You Couldn't Predict What He'd Say Next

New  Year's Party at Lundy's Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay
Nettie always required that her kids do this pose - oldest through youngest
(L to R) Pete, Cathy, Pamela, Patricia, Barbara, Annette
(Look at Pete's face ... do you know how many times in his life he had to do this same pose? )

Anyone who has met Peter and spent some time with him knows that you never knew what he was going to say next ... or whether the joke was about you or on you ... so, when you brought someone around him for the first time, you knew it was going to be funny ...

When I introduced my husband, Tony to meet Pete one afternoon, it was still a new relationship for us. Pete asked him the usual stuff, like where he worked and what was wrong with him that he was dating me.

When Tony tried to make casual conversation and ask him about his band and  girlfriend,  Pete said, with the straightest of faces, "you should meet my new girlfriend. Her family owns Boars Head Deli Meats, and I'm only dating her for all the free the cold cuts."  I remember punching him in the arm and saying, "Be nice, We don't want to scare Tony off just yet." Pete let out a howling laugh and told my worried bf that it was a joke. Then proceeded to make faces behind Tony's back and tell some outrageous stories of his bandmates on tour.

Months later, I told Pete I was engaged to Tony and when I showed him the ring, he said without missing a beat, "My Condolences To Both Of You." A week later, I get a SYMPATHY card from Pete with a check and note about how "sorry he was to hear of the loss of my mind. "


  1. Good morning to all!
    What a character! I remember reading somewhere that someone asked him if his sisters looked like him and he said, "unfortunately, yes." I disagree...great looking bunch!

  2. :D hilarious stuff! I love Peter's sense of humour and I think it kind of resembles my own. I pulled similar stunts with my best friend's boyfriend (now husband) when I first met him.
    I would later tell her that he was a keeper because not only could he take a joke (or ten) but also manage to be quite tolerant to her weird bestfriend no matter how freaked out he felt. thanks for sharing and I love the family pose above!

  3. Mauricio (Insane Metal)8:10 AM, May 25, 2011

    Hahaha, this is so funny. I love his work on TON but I knew absolutely nothing about him as a person, he sounds like a really cool guy. My condolences to the family and to every fan everywhere.

  4. Great story and funny...lol

  5. I received a sympathy card for my 1st wedding too. It was the funniest in a stack of usual silver and blue frilly cards.

    Peter was so effortlessly cool

  6. Love this story! A sympathy card ~ LOL. Too funny!

  7. lmao,these stories never cease to entertain! loved it darcie!
    -erik hernandez-

  8. Hello girls--

    This is cool; it's nice to see pics of other family members and to be able to put a face to a name. Peter doesn't look TOO bored, eh?! :)

    Patty Piorkowski

  9. He was so quick with the witty comments, it seemed so natural to him! I love that, sending you a sympathy card. What a very neat man to have in your lives. ANd it sounds like he was equally lucky to have all of you.
    haha, that family pic is classic, yep, love the bored look on his face :)

  10. Thanks for all you comments. I guess people keep asking for Cathy's link, and I thought I had made note of this a couple of times, so here is the link. I hope it works for you:


  11. God blessed a chosen few with amazing humor!

    My husband and I have the same (according to some) warped sense of humor. We love it! Although, I did kind of steal a Pete joke.

    Years ago when he and Johnny did the Headbanger's Ball Halloween special, there was one part where Johnny shows Pete a post card and Johnny asked him about it, and Pete says, "That's my aunt." The other day, one of my students found a picture of an alien on a website and said it was hideous and I said, "Be nice! That's my aunt!"

  12. I was able to find her link, but I see that there's no option to add as a friend. Did she have to stop adding people?

  13. That is hysterical! I love these stories!

  14. Peter Steele: Reverse Psychologist
    It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

  15. Hilarious-love the bored look on Pete's face :)
    The family pic is so nice & what a great sense of humor - a sympathy card - great! Reminds me a bit on my partner & his family - it's great to have such a character around - you definitely never know what comes next but that's what makes it so special & and it gives you so many situations to remember and laugh at.
    -Sabine, Austria-

  16. Awesome Read!! Thank you for sharing :)

  17. Do you all suffer from nervous tics have anxiety disorders from not knowing what will happen next. I hope some of you got Peter back. Any stories of retaliation?