Peter's Bark Was Better Than His Growl

Since It's Friday the 13th, I thought I'd share a story good enough for a chuckle... Enjoy:

In Brooklyn, we have an area called "Coney Island" which is famous for it's rickety rides (well, not anymore since they tore it down and made it like 6 flags). Each season that the amusement park opened, and Pete was old enough to drive, he'd take his nieces to ride the Cyclone Rollercoaster and then have dinner at Nathans. As you can imagine, he'd have 6 hot dogs, 2 fries, 2 burgers and a large orange drink. Then we'd get dessert on the boardwalk.

One time, Pete was driving his dad's station wagon (the kind with the simulated wod paneling on the doors) with all his nieces: Nancy, Michelle, Tara, Marie and me. The music was blasting hard rock. Peter's hair was flowing out the window and he had sunglasses on. All us girls were singing along to the music - our long hair flapping in the breeze, while Pete sped down Ocean Parkway.

At a red light, a car load of Guido guys pulled along side of us, blasting their disco music and making cat calls to us. The guys leaned out their open windows and were yelling, "Hey baby, give me a kiss" and "Turn around baby in the front seat and show me those lips" 

So, Peter flipped his hair around, snarled his teeth, growled and barked at the guys. They SCREAMED.
You never saw people roll their windows up fast enough. These guys were screaming like little girls and then they just sped away.

I guess Pete's long hair fooled them into believing we were a car full of hot young girls. Ha ha ... little did they know we had a wolf driving our car.

After that we just spent the rest of the ride laughing and we took turns barking and growling at cars that passed us on the street.

It was a great day out with Pete.


  1. Damn, I love this guy. Wished I had known him in person...

  2. OMG, I can imagine! These stories are just the best. Keep 'em coming! And Happy 13th :)

  3. Echt lustige Story, danke für`s teilen - ich denke, das Erlebnis war ganz nach Peters Geschmack ;-) Die Jungs standen eben auf das etwas breiter gebaute Girl mit den schwarzen Haaren besonders ;-)

  4. what a great story indeed. The image of peter and his 5 beloved and well protected ( :D) nieces driving down to the road with the wind hair, happy and laughing just melts my heart.

    Peter being mistaken for a girl.... my oh my, were does guys in for a shock! ahahahahahha!!!! Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful person to grow up with Peter was.

  5. Miss him... as i'm sure you do too..
    just not the same anymore.

  6. i would have loooooved to seen Pete with shades on with his hair blowing in the wind...awesome!! funny how you girlies have so much admirations for your uncle/brother. its amazing the love that your family has for one another. Pete...wow, what do I say here...Pete had to be thee largest influence on all of you girl in life, is that true? what is your most favorite memory (each your own)with Peter? had to be so many...but which stands out the most for you???

    thanks for the memories ladies! its always such a pleasure to read these.

    happy friday the 13th!!


  7. Deborah Fischer3:38 PM, May 13, 2011

    thanks for sharing this great story ! i loved it

  8. LOVE IT - Lolo

  9. i pictured this as i read it ,lol laughing at his sense of humor....man i really think me and peter would have gotten along very well! the thing i love the most about the guy-he loved his family so much,great story about a great man.thanks for the read!
    -erik hernandez-

  10. Thats a fantastic story ...lmao. Thank you for sharing.

  11. LOVE this story, I could just picture Peter growling and barking at the guys in the other car, LOL... He had such a great sense of humor. Thank you so much for sharing these memories with us!

  12. Love it. It's just so Pete. xx

  13. I really love the blog and all the stories you put on it! I hope you guys continue to do this, for the love of Pete. (No pun intended :p)

    I had a similar thing on the bus, some bloke behind me whistled at me, and I turned around with my angry head and my spiked fist. :D Awesome.

  14. Ha, ha! I can imagine this anecdote like a scene in a 80's teenage movie: my uncle was a teenage werewolf lol

    Thank you for sharing, Ratajczyk family.

    Hugs from the krypt.


  15. LMFAO, I've been there too. Can't say the idea crossed my mind to snarl and bark though I wish it did, hahaha.

  16. Awsome!!!"Sounds like stuff we'd do!!! I love it!!!!

  17. Fantastic story - LOL would have love to see these guys faces ;-) too funny - my uncle is a teenage werewolf - great! Once again thx for sharing all these memories & all the best
    Sabine, Austria

  18. bet they never did that again! awesome!