With A Little Help From Our Friends

Sister Pat has this painting in her hallway. Please tell me who the artist is so I can credit her/him.
Peter valued the artwork that people did for him. Even if he made fun of it when he saw you - he brought the artwork home to his mother and father because they would appreciate seeing how the fans were connected with him. Now, through Peter, the family is connected to you. Thank you. You all are amazing. 

I thought this was an interesting piece from "HyperLaceAlchemists" because Nettie and Pete Sr. would have loved the water theme. Nettie would draw and paint mermaids all the time. Pete Sr. was a swimmer and was drawn to the water. Thank you for this beautiful talent.

I love the way this blog has become a place to share information. Isa from Germany (I wish you lived in NYC - we'd get into tons of trouble) ... Mare from U.S.(you are so caring to us) ... The "Tree Girls" ... Ink for Blood with video suggestions ... so many others ... keep those suggestions coming ...

We'd like to take your suggestion of adding a location on the blog for fans to upload their artwork and pictures. I have to figure out which widget does that ... Any ideas?  Come on Techies - Comment here ... Thanks

I have to thank Annie Riordan from California for two beautiful gifts she sent the family - amazing artwork - you are so talented ... thanks for taking the time to ship to us. wow. I hope to photograph them and post to this blog.

Ink for Blood was gracious enough to share this video in the comment section. It's a clear video of World Coming Down. Enjoy ... we certainly did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN_BlF9Vtvw


  1. They are all wonderful! A lot of very talented people, it's awesome that they put so much time and effort in their art and honoring peter's memory with such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. I just watched the live World Coming Down video yesterday. I came across is about 6 months ago and shared it on my Facebook page. Only two of my friends "liked" it. I wish I could get more people to take the time to give TON's music a chance. It has been my saving grace on more than one occasion...World Coming Down is one of my favorites and I enjoyed watching this video. There are so many videos floating around out there. I just wish my computer was better at loading them (a lot of buffering) because I'd be watching every single one of them. One of my favorites is for Love You To Death. Someone had made a video of that song to one of my all-time favorite movies; Bram Stoker's Dracula. Love You To Death goes perfect with this movie. Check it out sometime if you already haven't.

  3. We owe you and your family thanks for sharing these beautiful,touching stories. I looking forward to them every day. Some days they bring tears and most of the times they bring laughter.
    So Thank You.

  4. The audience was spellbound after that song at the Munchen concert; there were a few times when Pete couldn't sing for the tears in his eyes and choking anguish in his voice. His world was surely starting to come down ... the death of his Dad, the on-going sickness of his Mom, the loss of his love to another man and the consequential looming legal problems, and the escalating drug and alcohol dependency ... he bore it all and taught us how to face our own falling worlds. God speed, Pete. And thank you.

  5. Glad you liked my idea about having somewhere where we can show our paintings. Unfortunately I dont know much about computers..only the basic stuff..please make it easy for us to put our pictures up. I dont want to have to ask my daughter to do it for me..thats just embarrassing and it gives her an excuse to say I'm old:) Cant wait to see everyones artwork. I would still love to read a story about Peters tattoos. Was he under age when he got them? Was tattooing legal then or are they a"backyard job".

  6. Thank you Darcie! I also wish we did live closer. We both together will be the new nightmare from Tony and Bernd.LOL

  7. I am the Groundskeeper at the Toledo Museum of Art and am in charge of caring for our 36 acres of beautiful sculpture garden, trees and beautiful GREEN turf. Would love to plant a tree in memory of Pete in our sculpture garden to keep his memory alive. We loved him in Toledo and I got a chance to meet him a few times. I would be honored to plant this for him and his family to give something back for all the emotion and memorys he gave to us in his music.

  8. truly amazing that there are so many people who still care about peter and his legacy.i watched the video and it brought back so many memories.that album came out at a particular low point in my life and that is the album i told kenny that in my belief saved my life,kenny told me "thats the lamest shit ive ever heard from a fan" lmao...he must have had a bad day.either way though i owe peter and the rest of the band my life,and one day im gonna make good on that! thank you marie,darcie,cathy,and the rest of the RATAJCYK family for letting us in on a daily basis,we love type o negative,peter,and you all!
    -erik hernandez-

  9. i have a drawing that would blow your mind in how well it was drawn by ms. MeL HOWARD-BROWNE. it is aaaaaaamazing. i have seen the murmaid one of pete before. quite beautiful indeed. i love all of the different type of art done with pete. the painting, drawings, photoshop stuff. all seem to be pretty amazing. and there is poetry also. you can go into www.deviantart.com and look up peter steele in the suggestion box. it will bring all of that up for you.

    if the mare from the us is me, thanks much for the mention.


