So They Found Us

I noticed the other day that the haters have found this blog.

It's ok, you can stay here. You can read this blog and see all the love that the world has for Peter Steele. Maybe you will find something positive to talk about on your own pages and on Twitter. Maybe you will learn something about him ... some things you never knew ... many things he didn't share.

I'd like to keep this blog as a place to remember the positives about Peter. A place where the fans can connect, share, remember. Let's keep it that way, ok? If you have any shred of love for Peter, you'd show it the right way. Nuff said ...

* ~ * ~*

Picture is 1979 in Nettie's kitchen

I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment,
which I hate to do, but it's motivational.
I like old heavy metal when I'm outside working.
Music has definite functions for me -- Peter Steele

This is one of my favorite songs - Summer Breeze. 1994. Nettie liked this song very much. When I hear it, it reminds me of hanging in the backyard playing in the pool. We'd try to make a whirlpool with Peter leading the way, round and round, till Pete Sr. would yell that the sides of the pool could collapse (which made us cheer). Enjoy.

Thanks Louie Montalvo for finding this and posting


  1. The haters can not destroy the love between Peter and his family!
    This evil people are paranoid.

  2. I love this picture!! Summer breeze is a great song i love how peter did it his way. Such a talented artist to me this is the best version of the song! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. wow. I confess this whole hater business is news to me. Peter was an extraordinary musician, artist and human being and the love and respect we show him here is proof that he inspired and moved so many of us in a positive way. If anyone feels differently I hope they at least respect the feelings of Peter's family and fans and the spirit in which this blog was created, to say nothing of Peter's memory.
    I am thankful to the family and everybody that has contributed to it so far. The photo above is lovely and I can see some of Peter in Nettie's expression.

    thank you :)

  4. ahhhhh summer breeze,a great song off of the album that would introduce millions to TYPE O NEGATIVE!i still listen to that cd like it was new,awesome writing and excellent cover songs are what drew me to PETERS band! NETTIE knew her son was special,look at her bright shining eyes with PETER at her side! love this blog and everything about it.thank you.and for the haters...please,leave this one place sacred for those of us that love the family and memories...
    -erik hernandez-

  5. Sorry to hear about haters, but like Pete said: "We don't care what you think" and "Well, shit comes in all hues. Now this means you.". Enough said about haters. ;D

    Nice post once again, this live version of this wonderful song is rather rare!

    I still remember the first time when I heard this song, there was no coming back after that - such an incredible cover!

  6. The cover of Summer Breeze was the first song I ever heard by Type O. It was the only good thing I took away from the big screen viewing of "I Know What You Did Last Summer." What a terrible flick. But wow, what a voice. I became an instant fan.

  7. I never knew Peter, but I sure listen to his music an awful lot! People hate all the time. It's a sighn there life is filled with bordom. Ive had many struggles in my life that have caused people that don't know me to make judgments about my character, but they don't know me just like most of the haters never knew Peter. Regardless his talents have given me great joy over the years and that's all I care about. I wish I could have met him, it seems he would have been quite a fun person to know.

  8. How could you hate this guy ..or his family...?

  9. The only tributes I've seen are the ones made by his family and those who actually, genuinely, truthfully love and respect Pete AND his family. I am very grateful to the family for sharing all these memories and photos and not keeping them to themselves as they could do and rightfully so. It's just a shame not everyone feels the need to share everything with Pete's own flesh and blood. L

  10. WOW that is a great photo. Loved them both they teated me like I was part of the family. They even yelled at me occasionally and Peter's mom once chased the both of us and threw a shoe Peter's dad didn't need to One look from him and you kind of stood still. Good times

  11. People hate what they fear. Peter was open and honest.
    A lot of people are afraid of others who tell the truth and openly express their emotions. Of course if I was a guy I would be jealous of Peter, he was everything a man should be.
    All that matters is that we love Peter. He has given us so much and no one can take that away from us.
    Keep up the good work Darcie

  12. I can't begin to imagine being a Peter Steele/TON hater. Too bad for those people...they have no idea what it's all about then. Sorry that you have to see harsh words about him, but there's always at least one in every bunch (unfortunately). Why can't we all just get along and respect others? Why on earth would someone leave harsh words on someone who has passed for the family/friends to see? That's just wrong.
    Love "Summer Breeze"...love the "banned" version, too. lol LOVE IT ALL!!! As a matter of fact, I'm listening to Bloody Kisses right now...

