomplish every instrument the school had to offer. The moment I heard Pete and TON I hung up the phone and sat at full attention. What I was hearing was not just great rock/metal or cool melodies- my ear picked up right away on the subtle complimentary chord changes and movements beneath the surface that created more of a production than just notes with a hook. There were emotional pulls and tugs in every measure. I was hooked.
    I want you to know that Pete and TON changed and helped a lot of lives....but discovering them truly set the foundation for a life I had begun in music. I had just started taking those baby steps then, but I recognized musical genius right away, and it became a litmus for me.
    Since those first days of discovery, I became classically trained in 4 instruments, have a degree in music theory and have written numerous songs for television shows, commercials and other marketing venues. (And on rare occasion, I sit in with the Phil Harmonic)- I have donated countless hours to under privileged children in music programs and I HONESTLY feel like it all began with that one night in '93. Hopefully, even if the kids I teach have never heard of TON, there is a musical message still living on that I try to impassion each one with. Trickle down TON, if you will. :)
    Thank you Ratajckak's for this memorial blog. I was truly touched in life by your uncle, brother, cousin, friend and have followed his musical genius for the last 18 years. It means the world that you would be so compassionate to share your stories here and allow others to do the same.


  14. These 2 parts are awesome. So much love and respect shown for Peter, unlike the Revolver thing, which tore my heart out. I came away with 3 thoughts which were this:

    1. Like so many I had been waiting for the next album. Waiting to see what beautiful music and touching of my heart by his lyric would be next. Sadness that the music stopped.

    2. I almost wish Peter had stayed with the Park Department and never started the bands. Lived a good quiet life with a woman who adored him and raised his children. I wonder if his genius would have allowed this.

    3. Respect for Josh, Kenny, and Johnny renewed. Josh, I wish you the best in your new life. I understand better why you made your choice to find another career and I respect it. Johnny and Kenny,... ROCK ON. I dont believe you are ever to old to do what you love.

  15. I am very appreciative for these interviews.
    It was very kind for all these people, who are still suffering, to come forward and answer questions for us: the fans.
    I enjoyed this read. It was a breath of fresh air.

  16. well done ANSO. This is what I have been wanting to read about for quite a while now. Peter was the heart and driving force of not one but at least 3 music projects, he produced, developed graphics, had a critical and all encompassing vision of what he was aiming for. He was driven and demanding and put out some of the most multilayered, intelligent, challenging music of the last decades. To read about his work process as an artist is fascinating and humbling. To read about his sense of humour, kindness and gentleness, all that he never got to do and all that was left to live makes me sadder than I have words for. I think it is Josh's feelings that echo my own more closely. Sadness, but a great deal of anger and WTH. It was too soon, there was too much left to experience and to accomplish.
    But what he left us with was immense and beautiful and I am very thankful to him for it. Thank you Ratajczyk family for allowing us such a privileged glimpse into your life with your beloved brother/uncle and for giving us this place to share, laugh, honour and celebrate Peter and the love he inspired. My thoughts are with you.

  17. Thank you so much for creating this blog and giving us an insight into Peter the family man.
    As a I fan I miss and think of him all the time, I can only imagine what you are all going through. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
    Lara from Australia.

  18. The interview was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my evening, with some hot tea and a blanket thinking about my own memories of Pete and type o. I wish you guys well. know that his memory lives on in the heart of one more soul.

  19. This article was FANTASTIC. I have the issue of Revolver with their "tribute" and found it quite disrespectful.