  10. Thank you so much Peter, his bands, and the Ratajczyk's for everything you have/are given us <3
    Firstly, this "world coming down" clip is my absolute favorite. I too was gonna suggest it here, but was just beaten to it :D
    It totally blows me away, fills me with such emotion, & always brings on the tears.
    Secondly, I love looking at others' artwork, as I'm blessed with creativity myself - an important therapy for me. It's a joy knowing the gains people must get from their own creations, and others, in turn, with whom they share it. A fans' artwork gallery is a wonderful idea, I look forward to it.
    Thirdly, I can't wait FOR Peter's tree to be planted in PP.
    Again, THANK YOU for everything your family are sharing here, it's beautiful!
    Love & respect to you all.

  11. Hi Darcie--

    WOW--some great artwork here! So many talented people--I'm jealous! ;) I haven't watched any of the videos yet--I'm waiting till we get high-speed here, which should be soon. Then I'll be watching as many as I can before my eyes fall out of my head!

    As always, thanks for sharing!
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P, Stamford, CT

  12. I made rowena`s words, my one´s words. Here in Brazil, TON has fans too. This blog is the only way that we have to know more about the man that is so importan to me and so many others. Tanks and forgive me for the bad english...

    Claudia Corvo from Colombo, Brazil.

  13. Hi everyone!I want to thanks all he stories, pictures and feelings that the family have shared with us.
    Darcie, you called all the techies, so here I am: I advise the family to buy a domain. Some years ago I saw - and read - a website. The web address was petersteele.com but the site doesn't exist anymore. But the person bought the domain.So, check it out.
    I'm telling you that because I have a blog too and there's this danger about evertyhing disappeared from overnight...About the place to put all the pictures with the work of the fans, maybe you can use the Flickr. It's a good site to show and share pictures.
    Brazilian kisses for everyone (Hi Claudia!)

  14. I love looking at all the artwork and poetry that people have dedicated to Peter. Some of the words that I have read have moved me to tears and have been mostly written by people that never even met Pete but who felt so connected to him that they felt his loss like that of a cherished family member. And now we feel that connection to you his wonderful loving and caring family.... The year after Petes death felt bleak and it was hard for me to process that he was gone. Making contact with you his family and his most devoted fans has been amazing!! Sharing stories and pictures and memories and also forging new friendships with all of you has been a wonderful and healing experience! I know between us all there is enough love to keep Peters memory alive for generations to come...LOVE YOU ALL xxxxxxxxxx

  15. Deborah Fischer5:31 PM, June 05, 2011

    beautiful artwork !

  16. I couldn't find anything that would allow people to directly upload - I think that may be a little risky. Maybe a good solution would be collect the artwork via email and then post it into a collection in picasa.

    Then, within picasa, you should be able to link directly to blogger from the menu option "blog this" and use their builtin flash slideshow thingy.

    Hope it helps!

  17. Hey there, been using Blogger for some time now. It's not really ideal for large amounts of people to contribute. An open group on Facebook is pretty much your best option as fans can post pictures to the wall, but you guys already have one of those. The way the TON site itself did the art gallery works but yeah, you guys have lives and can't constantly be maintaining a site. You'd think there'd be something easy enough to use for a mass-effort. If I come across anything, I'll come back and post my findings.

  18. Great artwork - so many talented people out there it's amazing - sharing this with us is so wonderful. Thx InkForBlood & Darcie for posting the World Coming Down video - I was blown away, it's magic, there's so much in it & of course I'd like to kick myself even more ;-) for never seeing a TypeONegative live performance ;-( therefore these vidoes mean so much to me - I heard the WorldComingDown album very often in the past few weeks.
    @Melanie - thx for your words, this is so true
    Regarding uploads unfortunately I do not have an idea - sorry ..
    Thank you for sharing

  19. it's so amazing to me how much Peter Steele is loved...we the fans are heart broken but when are privi to these heartwarming stories from family, well it's making it a bit easier to take. We miss him beyond the moon. His soul will rest easier now because we remember him fondly each and every day. Thank you family you are in our hearts and prayers daily. WE miss him so much.

  20. talk to my husband. he does this type of thing for a living. he would be glad to help you. he's a type o fan also. he would be honored to help a member of peter's family. feel free to look at his website it's www.creativecompulsions.com