Strong, Emotional, Melodic Vocals ... Peter Always Stood Out

This photo is Josh and Pete from the very last show they did together. I love this picture.
Two childhood friends ...
Can you imagine being in business with your childhood friend for most of your life?

I thought I'd share another review from writer Kyle Bowser -- whose style of writing, I feel resonates with blog readers. He has passion when he writes. AND, he seems to be a genuine kinda person. So, with Kyle's approval, here is his review of "World Coming Down" cd, which was published over a year ago.

From Metal-Archives.com:

With the passing of Peter Steele, I felt it was about time I got to writing a Type O Negative review, finally. I’ve been listening to this band now since about January of this year. Yeah, not for very long, yet in that short time span they have catapulted into one of my all time favorite bands. I’ve even gone through the trouble of finding just about all of their full-lengths (aside from The Origin of the Feces and Life is Killing Me yet), which I’ve never really done before for any band that I can remember, as incredible as I consider some of the bands I’ve listened to. They just never struck me in quite the same way as Type O Negative did. I suppose the album that I first listened to by Type O Negative had something to do with it, this one; World Coming Down. This album is clearly the band’s crowning moment in their existence, because it has two of the most incredible songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I suppose partly why I’m writing this review at this time is to cope with the reality that I will never see this band live and to be honest, it hurts. However, I also had a feeling that I never would and in a way you could say I was both a bit too late and just in time in discovering this band. Either way, I consider myself lucky for even discovering this band when I did and I know I will never tire of them as long as I live.

So, you might be asking yourself why Type O Negative struck me so deeply and so instantly as they did. Well, for one, I can tell you Peter Steele’s vocals are probably the most incredible and unique vocals I’ve heard so far in my journey through music. I think I’ve also always had a leaning toward strong melodic vocalists as well, such as Hansi Kürsch. I was listening to a lot of Joy Division before I discovered Type O Negative and Ian Curtis utilized strong memorable baritone vocals. I suppose it was a step by step process and when I finally hit on Peter Steele’s bass-baritone vocals when I did it was just a perfect next step of Ian Curtis’ vocal style, yet to a further degree. I certainly can say that Peter Steele’s vocals are the most pivotal and vital part of Type O Negative for me, without them I don’t think they would have stood out nearly as much as they did. His delivery is always with strong emotion and passion, while being able to have actually a relatively wide vocal range. He seems to be able to flow from mid-bass range to the higher end of baritone seamlessly, which creates for fantastic dynamics in each song. An example of this can particularly be heard on the massive dark and dirged out song “White Slavery.” Regardless of where Peter Steele is floating in the vocal range, his voice is always powerful and very heavy, not something that can ever be missed.

The riffing on World Coming Down is, of course, about as incredible as you will ever find on some of the songs. For instance, I mentioned that World Coming Down possesses possibly two of the most astonishing songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. The first being the opening track “White Slavery”, which begins with possibly the most crushing dirge infected riff of all time, completely devastating and hardly something that is beautiful in any way. However, that is what makes it so fantastic, it is practically like looking into the soul of Peter Steele himself when that riff explodes in the first opening seconds of “White Slavery.” The tempo on this song is also painfully slow and finding the beat is near impossible to do, as generally with the whole album. The other masterpiece is, of course, the title song; “World Coming Down.” From my experience with this band, which regrettably, hasn’t been nearly as long as I would wish, “World Coming Down” is the finest song they ever wrote. This song is simply perfect in every conceivable way and I will never grow tired of it. “World Coming Down” opens with another slow dirged out riff and a china splashing cymbal beat, with possibly Peter Steele’s finest vocal performance and lyrics as well. The somber and quieter interludes are possibly the most memorable moments I’ve yet discovered in music. I’m completely wrapped up in the atmosphere created by these interludes without another thought crossing my mind. These interludes possess, ironically, some of the most beautiful riffs ever recorded, along with Peter Steele’s bass voice and mournful bass lines, make it pure musical bliss. I really can’t say anything more about it, other than it is the most awe-inspiring moments I’ve had in music. “World Coming Down” will never be forgotten.

On that note, I think I will attempt to conclude this review somehow. I suppose I didn’t do the greatest job of describing the music, but I did what I could. All I can say is, if you have yet to experience Type O Negative, please do because you will never regret it. I suppose, music such as this won’t appeal to everyone, however, I think everyone needs to hear this album at some point before they die. The music found on this album is mature and sincere, unlike a lot of the fans Type O Negative seem to have gathered over the years. For me, this album is nearly perfect and an unforgettable experience, opening my eyes to a completely new band and their drab outlook on existence, which I think I always kind of felt all my life anyway. Perhaps that is why I love this music so much, I understand Peter Steele’s point of view, whether that be good or bad, and connect so much to his bleak view of life. I just hope I’m not doomed like he always seemed to be.
R.I.P. Peter Steele, lost but not ever forgotten.

                                                                          * ~ * ~ *~ *

Oh, and one of Kyle's favs is "White Slavery" so enjoy the audio. I love the emotion in Peter's voice with this song. I could imagine that if this was an instrumental, it would be powerful, too.


  1. Nice review, thank you

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Peter Thomas Ratajczyk...Ten years of adoration from afar,culminated in a narcotic induced psychotic mess. We dealt with insane stalkers, crazy fans, bizarre ex girlfriends and spray paint vandals. We pondered M.C. Escher, Iceland, Suicide from the Coney Island parachute jump, Red Hook and so much more. I regret NOTHING other then the fact that I could not save you from yourself. I met Miss Nettie, learned the origins of all of my favorite TON lyrics and even got your autograph, much to your eye rolling dismay. We painted and placed our footprints on a canvas which we entitled "When we were." I slept with Weena, Tito and Griz, but rarely with you. You had quite an affinity for the futon. I will love and miss you for all the time I have left in this life.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Great review!! I always thought that World Coming Down was such an underrated album. And it's precisely the album that made me fall in love with Type O, because it was exactly the last thing I would have expected from them after listening to the previous albums: an utterly negative, honest, depressive as hell, totally from the heart album. No room for jokes or tongue-in-cheek songs here. Just total inner devastation. Pain, vulnerability, weaknesses, pure human emotions so beautifully written and put into music, from a man whose physical appearance showed anything but weakness, so strikingly powerful, strong, almost beast-like. I loved that contradiction, the way he proved to be as sensitive as any other human being in this world, and way more.
    Thank you again for sharing this with us.

  6. World Coming Down is my favorite album because of the content and the pain and suffering and sorrow. Pulled me through losing someone special and for that I can never repay, ever. Great, great reflection of one of the greatest underrated albums of our time.

  7. thanks for sharing this review. I have to say I share Vero Steele's experience - its was World Coming Down that forever changed Type O Negative's place in my heart: they went from being a great band with fantastic songs that were a joy to listen to being the soundscape of my inner thoughts. The lyrics and heavy, dense orchestrations resonated deep within me and the feeling was overwhelming: I felt a strange mixture of relief and awe - I knew that someone understood what I felt and managed to make sense out of it and this made me feel less alone and at sea. I cant thank Peter or TON enough for this.

  8. Thank you for sharing, Very nice!! .......Windy

  9. It was such a pleasure to read this wonderful article. Clearly this man loved the music and it touched his soul as it touched so many of us.

  10. One of Type O Negatives BEST and one of my favorites Albums, but which one was not- however, an amazing write up and a must buy!!! With Gratitude 4-8

  11. What a beautiful picture! I am still having trouble with Peter's loss andI feel as if I may never fully get over it. Either way Rest Peacefully & See You Next Time.

  12. That article is so accurate. So nice to read this blog even if it's years after it was written.