Rock Legends Gone Today ... Who Will Replace Them Tomorrow?

Thank you Louie Montalvo for posting this photo

While you all know EXACTLY how I feel about the Revolver magazine "tribute" piece in their December issue -- it was a SLAM to Peter Steele -- I will share this video put out by that same magazine. It kills me to do so ... to utter their magazine name ... but I always want to share things with you all.

What I like is it reminds me of all the great artists we lost in the last couple of years ... we are proud that Peter is considered one of them ...

The two-and-a-half-minute "Fallen Heroes" tribute video which was shown at the third annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards — held on April 20 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California — can be viewed below. The clip remembers many of hard rock and metal's most dearly departed, including Ronnie James Dio, SLIPKNOT's Paul Gray, AVENGED SEVENFOLD's The Rev, TYPE O NEGATIVE's Peter Steele and ALICE IN CHAINS' Mike Starr.



  1. That video really hit home and made my throat swell up. It stings!
    Thank you for sharing everything, Ratajczyk's.
    I like to think that I understood Peter, and on some level, I even knew him even though I had never met him.
    I don't mean to come off as selfish but this is something that hurts me from time to time, that I never got to tell him how much I appreciated his great efforts and how the music of Type O Negative made life "suck less".
    Though I'm positive he has heard this from thousands in some form or another.
    It makes me happy to be able to tell you guys, his family, how much I appreciate Peter.
    Whether it be his music or his sense of humor.
    Thank you once again for sharing these pieces of your lives together, which I enjoy reading very much.
    Take care.

  2. Revolver's been a wild animal, as in good and bad. They've covered some of my favorite bands when no one else has here in the bland US. I'm sorry they've become a thorn in your side. I'd like to see them do another article and this time, maybe pass it by the family for approval.

  3. i saw that vid,and while i think its great to honor them all...i think it kinda swiftly made it past peter,of course im biased (hope thats spelled right)they focused more on who was in the "now" with the exception of ronnie \m/ R.I.P. peter was way more than a musician,he was a man who loved his family and friends,and im forever in his debt for giving me and all the fans that incredible,amazing voice and talent.to me peter wasnt a rock "god" i hate that term sounds cheesy and corporate to me lol he was a living legend and forever will remain a poet and i'll forever hold the type o negative name high!oh,and as far as replacing him goes...NOBODY could,i hate that we will never hear a new type o negative album,but it would be so much worse to hear a new album with someone else singing,that would be a horrible experience!
    -erik hernandez-

  4. Good song from Zakk Wilde, good tribute overall. Still kinda feel like they shorted Peter on it a bit.

    Completely agree with the Ratajczyks' stance on Revolver. I get everything I need from metalsucks.com and I'm quite happy :) Well, that and, of course, this blog!

    I think Peter absolutely deserves a place in the metal hall of fame. He pioneered an entirely new branch of the metal family tree and influenced countless bands.

    Not to mention the huge impact his music has had on the millions of us fans who found solace in his honest, emotional, and personal song writing and voice.

    I can think of very few bands that have been able to transcend the "scene" and become something truly innovative. Type O was/is/will always be one of those bands.

    If anyone fails to understand Peter's importance to metal music, then they also fail to understand metal music as a whole.

  5. My life is so much better since this blog..you have no idea. Peter wasnt always a huge part of my life...not until about 4 years ago. I am so glad I found his music. my heart aches right now for all of you. If I miss him this much and never met him I can only imagine how you all must feel.

  6. No one will ever come close to Peter, physically, mentally or spiritually. We are blessed to have him in our lives.

  7. Hello Darcie
    Any news on the tribute t shirts and when they will be available

  8. I have not watched the video so far - thx for sharing it also with us - will watch it later on. I have read the article in that magazine - it was enough for me - better to do no tribute than such a halfhearted one. As Gayle said: No one will ever come close to Peter - unmatched and unique in countless ways & I agree with Erik Hernandez - it is sad to know that we won't get any new album from Type O but never ever could I imagine anyone else singing and/or bass playing in this band. Yes, we are all blessed to have Peter in our lives. Very few artists have touched me with their music as Type O - to me it's just a perfect collaboration (even if it was like in a dysfunctional family as Josh once said)- the lyrics, the instrumentation, the unique voice & bass playing of Peter, Josh's magic keyboard sounds, Kenny's brilliant guitar playing & voice and Johnny's excellent drumming - talked to some people about this - the result was just the same - unmatched and not to replace. When I think of the debut 'Slow,deep & hard' - I was 19yrs old then and it had quite of an impact on me - I have never heard anything like that before and it's amazing to see that people still react in the same way when I play Type O and they did not know the music before. For sure Peter has influenced a lot of musicians, bands. Will always keep the spirit alive & Peter is in my heart each and every day.
    Of course there are great musicians out there but NO ONE like Peter & Type O Negative.
    -Sabine, Austria-
    .. and again what a great picture!

  9. I agree. Peter didn't get the respect he deserved from that magazine, and I was disappointed that they bashed him so much, considering that he had passed on. The Golden God awards are a joke. I will always remember Peter for the talented musician and awesome guy that he was, not for his downfalls.

  10. Peter is one of a kind and will never be replaced. Poo on that magazine for not giving peter the respect and recognition that he deserved even though they should have. Peter is a wonderful,brilliant,talented... Man/artist/musician! We don't anyone or anything....Or any magazine to tell us different but i'm thankful for the ones that did. Peter has been a blessing for all of us and always will be. Thank you for sharing :)

  11. as we all know, Pete is his own sort of Golden God, to all of us. who needs revolver? each and every single one of us KNOWS what Pete did for us and the music industry. Pete never gave up to get out his music. I listen to it now and instead of just hearing the songs, the words, i hear the orchestration represented in each song. i was even thinking that i would looooooooove to hear an orchestra do their own renditions of every type o negative song made. that would be soooooooooo beautiful.

    Thank you Pete. Everything you did for your fans will always be held close to our hearts and always whistling a tune in our souls. You truly set us all on fire.

  12. We dont need a Golden God we have a Green God and that is way better!