  13. It's really neat to know that Nettie liked "Summer Breeze" and I love that picture of Peter with his parents. Great clip of the song too, it's always been one of my favorite songs *sigh*
    And really, how could anyone hate on something that just shows love and respect for someone like Peter? Because those people must have miserable lives. Simple as that! I really like what Erik said, leave this place sacred for the people who care...

  14. How could anyone hate on type o" ? But I promise I won't lose sleep over it... Type o negative have been my Beatles/doors of my generation.. & will always love this group .. Cathy once again thanks for taking the time to share pictures & the amAzing stories ... U rock ! :)

  15. As a fan I only have positive thing to say about Peter. He was not only an amazing artist and musician but he was good person with a big heart and a killer sense of humor. We miss him dearly so thank you to the Ratajczyk for putting up with the haters to share Perer's awesome family and life story with fans. We find it very inspirational to see how Peter lived and became Peter Steele. Thank you all and God Bless! RIP Peter you are missed every second of every day.---Jessica (Black Number 1)

    p.s I hope that the tree goes up in prospect park in you honor! I made a contribution to this from Peter's tree blog!

  16. As someone who's only getting to know Pete via second-hand stories and interviews, I can say this much that I'm well aware of the fact that he wasn't perfect. Who is?

    Life is too short and too brutal to waste energy on hate. Hatemongers obviously have an ax to grind because of some part of their lives that are lacking.

    Peter's passing reminded me to love the things I love without shame. Life is ephemeral, and if something adds beauty, no matter how dark or morbid it may be considered by some, it's to be embraced.

    Those who hate are free to bugger off and not piss on our parade.

  17. Summer Breeze is my favorite cover song that TON did. Love the original too. Could'nt believe the same band that did Christian Woman and Black No. 1 would do Summer Breeze too.

    To Pete's family ...i visit this blog almost everday. Thank you for sharing. Love TON and your Uncle's music very much. It touches my soul and I'll always love TON and Peter for that.

    Allison Z

  18. To hell with the haters. I just hate that you have to read their spew when you approve or disapprove comments on the blog. God Bless Peter Steele and his lovely family. Again, many thank yous for the blog and the wonderful pictures. <3

  19. I can't imagine why someone would take time out of their lives to join a blog if they are going to hate on said blog or the person that it is in remembrance of. EH, there is stupidity everywhere.
    Great video ~ thanks for linking it. Summer Breeze was an awesome cover. TON did some of the most amazing covers! Long live TON.

  20. Dear haters, unfortunately for you we are not interested in the least to what you have to say and we will stand by our (yes, we've adopted you!)Ratajczyk family always!! I'm sorry if their words are hurting you guys. As a longtime TON fan my respect for them and the glorious Mr. Steele will not be tainted by their poison! As I've said on this blog before GO AWAY YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!

    This blog is important to us and we are so thankful for your stories and pictures!! Peace and respect.

  21. Peter is in the arms of the Angels and he will find comfort there. Let's focus on this man as a gift from God, a man who had so much to give. He taught us many lessons. We miss him beyond words. Stay appreciative of his many many gifts he left for us. He was a man, a brother, a son, a bandmate, a genius. Nothing can take that away from him or to people who love him still. God has him now. Thank you Peter for all you gave to us. We will miss you beyond eternity. Peace.

  22. I used to love to do whirlpool in pools as well with my friends and/or cousins. ALWAYS heard that the sides were going to collapse but they never did. I think we pulled in the ladder at one time though!

    I really appreciate this blog and all of the memories the Ratajczyk family and Peter's friends have shared.
    The pictures especially, I've always wanted to see pictures of everyone, especially Nettie and Peter Sr. Can't get over how much Pete looked like his father!
    Let the haters hate. They only know one side of things. Hopefully they'll learn. If not, all the love will cancel it out :)

    Jessica B.

