He Always Shared Things With Us

I don't know where I got this photo but I love it

When Peter and his friends started Northern Lights and Hot Ice, it was a real treat to hang out and listen to the guys rehearse.  Remember, Pete's neices were between a year younger and up to 8 years younger. So, in many cases we were considered a nuisance to Peter Steele (because we were young) but we were built-in fans, because we clapped at everything.

As the administrator of the blog, I am 5 years younger than Pete. So when he was busy playing with his friends and talking about  girls, I was sitting there listening to every word he said. Then, I'd go back and tell my grandmother what they talked about like who was in rehearsal, if they had beer down in the basement, all those secrets. Yes, I was a tattletale. But, that's what kids do with each other -- and my grandmother knew how to ask the right questions.

But, I can tell you, Uncle Pete and cousin Nan brought me everywhere with them and their friends. I was taken to the beach, picnics, walking around in The Village, lunches in Chinatown. Every Wednesday afternoon in the Summer Pete would take us to see Disney movies at The Nostrand movie theater. If the band was playing at Prospect Park Bandshell, we all went to cheer them on.

Things were no different as a young adult. When Pete wasn't on tour, he would gather all of us together and take us to his favorite Italian food place, or when we were almost old enough for bars, ask us to go to Duff's with him (the first location). When he'd have his tour schedule ready, he'd distribute it to his sisters so they knew how to reach him if needed on tour. Then he'd circle the cities near and in NYC to let us know that we would be on the guest list -- just let him know how many people were coming.

To Pete, he enjoyed when we'd travel to other cities to see him. It was a connection to normalcy that he craved after being away for so many months with his bandmates, roadies, managers -- and 100s of 1000s of strangers we know as the fans.

Clip of Carnivore at L'Amour (Brooklyn Rock Club)


  1. We all wish we came from a large family like you have. I love how close you all were and how you hung out together. The best thing about a close family is you know they are always there for you. I think that meant everything to Peter. Also so many people from New York seem to be so loyal to their state and stay there. I loved Peters Brooklyn accent.
    Instead of saying you were a tattletale lets say Nettie manipulated you and your young mind:)

  2. I like this picture a lot too, brought to mind their song "Creepy Green Light" which is one of favs, get chills every time I listen to it. Thank you again for yet another awesome post. P.S. shame, shame on being a tattletale! Lol. (-)

  3. It's so nice nice that peter took you to different places and spent time with you, such a sweet man. It must have been a great pleasure to get to see him rehearse and do all the things you did with him. Great story thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Every story that you and your family share reinforces what we felt through his deeply emotional lyrics. The way he sang the words to many of his songs showed how connected he was to his family and the old neighborhood. The fact that he cared and watched out for his younger cousins while he was a teenager and young adult shows his compassionate nature. Although, many of his songs were about rough angry things there was not anger in his voice when he sang them only passion. Blessings to you on this Summer Solstice!

  5. i always wanted to go see TYPE O NEGATIVE do soundchecks,ive seen DIMEBAG,he was another good soul and i know he and PETER got along well.as i read this i thought of all the sweet memories you all have and realized what a gift it must have been to actually know PETER.i love this blog and as soon as i wake everyday this is my morning ritual...i pretend im part of the family while im reading and try to put myself in some of the situations.lol hey im a fan,its what we do.thanks to you all for sharing!
    -erik hernandez-

  6. Prospect Park I remember it although I was just a kid. These sweet memories of Peter with family just touches my heart to no end. Your family was so much like mine in many ways. Growing up in New York as a kid, we were always going here and there, eating italian, chinese, italian ices, kanihes, pizza. The food was like none I've had anywhere in Calif. Sharing these memories with the fans well it's so wonderful of you to do this for us. It's like he's not gone at all. When I think of Peter now and see pictures, I think well he was this age and his sisters and family were probably in that audience watching. Warms the heart. I feel so close to you all now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these stories. We miss your brother more than words can say. He was big in my life, I listen to the music each day and thanks for the youtubes. You all take good care of yourselves. You are not alone.

  7. Yes me too. First thing I do daily is view these stories. Brings New York and family back to me. Thank you for giving us a glimse into Peter's life. We feel closer to you all then ever. We feel for you because each of us has lost a special loved one too. We share our grief and also our recovery. You never quite get over anything like this, never. But you learn to live again. You cry, you smile, you laugh, you share. That's what family is about. You are our family now. OUr arms are reaching out to you holding you, comforting you. Peace and love to each one of you. Peter is smiling down on you all each day. He will never leave you if he's still there in your hearts.

  8. this picture is haunting. Peter with spotlight. He was the master of his craft. He was the preacher in the Church of Type O Negative. His words were like prayers. He spoke to so many, he was the voice for so many. We miss him.

  9. Hi Darcie--

    Love the CREEPY GREEN LIGHT. :) Great pic! I thought I sort of had a pretty decent-sized family, but then I started counting. Mine doesn't even come close. Just to give it a little perspective, I am the same age as Peter(actually, he was exactly 3 weeks older than me), and I'm the oldest. I have ONE 7-year-old nephew. Peter has HOW many nieces/nephews?!
    Anyway, thanks for another neat story/photo.
    Coming to this blog is part of my daily ritual, so keep it up!
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P.

  10. Great story! Thank you so much for sharing your memories :o)

  11. It's heartwarming to know that you shared so much as a family. Pete was very fortunate to have been able to look out to you at the shows whenever possible and know you were there for him, enjoying it all, knowing why he wrote the way he did. So happy to read of this! It's nice to know it worked out so well for for all of you and for him!

  12. I got lost in the picture – it is very beautiful & also the Creepy Green Light came into my mind ;-) – this song touches and comforts me since there are words for feelings I had – not getting along with the passing of someone loved and how much you want to have this person back – desperate but so full of passion – it’s not only the lyrics but also the whole sound structure.
    I really love the fact what a generous and caring man your uncle Peter was – how nice to take you to Disney movies and also to Duff’s – great! For sure it meant the world to him that you always supported him during his concerts around NY – how comfortable and home it must have felt for him after being away probably for months. Me – growing up as a single kid with a lot of kids in the neighbourhood – I always would have loved to have brothers and sisters. It turned out later when I got into my current long time relationship – my partner (he is also a very funny and generous person) has also a very big family (around 300 persons – closest family - were at his grandma’s funeral 12 years ago) & I find it so special. Of course it’s not always sunshine but always something is happening (as life itself is) and when it really counts everyone is there for the other – that’s what I find so impressive and heart warming. To share things makes life so much better – either good or bad things – when you have the possibility to share them it so much more fulfilling and a real enrichment for life in general.
    Everyday I get home from office a green candle is lighted in the living room – for the love of Pete Steele.
    Much respect & love to all of you.