Since Blogger Lost My Saturday Post ...

While Blogger gets it's ass in gear and figures out what it did to my Saturday post, I'm left with sharing some photos that I haven't seen anywhere.

If you have seen these already -- sorry -- but I thought they were fun photos of Pete.


I'm sure when any of you got autographs or did photos with Pete,
you were greeted with these kinds of faces

I think he looks fantastic here:

Sorry, but I thought this was cute so I added it:

Thanks for stopping by ... If Blogger keeps their shit together, we'll have a post on Monday ...


  1. Great pictures i love them all! Gotta love that raccoon holding that kitty :)

  2. Love your posts. This blog is one I read regularly. Well the only one I read regularly! Thank you!

  3. Hahaha, nice pics! Never saw the first two. :D

  4. I SO look forward to your blogs no matter what form they take! LOVED the photos. No need to apologize for adding the adorable Racoon! We all know Peter loved animals so would love that pic too!

  5. lol those are funny! that looks like the racoon from dr.doolittle "yo,if the godfatha offas you a kitten,you take the kitten" ! good pics of peter,always liked the chain straps!

  6. All these pics are great - no need to apologize - and the last pic is just too sweet ;-)
    Sabine, Austria

  7. Get Outta Here with that raccoon. great pics. Rehabbed an orphan raccoon that I picked up 05/14/2010. Named him Petie in honor of the Man of Steele but this lil' guy was my "Man of Steal." (i.e. car keys, socks, baby bottles and our hearts!)

  8. Ahh, yes the many faces of Peter Steele!!! :)
    I think the most famous ones are the ones he rolls his eyes up in his head!! Always a joker
    P.s. Just looove the last pic of the raccoon and the itty bity kitty. Keep 'em coming,Please :)

  9. that crazy little raccoon looks like it's sayin,"what the hell is this?"LOL..