Had to Share

I found this on a friend's FB page, and I'm sorry, but I don't know the artist (photo shopper) who did this, but WOW. Love it ... THANKS


  1. Wow... That is a beautiful picture! Just one look at this picture says it all. Thank you for sharing...Windy

  2. This is the other picture by Crystal Harris. I love both of the ones she made.

  3. Thanks everyone for telling me this is Crystal Harris. I will find her on FB to thank her for this picture.

    She is a talent ... some many of you are so talented.


  4. I think that Peter was prepered for death..

    "When you approach your bed to sleep, say to it: ‘Bed, perhaps this night you may become a grave for me, and I do not know if instead of the temporary sleep that eternal sleep comes to me this night’. Therefore, as long as you have free legs run after the good work before they are tied by that bond that is impossible to be untied. As long as you have fingers, cross yourself in prayer before death comes. As long as you have eyes fill them with tears before they are covered by dust( ... ). Remember, O man, your departure from here and always say: ‘Behold, the appointed angel has arrived at the door and will follow after me. Why do I tarry? There is an eternal journey that has no return’."St. Isaac the Syrian

  5. That is a great 'shop of an already emotional image. Very nice. I think we all feel this way.