Another Standing Ovation For The Fans

We've gotten some comments about the artwork picked for the tribute shirt and the photos uploaded to the FB page. I have to say that you guys have some amazing talents out there. From colored drawings, to poetry, to digitized versions of Pete's likeness, we are constantly floored over your inspirations and devotion to Peter.

So, if it's not too overdone, we'd like to highlight some work that we really think is stunning. If you have suggestions, please let us know. For further inspiration, TON's gallery is fantastic too (thank you Diana).

Here's a 3 part tribute from MELISSA (Thank you )


  1. My thanks to Peter's family, for sharing personal stories and photos. It allows us fans to see him in a different light. Type O was there for me through many hard times over the years and Peter will be sorely missed. He was a truly unique man, with amazing talent.

  2. Thank you for allowing us to share our creativity !

    this is a beautiful tribute

  3. Wow you used all three <3 I'm glad you liked them. They were from the heart. When I sat down and made all three it just felt right.

    Thank you to you and your family for sharing your loved one with the world. Our lives are richer, our hearts deeper because of the love, passion and talent that Peter poured into his music.


  5. I have a pencil drawing I made of Peter. I told him at the Hard Rock Orlando show that I would give it to him at the Masqurade's Tampa show the next night. He was embarrassed that I said that, and hissed at me not to let anyone else hear me. I was shocked and crushed that he responded that way. Looking back, I guess I wouldn't want some fat assed "Spandex Enormity" fawning over me either. I still have the picture. I scanned it in and its in my portfolio at http://grafixasap.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=73&Itemid=182 Its under Art Murals and costumes. Feel free to use it however you want. I intended to give it to him, but was just so mortified afterwards that I didn't even go to that second show. I never meant to upset him. I'm sorry for my appearance and I wish I'd have just mailed it in or left it at the venue anonymously.

  6. Aimee,
    I'm sorry you never got an opportunity to show Peter your sketch. He was probably a little embarrassed and was trying to deflect it with humor (or in this case, hissing) but he did accept drawings, paintings, dolls, shirt designs, and even a tombstone made for him. He brought all those things home with him and gave them to his mother (when she was alive) and then his sisters after.

    It's a beautiful sketch. Thank you for sharing it. If you haven't already, I believe Diana at the TON site is posting fan artwork in the TON gallery.