5 Rock Legends That Yield Biggest Laughs

Fan-Sculpted Pete Action Figure  ~ Created by "Hatred In Black" 

I guess I don't have to convince you all that Peter was a funny guy, but I thought I'd share with you this little tidbit:

Don Jamieson (of That Metal Show) has interviewed some the most legendary names in hard rock and metal. He notes in his new record, Live and Hilarious, that Pete is one of the funniest rock legend he's ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Here's what he says about 5 noted stars:

Pete Steele“R.I.P. you funny bastard! The most self-deprecating guy ever onstage. The Richard Lewis of metal! After playing a Sabbath cover, he remarked to crowd, ‘Now that we butchered Black Sabbath, we’d like to butcher one of our own songs!’”

Ozzy Osbourne
“In every interview he does, Ozzy has a million one-liners. He’s like the Rodney Dangerfield of metal! Favorite Ozzy quote: ‘I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat, but that’s OK. The bat had to get Ozzy shots!’”

Alice Cooper
“An amazing storyteller with a killer punch line for every crazy tale. The Bill Cosby of metal! Elvis once put a loaded .38 in Alice’s hand so he could demonstrate how to take a gun from someone. Alice’s first thought: Shoot him!”

“That dry, deadpan wit is almost as powerful a weapon as his bass and throat. The Steven Wright of metal! Fave Lemmy quote: ‘That was a great time, the summer of ’71. I don’t remember it but I’ll never forget it!’”

Johan Hegg
“Yes, Vikings can be funny. Especially early on when his English wasn’t as good. (Insert name of famous Swedish comedian here) of metal! An interviewer once remarked that there were more and more females showing up at Amon Amarth gigs. Johan replied, ‘Yes, we are beautiful!’”

To Watch an episode of That Metal Show, you may want to see how these three hosts talk about what bands should have been more popular. If you watch from 4:30 - 10:00 it's an interesting notation. Me, well, I'm biased, I do believe TON was huge. But, it would have been great if they were played more on the radio.  http://www.vh1.com/video/that-metal-show/full-episodes/sebastian-bach-anvil/1663091/playlist.jhtml?xrs=share_fb  Then again, radio sucks for showcasing really interesting bands.

An appropriate audio to insert here would be "Jack Daniels & Pizza" but I couldn't find an audible copy of it on YouTube. Anyone have a link to share?


  1. hi,
    I'm here to credit the art you posted to Hatred in Black on dA: http://hatredtheblack.deviantart.com/
    this is the link: http://hatredtheblack.deviantart.com/art/Peter-Steele-2-55335571
    here is his other model of Peter: http://hatredtheblack.deviantart.com/art/Pete-Steele-21601463?qo=45&q=by%3Ahatredtheblack&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps

  2. There you go: http://rutube.ru/tracks/3440867.html

    No doubt Peter was one of the funniest people you could ever meet. I don't think anyone has made me laugh as hard as him, and I didn't even meet him in person. I hope this doesn't gross you out but I remember once, reading one of his last interviews, I actually ended up pissing my pants... ewwww I know...

  3. thanks for sharing this. Peter was indeed such a mixture of self-deprecating black humour, razor-blade sharp wit and quickness that he was hard to match. The result was one outrageously funny man to listen to or watch.

  4. thanks for the link Vero, I'd heard it and no, JD &pizza does not sound like a happy combo at all. LOL xxx

  5. Thank You Eleonora for telling me who this artist is for the dolls. They are amazing. I don't know if Peter ever say them himself, but he would have been amazed. Nettie (his mom) would have treasured seeing them, as she sculpted.

    THANK YOU - Hatred in Black for this amazing work. You are very talented and dedicated.

  6. i too thought the same thing about type o negative,they were huge,are huge,and always will be recognized no matter what continent you go to.radio here in tennessee played them,thats what i liked about them lol my friends and i were listening to the radio one night up town and type o was playing,the lyrics "loving you is like loving the dead" blurted out and i was like holly shit!,thats awesome! lol only one other friend was blown away by this while my other buddies were saying things like" oh thats their 15 minutes that song will ruin them ! im glad to report people,type o negative became huge!,and i became a fan for life! peter will always be looked upon as a gentle giant in my mind...his music touches minds and souls!great story about the don mentioning peter in his show,now i gotta go buy it! lol
    -erik hernandez-

  7. I watch that Metal Show regularly and when I saw TON make that list.. I was yelling YEAHHH!!! I was so happy!!!! To me they were HUGE.. in fact my fav band, but they definitely didnt get enough recognition.. and Peter being the absolute genius he is, didnt get enough recognition for his song writing & composure. ~Carrie Schwarz