  23. love this picture! now I know where Pete got his height from. I had no idea his Dad was so tall. just want to thank you for doing this blog.It really brightens my day.Out of respect for family people who have nothing positive to say, should not be here. honor and respect is what this is about I thank you very much, Love the stories about your family!

  24. We don't give a shit about the haters. We give them something to talk about because they don't have the brains to discuss anything other than negativity. We love each other here. Alot of us are on personal terms with each other. so its good that you posted this. I LOVE this picture of Pete with the parents. Nettie reminds me of my mom so much. I miss her desperately. Thank you again. Much love.

  25. Wtf? Haters, HERE?
    Nice & easy to sit there - ANONYMOUSLY - trying to destroy something beautiful.
    Need to take a REAL look in the mirror & see what's lacking in your lives that causes such behaviour, and WORK on it.
    Sad and angry that the family has to go through this disrespectful crap :(

    Summer Breeze - genius song cover.
    I adore Pete's gorgeous, hilarious, but brief rendition of "I'm in the mood for love", & would have loved to have heard him sing the full song and, while I'm at it, many other great oldies - such a delicious voice, ahhhhhhh.
    Love and respect to the family

  26. peace out, haters!!! i love this blog. it is my homepage. there is no room for the hate here, there's too much love!

  27. I grew an appreciation for Seals and Crofts when I worked at a lite rock station. Summer Breeze was in regular rotation and I grew to love that song. When TON covered it, I was blown away! Would have liked to hear them cover Diamond Girl as well - lol.

    As for haters...they will always be there. I would love to believe that if you ignore them, they'd go away, but we all know that's not going to happen.

    Keep Pete's memory alive and well...he deserves it, although he'd probably be the first to say that he doesn't.

  28. There is no place for haters here - poor minded people ;-( but this is a positive place, a place for the love of Pete Steele & his wonderful family - thank you so much for sharing all this memories with us. Peter - you are missed each day so much. It is such a wonderful thing to read here stories about this talented, unique man - thank you for posting the video - actually I love all TON covers but this one is special - oh this voice .. & I love this pic ;-)
    Much love & respect & thank you for keeping up the blog

  29. Deborah Fischer6:04 AM, June 18, 2011

    i really love what you have done with this blog and the will to share with the fans.

    I'm sorry about the haters, i wish this whole hate business would stop. We all agree that he was a wonderful talented person and it's sad that we can't just work together to honor his memory in a positive manner

    Lots of love to the whole Ratajczyk family

  30. There are A LOT of idiots to be found on the internet, that's for sure! We, the true fans, know to take these types with a grain of salt. PLEASE KEEP THIS BLOG GOING!!! Let's not let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. RIP PETER, we all love and miss you!

  31. I was just thinking how great it would be if Peter's ghost would haunt all of these haters, and every night he would just hover over their beds singing the lyrics to We Hate Everyone!!!

  32. What a disgrace to have the haters join this blog. This is a blog to share the memories of Peter, good and bad, and to learn and laugh and sometimes be sad. I find it cruel to your family that haters would want to be a part of this wonderful blog you have creatd for all of us who love and miss Peter.

  33. I can't imagine hating this man or his family. Ever. Thank you for doing what you do. It means the world to us.

  34. I did the math, Peter was 17 in this picture with his parents. If you believe, and I do, that we will all see our loved ones after we pass away, he's reunited w/them again. He missed them so much. YOu could see in his face how much love there was there. He looked so much like his parents. Such sweet touching stories. I read them each day and still get moved sometimes to tears. It's like he's still with us isn't it? What a magnificent human being. We got to know him and love him for just a short time but boy oh boy, did he leave his mark. THank you Peter for being a man about being real, honest, never compromising. Leaving us music that we will cherish and value thru eternity. Peace.

