I'm The Old Man That Scares All The Kids

* Photo taken outside Pete's home on East 18th Street *

Last Halloween, sister Cathy wrote this poem & posted it outside her house (along with a bowl of candy) as a reminder of what Pete & the holiday meant for the family. Enjoy:


All you children,
You’ve been told before,
Take one bite,
One only, not more.

The wolf man is,
Behind that door,
Now don’t take two,
Because he’ll roar!

He’ll wait for you,
To turn your back,
And chase you down,
For a snack.

Yes, yes my dear
You! Are not coming back!

So kiss your parents,
Now say goodbye,
And wipe that fear,
From your eye.

For now you are
His meal tonight,
I warned you child,
To take one bite.

Now don’t be scared
Behold that door,
It closed behind you,
Told you children…take one, not more.

Written for Peter "Steele" Thomas Ratajczyk
1st Halloween without Peter
By Cathy on 10.31.10
Tricks or Treats Note When Not Home


  1. This is a wonderful poem cathy wrote! Thank you for sharing:)

  2. i would have had to try that theory out and took 2 bites,or maybe three...cause it would be cool to have peter chasing me! as a kid i would have been scared shitless,but would have laughed all the way down the road!
    -erik hernandez-

  3. Where is that car? It belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

  4. With such a large extended family halloween must have been so much fun. Its great that as adults you all enjoy it as much as when you were kids. As fans of Peter we all know of his love for Halloween. Besides april 14th and january 4th, Halloween now means more than ever before and on this day I am sure Peter's spirit is with us enjoying the fun. What a good poem, Cathy has a talent with words as well.
    Thanks so much for the picture of Peter with his car. I read somewhere Peter called it Handsome. I wonder where his car is now and who owns it...it could have been in Mad Max (The Road Warrior).

  5. Thanks for sharing!!! Love this blog and all that it gives to us. It means alot!

  6. I loved the poem. Thank you for sharing it.You have such a talented family!

  7. Great poem. Thanks for sharing. Halloween will always hold a special place in my heart because of Pete and TON.
    *Also off subject I just wanted to let you guys know that not only am I a huge TON fan but so is my baby girl. She isnt here yet (i'm 35 weeks pregnant) but she dances in my belly ANYTIME I put a Type O Negative album on. I think she is already so familiar with World Coming Down because it used to be the first thing I would turn on EVERYDAY when I got to work. She's been hearing TON since her very first day of existence. I'm sure she'll be a fan for life!

  8. Hi girls--

    Thanks for the poem Cathy--this is great. Thanks too for the photo of Peter with his car. I've heard about it but not seen it till now. Awesome! As always, many thanks for sharing.

    With love & gratitude--Patty P

  9. haha, cool! you are a great bunch!

  10. @Courtney ... that is too perfect... Pete's very first fan fresh from the baby patch. How cool.

  11. Cathy! You Wolfwoman and sister of the Trees. You have a lovely heart and you soul is pure from bullshit. It is truly appreciated what you wrote because it'a all a part of the game. Like Peter said; Gods plan.

  12. The only way I used to be able to get my infant son to stop fussing during a car ride was to pop in Bloody Kisses. Now, at the age of 3, he's still a fan of Christian Woman and Black No. 1.

  13. I loved the poem - I am very sick today and it cheered me up so thank you :)

  14. Your family is just oozing with talent! On Halloween it's probably a slimy, green, sticky ooze with fangs, but it's creative & talented ooze nonetheless. Wonderful poetry, Cathy! Hope the neighborhood children took heed!

  15. I love this poem!!!! Especially the Wolfman behind the door. This reminds me of America's Funniest Home Videos, where people dress up as a dummy and put a note at the candy bowl saying "TAKE ONE ONLY" and when the kids double dip the "dummy" comes to life. HAHA love it! Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year & October my favorite month. In fact I collect Halloween type things and leave them up all year. I too wish "every day was Halloween, and I lived in a place where Autumn never ended" like Peter. Love and hugs to the Ratajczyk family xo

  16. This is pretty cool! Thanks for posting :-)

  17. Cathy - I love the poem - you are such a talented family - it's heart-warming. Thx also for posting the pic of Peter & his car - awesome.
    @Courtney - how cool - a baby TON fan ;-) love it
    Thank you for your posts - it means a lot.

  18. Deborah Fischer5:29 PM, June 05, 2011

    Beautiful poem ! thanks for sharing and using one of my scans as illustration

  19. Oh...heartwrenchingly sweet and wonderful.

  20. this is not to much to the point but : i always imagine type o negative next album of dead again goin to be a evil sgt. pepper or something like "Sgt Lecter & Heartbrokers Gang and i imagine a black humor parody of with a little help from my friends typo-o style

  21. i feel like a totally moron or worst... a TON Member, i make a comentary of other post (With a little help from our friends) in this post, and my comentaries ruins the armony of this poem, is a stupid comentary and this is a very sensitive post, is so sweet see how somebodi is remembered in a pretty way for someone, for by a type o negative, a carnivorous or a green giant monster in the neighborhood