I Am The Reaper ... The Prophet of Doom

We thought we'd share a good article by Marc Voger of the Star Ledger (NJ) who wrote about an interview he had with Peter, whom he compared with comedian great George Carlin.
Peter with Marilu. Notice how Pete is ALMOST smiling !
Some of our NJ friends  may have already read this article, but for the masses, I think you will understand how writer Marc really "got" Peter.
Thank you to Marc Voger and the Star Ledger for this great interview with Pete.

To say that Peter Steele, the frontman for goth-rockers Type O Negative, was death-obsessed is putting it mildly. This was the guy who wrote "Everything Dies" and "Everyone I Love is Dead." ... So maybe I was expecting to speak with a morose soul when I got Steele on the phone in 2007, to talk about Type O's then-new album titled - wait for it - "Dead Again." But there was a pleasant surprise in store. Steele had me in stitches throughout the interview. (In fact, I laughed harder and more often during the Steele Q&A than I had with any other interview subject, and that includes George Carlin, Don Rickles, Pat Cooper, Bob Newhart, Tommy Chong, Lily Tomlin, Eric Idle, Joan Rivers, Charlie Callas, Tim Conway and Howard Stern.)

To remember Steele, here are some excerpts from that interview that is, those that can be shared in polite company.

On what Steele aimed to accomplish with "Dead Again":
"To alleviate poverty, primarily. I just played 'Sgt. Pepper' backwards at double-speed and stole all the riffs. ... If you play the album backwards, it actually says, 'I buried Pete,' not Paul."

On whether there was a "Normal Peter" and "Stage Peter":
"When I go onstage, I do have to access that part of my personality. But it's really funny, like, going foodshopping and being recognized by fans. And of course, I’m taking toilet paper off the rack when they come over. I’m like, 'I’m sorry. I (defecate), too.' I love to see people’s reactions. We’re just 'humanzees.' When people see something different, they’re stunned. You know, like a stunned George Bush staring with his mouth open? And then people will laugh at things that are different. You know why you’re laughing? Because I’m a threat to you. That’s why you’re laughing. Because every time you laugh, you kick the reaper in the (scrotum). So keep laughing. Because I am the reaper. I am the prophet of doom."

To read the entire article, go to:


  1. Great read! This is a wonderful picture!! :)

  2. I think I know the woman; I just sent her a note to come by this page and check out the photo. :) --H

  3. deborah fischer8:47 AM, June 13, 2011

    Thanks a lot for the article. The picture is Marilu

  4. Hi that was a great article. Petes sense of humor was one of his great assets. Thanks for posting girls. I may not make a lot of comments but I look forward to reading these every day. Thanks oh so much. Oh and I believe that lady is Marilu Maunz. Shes a great woman who loves and fights for animal rights. Love you all xoxo

  5. lol i read this a few days ago,he definitely was a funny person! i laughed all through this.thanks for a smile and a laugh,once again!
    -erik hernandez-

  6. I'm really glad I found this blog. It's great to get all of this background on Pete. I already felt connected to him and the band through his music but this really brings it 'home.' Thanks for all of your effort - I know this is a labor of love.

  7. This blog is filled with love and respect!
    I am glad that several subjects were absent.
    As self-proclaimed friends, fiancee´s. And filmmakers who do not see the truth.

  8. Hello everybody!

    Yes, it's me, Marilu!!! The pic was taken in Osnabrück/Germany, during the European Carnivore tour in 2007. I have great memories on that evening.
    Thanks for posting the pic, and yes, thank you, Peter in heaven, for being so kind and charming!

  9. Hi Marilu - you made Peter smile, you must be an Angel. Thank you to the Ratajczyk's for sharing another great story. Love N Respect

    Amy Wigle, Newark, Ohio

  10. I always claimed it was a shame Pete and George never met.

  11. I enjoy every posting I read. It nice to get to know someone on so many different levels. It's just too bad he was taken from us so soon. I am grateful that the family has been so kind to share all these wonderful stories and pictures. I look forward to them everyday.

  12. EAch time I read these messages, I get to know the man, the force, the talent, the brother, boyfriend, bandmate. Incredible loss to us. Glad you share these memories with us makes it easier to take. Thank you all so much. This picture of Peter is so incredible sexy. the entire package, what a man!! We love you Peter, we miss you.