  35. Forget the haters. Peter would! .. actually he just might threaten to stab them with a BIC.. but that's another story entirely! Haters are just confused admirers. They are envious of the unwitting glory Peter has spread throughout his life, and the unfinished legacy he left behind. His untimely passing left a painful void in all of us, but he left us with a beautiful melody that was his life to keep his memory alive eternally.

    What you, his beloved family, are doing here for us, his loyal and loving fans.. his extended family.. cannot be easy and we are behind you every step of the way! We appreciate this rare insight into our hero and beloved soul, more than you can imagine. We adore having a place to come and share memories, stories, a smile, a cry. As the site grows, you will no doubt feel an outpouring of love and devotion in all of the stories and memories we share of how Peter or his music touched each of us. I hope we can warm your heart a fraction of a bit that Peter warmed ours, with his charming personality, gentlemanly ways, fantastic sense of humor, humble nature, and unique musical talents (not to mention that voice!).

    Don't let the naysayers concern you. We come here in love to remember and support, and we stand here in unity behind each other, behind you all!

    Much love to all of you. RIP, dearest Peter. I only wish that we could have met!

    By the way.. can you please post a link to Cathy's or any other legitimate FaceBook / social pages so we can all go see those glorious photos and stories as well? It's most appreciated!

    <3 Eurydice

  36. I don't understand haters. If they dislike someone or thing they feel the need to pester. Which is quite the sad existence.

    I'm actually quite fond of this blog. My father and I have read every post. I grew up listening to Type O Negative. In fact, there's video of me singing along in my car seat. Peter inspired me to become a bassist as well.

    So thank you for these blog postings. =)

  37. Priceless!!!!!!!!
    What a wonderful photo of Pete with his Mom & Dad. You can see all the love and pride in his parents eyes just from the photo. From these earlier photos...it's amazing to see Peter grow into the talented and handsome man that we all love. Thank you to the Ratajczyk family for sharing these 'very special' photos with us!
    I miss you so much Peter!

  38. As for the haters, just weed out their comments so they get no vicarious joy by ruining this fantastic website. When they get no air time, and thus no replies, they'll fade away - they feed on replies, so here they will starve, which is only appropriate.

    I have a personal connection to "Summer Breeze"... when I had just moved to Nashville, TN I met a really nice guy on a motorcycle who stopped to help me pick up someone else's motorcycle that had tipped over in a parking lot. We started talking and he asked if I'd like to take a ride with him and he'd show me around Nashville, the star's homes, etc. I said yes, and we spent a lovely sunny afternoon cruising around. We stopped at a Hardees for lunch, and as we stood there in line, he said "Do you know who I am?" I said no, and he said "Dash Crofts". I said, "As in Seals and Crofts, Summer Breeze?" He said yes. I laughed and said, "Yeah, and I'm Barbara Bush." After he dropped me off at my apartment, I jumped in my car and went straight to a music store and asked for a Seals and Crofts CD... and yelled "HOLY SHIT!" when I saw that I had, indeed, just spent the afternoon with Dash Crofts of Seals and Crofts. I worked for Harley Davidson of Nashville, and he came in often and said hi. What a nice guy! I asked him what he thought of Type O Negative's version of "Summer Breeze", and he said he had heard it and really liked it.

    Six degrees of separation...

  39. Haters are one of the stupiest people of the world - instead of spending their time with things they like, they are spending their time with things they hate! What normal man does that?????
    "Summer breeze" from Peter is one of the most romantic songs of him. You can see all the things he is singing about - and you know what? I can smell the jasmin all the time I hear this song. ;-))) I`m still delighted that he has recorded the song.

    Go on with your wonderful blog and don`t give a damn about the haters. IT´S BETTER TO BE HATED FOR WHO YOU ARE THAN TO BE LOVED FOR WHO YOU ARE NOT.
    Best wishes from Jana

  40. Hiya--

    I guess all you HATERS have nothing better to do with your time, eh?! There is only LOVE here, so you'll have to find another place to dump your negativity.

    Love & Gratitude--Patty P., Stamford, CT

  41. Peter was truly talented ... and I'm sad that I won't get to hear what he was going to create next.

    Deepest of my respects.